Conversations Part 1

This is going to be a running page between the lady and myself just cataloging some of the conversations that we have on a daily basis. Of course it is not going to contain anything incriminating (unless we want it to) nor is it going to be anything that has any true structure, as our conversations tend to be quite diverse and free-flowing. If you would like to have a snapshot of our day to day musings, you’ve come to the right place.


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  1. Old Iron says:

    REFERENCE: here
    [6:02:14 AM] KC: good morning
    [6:02:15 AM] Old Iron: and how are you? what did you think of the exercise?
    [6:02:33 AM] KC: honestly?
    [6:02:45 AM] Old Iron: yep
    [6:03:07 AM] KC: hmmm… they were weak but I can see why you couldn’t dig deeper
    [6:03:20 AM] Old Iron: it was just a start
    [6:03:31 AM] KC: OK
    [6:03:33 AM] KC: cool
    [6:03:47 AM] Old Iron: just using a national tragedy for my own ends, as usual
    [6:03:48 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [6:03:51 AM] KC: mine is as good as it gets tho…
    [6:04:02 AM] KC: I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it was
    [6:04:21 AM] Old Iron: hey, it’s not good stuff unless it was challenging
    [6:04:29 AM] KC: uhg
    [6:04:31 AM] KC: ugh
    [6:04:32 AM] KC: LOL
    [6:04:35 AM] KC: how was your night?
    [6:04:50 AM] Old Iron: not too bad, nice and quiet
    [6:05:00 AM] Old Iron: just watched this TV show called Eureka
    [6:05:07 AM] KC: oh never heard of it
    [6:05:08 AM] Old Iron: pretty good if you are into science
    [6:05:20 AM] Old Iron: kind of a nerdy sci-fi thing
    [6:05:24 AM] Old Iron: pretty fun
    [6:05:38 AM] Old Iron: and got PLENTY of sleep
    [6:05:42 AM] Old Iron: how was your day off?
    [6:05:46 AM] Old Iron: get into anything?
    [6:06:14 AM] KC: LOL… I got into my PJs and stayed in them all day
    [6:06:23 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [6:06:29 AM] Old Iron: took a “you” day then
    [6:06:31 AM] KC: slept til 1pm
    [6:06:40 AM] KC: read a few blogs
    [6:06:51 AM] Old Iron: just got done with your post, and I hate to say this
    [6:06:59 AM] Old Iron: but it rings with some really good truths
    [6:07:05 AM] KC: oooh my
    [6:07:26 AM] Old Iron: PLEASE don’t tell me that you actually agreed with some of what I wrote
    [6:07:46 AM] KC: no not really but they have already answered those questions
    [6:07:59 AM] KC: to me the questions are… why didn’t the military do something about it?
    [6:08:08 AM] Old Iron: my thing is, why even answer them?
    [6:08:16 AM] Old Iron: dude went nuts, killed people.
    [6:08:19 AM] KC: I mean they were already getting into it with him and his radical beliefs
    [6:08:20 AM] Old Iron: nuff said
    [6:08:28 AM] Old Iron: exactly
    [6:08:32 AM] KC: I know… but that’s not what the other side does
    [6:08:45 AM] Old Iron: that is what the RATIONAL side does
    [6:08:58 AM] KC: it digs deeper
    [6:09:28 AM] Old Iron: the rational side just says look, the guy was a fanatic and a killer. Shoot the fuck out of him and have dogs rape his corpse
    [6:09:39 AM] KC: your rational side does
    [6:09:56 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [6:09:58 AM] KC: BUT not the others… the ones you are trying to talk thru
    [6:10:05 AM] KC: you have to dig deeper than that
    [6:10:08 AM] Old Iron: my rational side tends to be quite violent at times
    [6:10:14 AM] KC: yes I know
    [6:10:18 AM] KC: I had to channel you at times
    [6:10:22 AM] KC: and that wasn’t easy
    [6:10:23 AM] Old Iron: sweet
    [6:10:24 AM] KC: I don’t go that route
    [6:10:29 AM] Old Iron: I do
    [6:10:34 AM] KC: I know… LOL
