Sovereign Neighbours

A video created last year during the Olympics explaining Canada to the Americans.


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2 Responses to Sovereign Neighbours

  1. Buck says:

    Forgive me, but Brokaw irritates the hell outta me. He always comes off as some sorta lecturing fool for us ignorant plebes. Nice images in the video, tho… as far as I went. This thing might be appropriate or illuminating for those Americans who never left Des Moines, but for those of us who’ve lived in close proximity to Canuckistan it just grates.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Forget Brokaw Buck.
      Its the message that counts.
      And while you are an exception to the rule, do you know how many Americans know very little about who Canadians are? The second largest country in the world, their neighbour? It’s sad and pathetic honestly.
      This was a pretty nicely summed up in a palatable manner for Americans to say, Oh! That’s who they are! Because honestly, most don’t have a clue… in fact, most don’t have a clue who the hell they are let alone their neighbour.
      Just sayin’ iz all.

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