To Define the Contributors

I wouldn’t say Old Iron is soooo different than me.  Well, OK.  He is. And of course… there is always a ‘but’…

So let me tell you how we are different, starting with the obvious, of course.

  • He’s from Mars.  He as a penis.  Often thinking with it.
  • I’m from Venus.  I have breasts and a V-J-J.  I usually think emotionally.
  • He’s American.
  • And a Republican.  Dear Gawd save us all.
  • I am Canadian.
  • And I am a Libertarian.  Gawd save us all.
  • He is crude and brass, in your face, all about the shock value.
  • Me… not so much.  I wouldn’t say I am refined but perhaps more diplomatic than Old Iron.
  • He’s a smoker.  Makes no apologies about it.
  • I am an avid ANTI-SMOKE, mostly rooted in the fact that I am very allergic to cigarette smoke.
  • He’s solid and fairly even keeled in his ability to put perspective on issues.
  • I’m temperamental and at times, flighty.

That will mean a lot of he said/she said type posts.  But perhaps more interestingly will be the whole male/female perspective on the same subjects… from a right/left point of view on the same topics.

BUT’… because there is always a ‘but’ when baby’s got back… Here’s the thing about Old Iron, as much as at first appearances, we are night/day, that at first glances, we wouldn’t be the first pick to being friends… it’s just that, well – he rocks. Plain and simple.  OK.  So he pushes the boundaries.  And in full Sagittarius form – he is the king of OVER-THE-TOP, exaggeration at its best.  Which more times than none makes me laugh.  And it usually is right about when I need to laugh the most.

His generosity of time, spirit and of himself has not been surpassed by any person I have ever met.  In my life, he challenges my father as being someone who has tremendous faith in me.  Because when it boils right down to it… what makes us sooo different, is, well… irrelevant.  It’s not really important.  It’s what makes our friendship – fun.  Funny at best.  There isn’t a topic under the sun that we couldn’t talk about, often in the course of the same conversation… LOL.  I have learned a lot about myself as a result of our friendship.  Although I might OFTEN disagree with his life politics, I will say that he has been most unconditional in his friendship, something that one can definitely learn from.

So… for the man who once petrified me and horrified me with his over the top crassness and beliefs… he now amuses me and my senses.  And I know that his unique perspective will do the same for you.

(Old Iron) MY TURN….

So let’s use that “perspective” that KC mentioned above, and use it in reference to my friend from the Great White North.

All I can say is that this woman is a hoot. We met when I was working on a vent blog that mixed political discourse and commentary with the usual crass references to various overseas activities that I have both paid for and participated in, as well as the occasional photo mocking people that were either mentally or physically handicapped. I stumbled across her site in probably the most random way possible, and after some minor conversations on her blog I invited her over to mine. To say that she was horrified initially was a SEVERE understatement, but from that time forth her and I have been fast friends. She’s priceless when it comes to claiming a liberated viewpoint, but I have seen (only on some points) that she eventually finds logic winning out over some of her more libertarian views. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of material out there that her and I have some pretty strong opposing opinions on, but the underlying current for her is something that I find rare (KC, please don’t hit me for this) in a person from a fairly “liberated” environ, and that is RESEARCHED THOUGHT.

-She thinks and does not have unfounded opinions on topics.

-She may be a woman, but it’s that clash of estrogen and testosterone that keeps things interesting.

-She doesn’t get offended at colorful language, and with me that is a DEFINITE plus.

-She waited for me to stop being a complete idiot with this tart that I was dating at one time to tell me “I TOLD YOU SO”, but the best part about that: she actually said “I TOLD YOU SO”! Gotta love her for that.

-She makes fun of Olympic protesters.

-I still, to this day, like shocking the piss out of her. Not as bad as before, but it still is fun occasionally.

Actually as far as I can tell the woman has only one real flaw; I don’t think that she drinks enough. And to think that she has all of that access to some of the most awesome Canadian whiskey on the planet too! What a travesty!

So my spin on this is such: this is going to be fun. A bit more adult than my last undertaking, but basically a palette for two ideals that are supposed to be diametrically opposed but that somehow work in our own twisted little amalgamation. Hope you guys have as much fun reading this as I think that we are going to have making it.


3 Responses to To Define the Contributors

  1. leaving a comment in order to subscribe
    youse guys are funny

  2. WTF says:

    “She waited for me to stop being a complete idiot with this tart that I was dating at one time to tell me “I TOLD YOU SO”, but the best part about that: she actually said “I TOLD YOU SO”! Gotta love her for that.”

    Funny though all my friends said the same after I broke up with that fat stupid redneck I was dating for a year…lol… Thank God for good friends!

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