    [6:10:35 AM] Old Iron: thus the reason for the site
    [6:10:56 AM] KC: I know hon… so I think you will have to wear some of my pumps for a bit and dig a bit deeper into the issue
    [6:11:02 AM] Old Iron: ouch
    [6:11:04 AM] KC: rather than just skimming the surface
    [6:11:10 AM] Old Iron: that could get sticky
    [6:11:14 AM] KC: I know
    [6:11:38 AM] Old Iron: I like skimming the surface! it provides some pretty uncomplicated views on life that have no clutter, but clear cut views!
    [6:11:55 AM] Old Iron: don’t MAKE me pull a Morgan on you
    [6:11:57 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [6:12:00 AM] KC: really what you want to talk about is accountability – does it truly lie with the radical or with the Army not stopping him… just like they fully knew about the terrorists in NYC on 9/11
    [6:12:05 AM] Old Iron: his name is now a verb
    [6:12:50 AM] KC: why are we NOT doing anything about such intel?
    [6:12:59 AM] Old Iron: my spin: it doesn’t matter the what when or why, but the fact that THEY DID IT
    [6:13:28 AM] KC: OK… but that wasn’t the purpose of this exercise hon
    [6:13:40 AM] Old Iron: I know I know
    [6:14:08 AM] KC: LOL
    [6:14:12 AM] Old Iron: and I just posted it to the front page
    [6:14:13 AM] KC: hey YOU wanted to do this!
    [6:14:15 AM] KC: not me
    [6:14:20 AM] KC: what?
    [6:14:22 AM] Old Iron: I sure did
    [6:14:38 AM] Old Iron: like I said before, if it is not hard to accomplish then it is not quality
    [6:14:58 AM] KC: LOL… well no one can say that I didn’t dig deeper
    [6:15:02 AM] KC: that I didn’t go all out
    [6:15:05 AM] KC: and fuck ’em all if they do
    [6:15:07 AM] Old Iron: you sure did
    [6:15:57 AM] Old Iron: oops, yesterday was also Veteran’s Day
    [6:16:06 AM] KC: uh huh
    [6:16:43 AM] KC: which is why I had two photos
    [6:16:53 AM] Old Iron: oh, and your comment over at Dipso got some return posts
    [6:16:59 AM] Old Iron:
    [6:17:00 AM] KC: oh really
    [6:17:47 AM] Old Iron: no, it went well
    [6:18:00 AM] KC: apparently I am pissing off Andy as well
    [6:18:20 AM] Old Iron: not if you read down
    [6:18:29 AM] KC: getting there
    [6:19:10 AM] Old Iron: the only thing that he had a problem with was the 9/11 reference
    [6:19:35 AM] KC: LOL… pissing him off
    [6:19:48 AM] Old Iron: hey, he’s actually a nice guy
    [6:20:05 AM] KC: I know and he also doesn’t know me well
    [6:20:23 AM] Old Iron: I see his point with the 9/11 reference; it didn’t really fit
    [6:20:43 AM] Old Iron: the rest of your response was about how this guys was ina position of authority
    [6:20:47 AM] Old Iron: and never used it
    [6:21:21 AM] KC: what I am trying to say is that here again – we have intel on a person who was spewing forth radical views IN THE US ARMY
    [6:21:24 AM] KC: and nothing was done about it
    [6:21:34 AM] KC: he wasn’t discharged
    [6:21:39 AM] KC: he wasn’t reprimanded
    [6:21:40 AM] KC: nothing
    [6:21:52 AM] Old Iron: if you only knew how PC the military has had to be lately
    [6:21:59 AM] Old Iron: it’s a pain in the ass
    [6:22:05 AM] Old Iron: or was, even when I was in
    [6:22:07 AM] KC: we had intel on the 9/11 terrorists being int he country… and again… nothing was done
    [6:22:20 AM] KC: but BLAME CANADA for letting them into the US and MY GOD
    [6:22:29 AM] Old Iron: that wasn’t done
    [6:22:38 AM] Old Iron: slow down cemosabe
    [6:22:43 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [6:22:49 AM] KC: oh yes it was
    [6:23:02 AM] KC: we were blamed and accused
    [6:23:09 AM] Old Iron: “we”?
    [6:23:13 AM] KC: Canada
    [6:23:16 AM] Old Iron: not from “me” to “you”
    [6:23:26 AM] KC: no… I am not commenting like that
