Ever met a person so isecure? I HAVE!!!!

Fuck guys and gals, she was a handful tonight. I mean come on, to accuse ME of being a loser? I told her to look around her sleeping on the couch and tell me, other than the pets, what was hers.

-I got silence as a response.

She told me that this was something that she never saw ending well, and my response?

“How dare you LIE to me. Not fair asshole, you made a promise to me when we got married. Are you sure you want to go down this road?”

My soul shattered when she said “Yes”.


I’m just a little… Confused.

So being a person that has studied the human mind for some time, I am just confused. How can someone hate the feeling of an idea that expands their mind? We are only one brain, one husk, one set of experiences: you would think that new sensations and interpretations would be WELCOME, as they add to a place that you have never and will never know. How can a person not realize that when a specific train of thought is challenged, they don’t see it as either a way to re-affirm their pre-existing train of thought, or as a way of mental growth, something to augment their already awesome ideas?

-When did being challenged on anything, running the mental gauntlet….. Stop being flat out evidence of mental evolution?

-When did it HANDS DOWN become an attack, not matter the direction or subject matter?

-When did we stop listening?

Wow, the things you can do with texts.

So I was working on the old monster of a truck I own, attempting to change the oil filter… And I ended up at a work-stoppage, tools down. No, not a union thing (hah hah BRITS), just that I came to an impasse and have to wait until tomorrow until I have transportation to get said tools. In my downtime was when the lightening strike labelled “bullshit” struck.

Bright idea! Zing and zounds! Walk to the beer store in my down time (I do like beer) and restock the fridge! Much walking was done, much alternate paths were trod, and I was at an overflow of nature… And then the shop that had my damned beer. I push the door in to the “Hi and Buy”, bells sound, and the clerk makes slight banter as I hit the shelves. Oh look, Lagunitas has a new one! Lets taste that! Imagine that, instead of fucking PBR the Red Stripe is actually affordable in a twelve-er! Wifey likes Red Stripe, she should be happy upon arrival to the house!

Score one for themĀ  Feres!

Long story short, I made it home while wifey was at work and proceeded to tell her that I did something for her, but warned her that if she even MENTIONED price to me I would flip my shit. Note: she tends to flip her shit over pretty much everything, but expenditures outside of a thrift shop makes it worse.

In fact, allow me to transcribe, verbatim:

Dan: Got you something, and if you even for a SECOND think that we cant afford it I’ll be annoyed.

Raechel: Please don’t upset me, we really can’t afford it

-And there you have it. I went on a HUGE tirade afterwards, and won’t go into the details, but to highlight that I no shit TOLD her to not do… What she did, what she literally couldn’t help but to say.

Tonight should be fun.

I’ve decided to hijack my old site.

From now on this is pretty much going to be about me trying to wrangle a decent relationship out of what, at the moment, is something that confuses me. I’ve gotten a bit older since my magma-hot days of politica and travel, and have since “settled down” to try to find a more formal path in life.

-I Always knew that was complete shite, but allow me to continue. Or not, whatever.

Let’s set the stage, shall we!

Dan: 38, currently unemployed, but work is on the horizon (following Monday, huzzah to me!), husband to a supposed hard-ass.

Raechel: 45 (or 46 if you ask), been here and there and seen the sights! Ex was a slug of a man, but then she met Dan and hoped all was well.

Just to give you a preview of what I am about to list, friends and unknowns: This is a really REALLY hard relationship, but I will never give up. I just need somewhere to vent, some form of type (blah blah blah PRose blah blah ARTISTIC balh blah FUCK A GOAT) to where I can just speak my mind.

So the story begins.