I am… nervous.

Yeah, it is almost five ion the morning here in (eventually) sunny Florida… And I am nervous. I go to the home base today in a couple of hours, with carry on ONLY luggage in tow and a bit of apprehension in the ole ticker. I may yet be a young lad in the minds of my peers, but no matter what going home with not the impending issue being one of wine, women or song, of which I have had a reference of all of the above, but one of UNEMPLOYMENT being the topic of conversation… I tend to be a bit gun shy when facing the family with such, and the family is the firs that I am to see when I arrive. A short taxi ride up to the parent’s house and I am in the door to house sit as well as dog watch for the next ten days, with full familiar support in tow, seeing as how I was recently let known that the friggin CHECH grandparents will be in the area.

Ugh, if life was not a spot of trouble enough.

I have, according to the calendar, been out of work now for the past three weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I am financially sound, but still the worry of having to look the fam in the face and let them know that yes indeed-dy I plan on not working until something says “HI!! WE NEED YOU!!!!” arrives is a bit daunting.

Wish me luck mates.

This next period of time should be pretty trying.


Canadian Elections Explained à la Rick Mercer Style


Green Party:


NDP/Bloc Québecois:

… No Missiles Required

Damn civilized societies.

The Canadian minority Conservative gubberment was defeated last Tuesday forcing the country back to the polls for another round of bullshit promises and lies.
And it hardly made international news, if it even made front cover news in our own country.
And I believe the reason being is: we didn’t blow up Parliament.
No cruise missiles were required to defeat a party who has been found in contempt of Parliament.
The first time in Canadian political history has a government been found in contempt of Parliament forcing a non-confidence motion to be passed and now a Spring election.

No cruise missiles were required.
No uprisings.
No pillaging or raping of the masses.
No threats (well that is if you ignore the Harper’s Conservative government for the last year or so – pretend you didn’t hear anything they said and you’ll believe they’re been no threats)

Damn us for being all ‘civilized,’ ‘proper’ and shit.
Perhaps we just don’t give a rats ass?
Seriously – only a very small percentage of Canadians voted in the last federal election.
If memory serves me correctly, it was only about 30 or 40% of Canadians voted.
We take it seriously alright.
Just as seriously as our politicians give back to us.
Why give a rats ass when our politicians don’t give a rats ass about its constituents?

Could be a bit of both honestly.
We are too civilized and proper to give a rats ass.
I mean all I did was shrug, book a massage and a hair appointment.
Oh and I did my nails too.
Talking to a few others, I get blank stares and a request for directions to the Beer Store.
It is afterall premo-hockey season and you don’t want to come between a Canadian and his/her beer on hockey night in Canada.

I don’t know about the rest of Canada but I can say this much for myself:
There isn’t a single party out there that actually stands behind their promises, campaign beliefs without changing on a dime once they get into offices.

Left Over Turkey

It’s all about bashing one another in television ads with millions of tax payers dollars.
It’s about blaming the other parties for their lies and inefficiencies.

I mean honestly this is what we have…
Conservative Party: Stephen Harper
Liberal Party: Michael Ignatieff
Bloc Québecois: Gilles Duceppe
NDP, aka Socialist, Party: Jack Layton
Green Party: Elizabeth May

There are more parties but really, they are irrelevant.
Well… I suppose they all are irrelevant at the end of the day.
It is politics afterall – all broken promises they have no intention of keeping.
So why bother?
I mean we will continue to be taxed out of our ying yangs.
They will continue to bullshit about health care reform.
I mean this whole HST fiasco will never go away, in spite of it being a rather important platform issue. It will go away the same way the GST was supposed to go away, oh how many years ago? Yeah. ‘Nuff said.
The proposed budget is a farce that doesn’t do much for us little guys who hemorrhage our hard earned money just to say we live in this beautiful country that is falling flat on its promises-and-spending face.

It’s all a big ass joke.
And honestly the only thing one can do in the face of such farcery is to book a massage and git ‘yer hair all did up nicely.
And then… sit back with your favorite hockey jersey, beer in hand, and tune out the idiocy that is our politics for a great game of physical hockey.
Because at this point in the political game, for our big beautiful country, hockey is the only thing that makes any real sense, washed down with a good brew, while cheering on for something that is worth cheering on for.
The Stanley Cup.