    [6:23:31 AM] Old Iron: right…
    [6:23:55 AM] Old Iron: and it wasn’t until you just mentioned it that I had ever heard of that happening
    [6:24:00 AM] Old Iron: see? news to me
    [6:24:30 AM] KC: oh it sure did… and it was in national newspapers including TV
    [6:24:33 AM] KC: which is my point
    [6:24:49 AM] Old Iron: didn’t know that you were trying to make one
    [6:24:55 AM] KC: ugh
    [6:25:35 AM] Old Iron: it’s falling on semi-deaf ears as the axe you are trying to grind here isn’t one that I know anything about
    [6:25:52 AM] KC: its OK
    [6:25:57 AM] Old Iron: is this turning into a “you attacked us, I attack you” kinda thing?
    [6:26:07 AM] KC: no
    [6:26:09 AM] KC: not at all
    [6:26:14 AM] Old Iron: I mean seriously, this is kinda making no sense to me
    [6:26:20 AM] KC: OK
    [6:26:30 AM] KC: lemme try to explain it
    [6:27:00 AM] Old Iron: so because “you” were blamed for letting in the terrorists to american soil, “we” are getting railed for having some intel on muslim extremists in our country?
    [6:27:09 AM] KC: no
    [6:27:17 AM] Old Iron: well what then?
    [6:27:18 AM] KC: OK… so here is my take on it
    [6:27:23 AM] KC: just hear me out
    [6:27:52 AM] KC: The Americans have had intel on many terrorists and radicals in the US
    [6:27:59 AM] KC: and nothing is done about it
    [6:28:05 AM] KC: they didn’t try to stop them
    [6:28:12 AM] KC: they didn’t reprimand them
    [6:28:18 AM] KC: or anything of the sort
    [6:28:27 AM] Old Iron: there is probably more to this than either of us know
    [6:28:35 AM] Old Iron: actually I can pretty much garantee
    [6:28:42 AM] KC: no… rather they point the finger and blame Canada for letting them into your country in the first place
    [6:29:00 AM] KC: (the 9/11 thing spefically)
    [6:29:10 AM] Old Iron: who is this we, and when was the last time the “we” people did this?
    [6:29:11 AM] KC: something of which you didn’t know about
    [6:29:19 AM] Old Iron: yeah, THAT HAPPENED A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO
    [6:29:32 AM] Old Iron: and paranoia was running a bit rampanty
    [6:30:13 AM] KC: yes… its a lingering problem
    [6:30:21 AM] KC: one that keeps recurring
    [6:30:47 AM] KC: that’s my point
    [6:30:57 AM] Old Iron: alright then
    [6:31:02 AM] Old Iron: so what is the solution?
    [6:31:44 AM] Old Iron: you are a proactive person; you would not comment on this issue so passionately if you did not have the inkling of a solution
    [6:32:30 AM] KC: take action – stop them from entering the country – kick ’em out when you know they are in your country – arrest them – do SOMETHING other than ignore them
    [6:32:44 AM] Old Iron: hey, I would do the same
    [6:33:05 AM] Old Iron: but you have this PC bullshit crowd that has inacted laws that prevent that from directly happening
    [6:33:13 AM] KC: so I read
    [6:34:11 AM] Old Iron: so since that option is directly out, and the only country that actively does something like that, profiling, is Israel
    [6:34:27 AM] Old Iron: we are too genteel to pull something like that
    [6:34:33 AM] Old Iron: we have tied our own hands
    [6:34:38 AM] KC: its NOT profiling if you have true intel
    [6:35:09 AM] KC: its only profiling if you are going based on supposed information
    [6:35:17 AM] Old Iron: let’s look at the intel
    [6:35:22 AM] Old Iron: muslim
    [6:35:33 AM] Old Iron: military, so even if he had guns it is part of his job
    [6:35:42 AM] Old Iron: psychologist, so his head should be alright
    [6:35:55 AM] Old Iron: exploring his religion
    [6:36:15 AM] Old Iron: me personally I would have stopped at muslim, but that is me
