I really was minding my own business.
Content with writing heart wrenching, poignant and emotional posts about unrequited, lost love(s) and various life interests… truly covering a gamete of topics.
I had a steady stream of bloggers and commentators coming by, leaving their mark and remarks. I knew most of them with not to many new commentators. The passer-bys would leave their two cents and move along.
And then along came this… (see image below)


Not sure why but I was honestly creeped out by this Old Iron.
So I ignored him – figuring he was some old creep looking to hit on me, a one time commentor, a creepy passer-by.
Boy was I ever wrong.
So I continued to ignore this Old Iron person who suddenly appeared to comment on all my postings.
At least this time it was more than just one word sentences.
His comments appeared to be somewhat, well, coherent and at times, well – intelligent.
He appeared to have something to say and left insightful and funny comments.
Still, I figured he was an old disgusting creep.
A persistent one at that.
Eventually, wearing down my guard and suspicious nature…
Replacing my “Who the hell is he & what does he want?” with “Where the hell is he and why hasn’t he commented yet?!

That was how Old Iron & I met.
He initially creeped me out.
Eventually, I learned he was just this young dude who worked overseas, newer to the blogging community, looking for something different than his own… and he had found that with my blog… and then, me.
Eventually he gave me a link back to his co-owned blog that it not only horrified me at first, as much as it knocked every politically correct sense that existed within me into a wild, chaotic frenzy.
But it didn’t take me long to realize what that blog was all about (getting a rise out of people, done very well) and even I eventually started to actually, comment on his posts.
Still – I stood out like a sore thumb in the midst of his Bar Slaves.
But that didn’t matter to him… and eventually to me.
Not exactly sure where or at what point did we start to communicate outside the blogs, but we did.
A natural progression I suppose.
The rest is history, a dusty reflection in the rear view mirror of life.
In a very short time, Old Iron and I became best friends.
We’ve lived/survived a few lifetimes during the short time we’ve been friends.
My life isn’t complete without him in it in some important capacity or another.
Which of course doesn’t sit well with any potential suitors meandering my way…
Most don’t get our hybrid relationship/friendship.
Many don’t approve but meh, what do they know?
And while at times it’s annoying to have to justify its existence or importance – we actually like it that way.
What we have fits like a glove.
His idiosyncrasies complement mine, while grounding the other into whatever reality we’ve built around us.
We’ll be creepy old life long friends, sitting on some porch, in some beachy hot-weathered locale, rocking the rocking chairs in our twilight years, cackling at each other saying “do you remember when…” And we’ll both chuckle at our foolishness, with nothing except pure contentment that happenstance found it important enough to bring us together.

Hooo-dda thunk that this creepy commentator would come to play such a pivotal role in my life?
Oh hellz, not me!
And at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
For I was blessed on that fateful day with such an amazing and the bestest friend any human being could ask for, even when he annoys the living shit out of me and vice versa.

I’m not sure what to call it… but is happy anniversary appropriate?
Who knows… who cares honestly…
What I can tell you is that the last 3 years have been the best 3 years of my life, and it all started with a single word…
Thank you Old Iron.
You rock the Kasbah like no one else ever can, could, will or would.
May the next xxx amount of years be just as eventful as the last 3 have, and then some.

Lubya muchly.