What the hell? I leave you guys alone for a couple of weeks…

So there has been some apparent happenings n the world since I dropped off the map, and all are significant. To itemize:

1. The Canadian government dissolved itself due to a miscommunication in their current food laws that insists that yes, brown gravy on french (or is it “freedom”?) fries has been banned from all provinces except Wisconsin, and small parts of a currently unforeseen additional province… Aruba. Who would have known that Canadian explorers would have discovered one of their primary places to vacation?

2. Libya is now under the control of white flag-waving forces, the U.N. I digress, they can’t even pull off a simple CITY SIEGE without some human rights activists moving in and deciding that yes, though rape and pillaging is occurring, the fact that the local water table is at an untolerable Ph level that there needs to be a “strongly worded letter” issued?

3. U.S. gas prices are out of control. Solution? – SELL YOUR CAR FOR REALLY CHEAP…. to me. Email to be forthcoming.

4. Unemployment… Nay, FUNemployment, seems to be alright. Alright when you got a hell of a bonus and money saved, but I digress.

5. I miss my mates, but shall never miss KC as her and I are grafted at the hip.

6. Cheers to you all.

OMG! Old Iron… HE LIVES!

Yeah yeah, no need to fret: I am in an environment that breaks from the one that I have lived in for a few lifetimes… the overseas one. I am still alive (and currently attempting to be that one thing that all strive for, human) but there has been some complications which have been overcome.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for understanding.

Time for some right chaos, eh?


Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


… There are many good reasons for drinking,
One has just entered my head.

If a man doesn’t drink when he’s living,
How in the hell can he drink when he’s dead? …

Sláinte!! Cheers!!

White America was Spoken for Apparently

I need to rant because I am tired of being labeled a racist because some ignorant, ditzy, spoiled, frustrated, idiot WHITE teenager rants on YouTube about Asians talking the library on their cellphones at UCLA.
I am guilty by skin colour association.
Look that broad is an idiot.
Insensitive idiot.
AND I am taking offense for being categorized with her because of my skin colour… that this is a belief that is shared by all WHITE Americans.
Because she spoketh… it is therefore certain truth for all white Americans.

The issue came full round for me on Facebook when an associate of mine, who is of a mixed race AND a teacher, put as her status the following in response to the girls video and the linked article above:

Hi, this is America where we go to college and bleach our hair and push our boobs up in front of the camera so we can spew hate about Asians when we’re supposed to be getting political science degrees from a university that dares to be diverse.

She then proceeded to following up in her comments with the following:

I almost wrote “Hi, this is White America…” but I don’t think I can be as hateful as this girl.

And as of the time of this post, she has well over 35 comments and counting on this status with several LIKES on her last comment about White American.
All agreeing with her.
I was the only one who spoke out against her ignorant remark!

This is my beef with her statement above:
… nothing frustrates me more than listening to those who preach the need for tolerance, diversity, acceptance and inclusion of all race but seemingly, don’t practice it themselves.
My take on it is don’t ask for what you can’t give in return.
Calling out another persons ignorance followed by an ignorant remark that all persons of that race share their belief simply perpetuates the same intolerance you rage about…
Don’t be hypocritical!!!
It appears as though that WHITE/CAUCASIAN are all ignorant, intolerant asses.
That one person speaks for the entire caucasian race.
That no other race in the world experiences frustration, ignorance, political incorrectedness.
Just use whities!
Because the moment we say something to retort such perpetuation of ignorance – I hear: what do you know about discrimination? You’re White! You’ll never experience what we [insert race here] went thru in [insert century/decade here]

Maybe I can just then say that all black people are socialist idiots because the black president you chose to speak for you spews forth his own brand of the truth?
Maybe I can just then say that all Middle Eastern people (regardless of faith) are terrorists because a few radicals?
OR maybe I can say that all Germans are Nazis because of a time and place where it was the regime?

I mean I could go on and on… but the moment I say some shit like that, the fact that I am a WHITE person saying it: I am IMMEDIATELY labeled a racist. If another race says it… its not.

No longer acceptable to me.

OK. I’m done my rant for now.

POST EDIT: I woke up to this crap on her Facebook page as though this is the gospel from okTrends: Enjoy!
What If There Weren’t So Many White People