    [6:36:51 AM] KC: if a man is asking to be discharged from the military and was officially reprimanded for pushing is radical views onto his students and what not… you take action
    [6:36:56 AM] KC: dismiss him
    [6:36:59 AM] KC: do something
    [6:37:02 AM] KC: ANYTHING
    [6:37:11 AM] KC: internal processed need to be revisited
    [6:37:20 AM] KC: I am NOT condoning this man’s actions whatsoever
    [6:37:33 AM] KC: just saying… I do have to ask why nothing was done
    [6:37:48 AM] Old Iron: and you had better bet that internal processes will, this is the US military we are talking about
    [6:37:58 AM] Old Iron: one of the biggest beurocracies on the planet
    [6:38:03 AM] KC: and just waiting to see how they abdicate responsibility for the part that they played in it
    [6:38:08 AM] Old Iron: but then the PC shit will step in and you won’t be able to profile
    [6:38:17 AM] KC: ugh
    [6:38:17 AM] Old Iron: OH GOD
    [6:38:39 AM] Old Iron: end of the day it was this shitbag raghead that decided to go all jihaddi on 14 people’s asses
    [6:38:58 AM] KC: yes
    [6:39:00 AM] KC: true
    [6:39:10 AM] KC: which is the point I made in my part of teh stor
    [6:39:12 AM] KC: blog
    [6:39:40 AM] KC: and I do mean… he does deserve what he has coming to him and I would not object to the death penalty
    [6:40:17 AM] Old Iron: yeah, we slipped up
    [6:40:33 AM] Old Iron: in a country of 300 mil, I think there should be certain allowances made for human error
    [6:40:57 AM] KC: hmmmm
    [6:41:08 AM] Old Iron: the trump card that EVERYONE forgets
    [6:41:18 AM] Old Iron: bad judgement and human error
    [6:41:43 AM] KC: I swear if they lay blame on anyone else for failing in their processes… I will blow a fuse!!!
    [6:41:44 AM] KC: LOL
    [6:42:15 AM] Old Iron: and I know that this is no consolation to the families, but… oops
    [6:42:32 AM] Old Iron: and no matter where fingers are pointed, it all comes down to nothing other than a dude shot some people
    [6:42:43 AM] KC: but you know it won’t
    [6:42:57 AM] Old Iron: so what if there were some things that could have highlighted the fact that he was batshit crazy
    [6:43:08 AM] Old Iron: so?
    [6:43:11 AM] Old Iron: it’s still the truth
    [6:43:15 AM] KC: then correct those errors
    [6:43:29 AM] Old Iron: what errors? the fact that a dude shot the shit out of some people?
    [6:43:34 AM] Old Iron: where do you start?
    [6:43:34 AM] KC: NO
    [6:43:37 AM] Old Iron: the military?
    [6:43:43 AM] Old Iron: the religion?
    [6:43:48 AM] Old Iron: the weapons?
    [6:43:52 AM] Old Iron: where?
    [6:44:29 AM] KC: the internal processes that allowed for such a thing to go without action before it got to where it is now
    [6:44:31 AM] Old Iron: brb
    [7:36:51 AM] Old Iron: back
    [7:36:57 AM] Old Iron: had my usual meeting
    [7:37:00 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [7:37:25 AM] Old Iron: I blame Islam
    [7:37:25 AM] KC: niice
    [7:37:30 AM] KC: hahaha
    [7:38:07 AM] Old Iron: christians stopped killing people as a general priniciple a LOOOONG time ago
    [7:38:36 AM] KC: well radical muslims are taking revenge I guess.. I was thinking about that earlier this morning
    [7:39:45 AM] Old Iron: I am just tired of people saying that it was the SYSTEM that cause this and not the individual’s personal choice
    [7:40:00 AM] Old Iron: yeah yeah, he did put out some notice that he was fucked in the head
    [7:40:08 AM] Old Iron: but so what if no one acted on it?
    [7:40:23 AM] Old Iron: I don’t blame the system, I blame human error if anything else
    [7:41:08 AM] Old Iron: responsibility can be bantered about, but end of the day it wasn’t because someone didn’t act on their suspicions, it was because that fuckwad shot people that a true crime was committed
    [7:41:44 AM] KC: true
    [7:41:56 AM] Old Iron: so all talk of how this could have been averted is moot
    [7:41:59 AM] Old Iron: to me that is
    [7:42:35 AM] KC: I could have been or maybe not… I mean the man was sick in the head
    [7:43:20 AM] KC: I am just wondering what safety measures does the army (of any country… not just the US) have to do something when the red flags are there?
    [7:43:45 AM] Old Iron: do something that they have had to do in other instances like this
    [7:43:52 AM] Old Iron: preach fucking “tolerance”
    [7:44:04 AM] KC: wow… its that bad?
    [7:44:11 AM] Old Iron: the military has it’s hands tight just as tight as anyone else
    [7:44:18 AM] Old Iron: tied
    [7:44:22 AM] KC: got that
    [7:44:23 AM] Old Iron: yes it is
    [7:44:35 AM] Old Iron: you have NO idea how bad it is
    [7:44:47 AM] KC: I mean this isn’t someone saying they are gay.. this is someone who was preaching radical views
    [7:44:52 AM] KC: that’s what I don’t get
    [7:45:20 AM] Old Iron: this is where you just have to fall on my experience in this matter
    [7:46:10 AM] KC: I think its pathetic and how many more incidents like this has to happen before we kinda wake up?
    [7:46:22 AM] KC: we can’t prevent them all I know
    [7:46:24 AM] Old Iron: I’m awake, and that is all that matters
    [7:46:35 AM] KC: haha… but you aren’t alone in my world hon
    [7:46:39 AM] Old Iron: I cannot be held responsible for the actions or processes that I do not own
    [7:46:51 AM] Old Iron: you are right, which means I change what I can
    [7:47:14 AM] Old Iron: and that does not include the thoughts of the “we” or “them”
    [7:47:27 AM] Old Iron: this is another thing that goes into the brain’s notebook of “shit to look out for”
    [7:47:35 AM] Old Iron: what anyone else does with this is up to them
    [7:48:12 AM] Old Iron: and if a system changes because of the collective that is in control of said system becomes aware of the inherent dangers of allowing fucking TERRORISTS to exhist, then good for them
    [7:48:27 AM] Old Iron: but until then, mono will take care of mono
    [7:48:39 AM] KC: hmm
    [7:48:57 AM] KC: I won’t say I agree…. but I don’t necessarily agree either
    [7:49:01 AM] KC: just need to process this
    [7:49:28 AM] KC: sorry I don’t necessarily disagree either
    [7:49:59 AM] Old Iron: when you do you will be surprised at the output
    [7:50:33 AM] Old Iron: some things, though you rage against them, will not change no matter what level of input you have as long as you do not own said object or process
    [7:50:56 AM] Old Iron: you are not the military, so you can’t change current policy in place to possibly alleviate what happened
    [7:51:05 AM] Old Iron: you are not Islam, so you cannot change their beliefs
    [7:51:17 AM] Old Iron: you are not weapons, so you cannot make yourself not harm
    [7:51:32 AM] Old Iron: and you are not the shooter, so you cannot stop from killnig others
    [7:51:34 AM] Old Iron: you are you
    [7:52:04 AM] Old Iron: ALL of the events that transpired were and will be out of your control
    [7:52:28 AM] Old Iron: so you do what you can
    [7:52:44 AM] KC: understood… but this is where we differ slightly… I still question certain things and not necessarily accept them at face value
    [7:53:11 AM] Old Iron: nor do I, but I know that I can’t CHANGE it even if I questioned it
    [7:53:14 AM] Old Iron: waste of effort
    [7:53:34 AM] KC: hmmm
    [7:53:40 AM] Old Iron: and to me that is the bottom line
    [7:53:56 AM] Old Iron: what PERSONAL lessons can be gained from this tragedy?
    [7:54:01 AM] Old Iron: what can I learn from it?
    [7:54:18 AM] Old Iron: yeah, rage against this, rage against that
    [7:54:32 AM] Old Iron: but if I take nothing from this then there was no need for me to even think about it
    [7:54:53 AM] Old Iron: tragedy happens on a daily basis and for more reasons than there are grains of sand
    [7:55:16 AM] Old Iron: this one was highlighted more so than others, but in the end it still sucked
    [7:55:29 AM] Old Iron: so what can I take from this that will allow me to be more aware in the future?
    [7:55:54 AM] Old Iron: -Dudes that are preaching radical islam need to be kept at arms length and with a high powered weapon trained on them at all times
    [7:56:12 AM] Old Iron: muslims as a whole are fucking INSANE
    [7:56:17 AM] Old Iron: there, two life lessons
    [7:56:27 AM] KC: haha… can I point something out tho
    [7:56:39 AM] KC: I wasn’t the one that wanted to talk about this
    [7:56:56 AM] KC: I wasn’t gonna say anything until I saw the outcome of it
    [7:57:18 AM] KC: this whole issue kinda came about because we both decided to talk about it
    [7:57:23 AM] Old Iron: true
    [7:57:38 AM] Old Iron: so here, let me cover some points here
    [7:57:59 AM] Old Iron: 1. you are not to blame for terrorists pipelining through Canada to the US to blow shit up
    [7:58:42 AM] Old Iron: 2. The military is not to blame for not figuring out that this moron woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to shoot people, although there could have been something done
    [7:59:11 AM] Old Iron: 3. Humans are inherently flawed, and any system that they directly control has to have that fact taken into account as mistakes will be made
    [7:59:50 AM] Old Iron: 4. Muslims are predispositioned to be FUCKING NUTS, and whomever believes that it is some kind of “Religion of PEace” needs to actually read the fucking Koran
    [8:00:22 AM] Old Iron: 5. A dude shot people, people died, and only this shitbag is to blame for the deaths
    [8:00:33 AM] KC: you done?
    [8:00:38 AM] Old Iron: ASS
    [8:00:41 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [8:00:46 AM] KC: kiss it
    [8:00:53 AM] Old Iron: too salty
    [8:01:00 AM] KC: no no… LOL
    [8:01:21 AM] KC: maybe yours is but not mine
    [8:01:34 AM] Old Iron: oh that’s right, you have a desk job
    [8:01:39 AM] Old Iron: with perfumed seats
    [8:01:41 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [8:01:42 AM] KC: as do you… LOL
    [8:01:52 AM] KC: I saw you sitting at a desk this morning!
    [8:01:54 AM] Old Iron: alright, I am done. I can’t believe that you actually got me to rant
    [8:01:59 AM] Old Iron: for a bit, yes
    [8:02:08 AM] KC: haha… I am good aren’t I?
    [8:02:15 AM] KC: apparently I do that to people
    [8:02:18 AM] Old Iron: yeah yeah
    [8:02:24 AM] KC: hehehe
    [8:02:26 AM] Old Iron: at least I didn’t get mad!
    [8:02:43 AM] KC: no… and for that I respect that and I actually enjoy chatting with you about such things
    [8:03:05 AM] Old Iron: and didn’t get all childish by holding your intelligence suspect
    [8:03:07 AM] Old Iron: not my way
    [8:03:17 AM] Old Iron: if it can be kept rational then keep it that way
    [8:03:22 AM] Old Iron: hey, you should know me by now
    [8:03:36 AM] KC: that I do…. and that is why we DO talk about these things
    [8:03:47 AM] KC: and I don’t throw my hands in the air… and say FUCK IT
    [8:03:56 AM] Old Iron: no need
    [8:04:01 AM] KC: nope
    [8:04:03 AM] Old Iron: heh heh to do that would be to admit to defeat
    [8:04:06 AM] Old Iron: heh heh
    [8:04:16 AM] Old Iron: and you don’t want to loose to a conservative DUDE, do you?
    [8:04:49 AM] KC: OK… whatever about the whole conservative thing… I just want to understand

  2. Andy says:

    You didn’t piss me off at all, KC. It is, however, a bit difficult to keep mum when the argument steers towards blaming anyone but the guilty party. That whole “They knew and they did nothing about it” stuff. Sure they knew, and what they may do about it in the future needs to be seriously addressed, but let’s put a foot or two into this hokey pokey for a little personal responsibility. Blame the guilty, for a change. If a plane is hijacked and flown into an office building, fuck all the discussion about why nobody stopped them – that’s too evasive and retroactive. Find out who it was, why they did it, blame THEM for a change, and then go fuck up their buddies before they can hook it up again.

    What we have learned from Ft. Hood is that our response to 9/11 was not enough. Not necessarily wrong, just not enough. The Bush/Republican haters might have to look back pretty soon and say “Jesus, I didn’t realize that going to war on other countries, IN other countries was so preferable to the alternative, which is fighting this war here.” Because it is becoming pretty obvious that rolling out to the desert to try to stop this sort of thing isn’t going to work. We’re going to have to start fighting it here in the States. And in the UK, and France and Germany and Mexico, and even up there in the True North, you Labatt’s swilling moose diddler.

    • ~KC~ says:

      True Andy. And in my exercise with Old Iron… when I say the man deserves the death penalty – I mean it. Anyone who IS a terrorist – who actually goes out and performs ACTS OF TERRORISM – deserves the death penalty. ABSOLUTELY. NO questions asked. Nonewhatsoever by me in this case or in the case of 9/11 had the fuckers lived. It has now become a matter of survival. I get that. I really do. When putting an unruly child in the corner and grounding their asses is no longer enough… sometimes a whopass is needed. Perhaps that time is here.

      No system is perfect. If we can learn from this experience and mitigate risk – future risk – GREAT. But learning from several of you how tied the hands of the military are about such things… chances are, nothing will be happening anytime soon. And will the military be too gentle on this man because of his supposed frame of mind… in attempts at being politically correct and fully accepting? This isn’t the time for that.

      This whole exercise did open me up to a few unknown truths. Do I still have questions? You bet I do. But I think I am now at the point of “shoot now, ask questions later.”

  3. Andy says:

    What, no props for the anti-Canadian hyper-slur at the end? I thought “Labatt’s swilling moose diddler” was pretty spectacular.

    • ~KC~ says:

      HAAA! Its ok Andy… I know you want to be Canadian too… LOL! Moose meat is pretty spectacular, especially if braised in a beer marinade… It works for me!!!

  4. Old Iron says:

    I thought it was awesome even if KC didn’t acknowledge it. I personally believe that if you live that far north your sense of humor atrophies due to extremes of temperature and massive doses of cabin fever from being snowed in 10 months out of the year, but that’s just me.

  5. Andy says:

    If your education didn’t include the “Lynchings and Lynyrd Skynyrd” extension for the Cultural Sensitivity Major, you were shortchanged.

  6. WTF says:

    It is safe to say all religions somehow encourage for the use of violence…

    “When the Lord your God brings you into the land you are entering to possess and drives out before you may nations…then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy.” Deuteronomy 7:1-2, NIV. 1
    “…do not leave alive anything that breaths. Completely destroy them…as the Lord your God has commanded you…” Deuteronomy 20:16, NIV. 1

    “[7:59:50 AM] Old Iron: 4. Muslims are predispositioned to be FUCKING NUTS, and whomever believes that it is some kind of “Religion of PEace” needs to actually read the fucking Koran” … Have you actually read the Koran to make such judgment?

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