… No Missiles Required

Damn civilized societies.

The Canadian minority Conservative gubberment was defeated last Tuesday forcing the country back to the polls for another round of bullshit promises and lies.
And it hardly made international news, if it even made front cover news in our own country.
And I believe the reason being is: we didn’t blow up Parliament.
No cruise missiles were required to defeat a party who has been found in contempt of Parliament.
The first time in Canadian political history has a government been found in contempt of Parliament forcing a non-confidence motion to be passed and now a Spring election.

No cruise missiles were required.
No uprisings.
No pillaging or raping of the masses.
No threats (well that is if you ignore the Harper’s Conservative government for the last year or so – pretend you didn’t hear anything they said and you’ll believe they’re been no threats)

Damn us for being all ‘civilized,’ ‘proper’ and shit.
Perhaps we just don’t give a rats ass?
Seriously – only a very small percentage of Canadians voted in the last federal election.
If memory serves me correctly, it was only about 30 or 40% of Canadians voted.
We take it seriously alright.
Just as seriously as our politicians give back to us.
Why give a rats ass when our politicians don’t give a rats ass about its constituents?

Could be a bit of both honestly.
We are too civilized and proper to give a rats ass.
I mean all I did was shrug, book a massage and a hair appointment.
Oh and I did my nails too.
Talking to a few others, I get blank stares and a request for directions to the Beer Store.
It is afterall premo-hockey season and you don’t want to come between a Canadian and his/her beer on hockey night in Canada.

I don’t know about the rest of Canada but I can say this much for myself:
There isn’t a single party out there that actually stands behind their promises, campaign beliefs without changing on a dime once they get into offices.

Left Over Turkey

It’s all about bashing one another in television ads with millions of tax payers dollars.
It’s about blaming the other parties for their lies and inefficiencies.

I mean honestly this is what we have…
Conservative Party: Stephen Harper
Liberal Party: Michael Ignatieff
Bloc Québecois: Gilles Duceppe
NDP, aka Socialist, Party: Jack Layton
Green Party: Elizabeth May

There are more parties but really, they are irrelevant.
Well… I suppose they all are irrelevant at the end of the day.
It is politics afterall – all broken promises they have no intention of keeping.
So why bother?
I mean we will continue to be taxed out of our ying yangs.
They will continue to bullshit about health care reform.
I mean this whole HST fiasco will never go away, in spite of it being a rather important platform issue. It will go away the same way the GST was supposed to go away, oh how many years ago? Yeah. ‘Nuff said.
The proposed budget is a farce that doesn’t do much for us little guys who hemorrhage our hard earned money just to say we live in this beautiful country that is falling flat on its promises-and-spending face.

It’s all a big ass joke.
And honestly the only thing one can do in the face of such farcery is to book a massage and git ‘yer hair all did up nicely.
And then… sit back with your favorite hockey jersey, beer in hand, and tune out the idiocy that is our politics for a great game of physical hockey.
Because at this point in the political game, for our big beautiful country, hockey is the only thing that makes any real sense, washed down with a good brew, while cheering on for something that is worth cheering on for.
The Stanley Cup.


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3 Responses to … No Missiles Required

  1. Buck says:

    …while cheering on for something that is worth cheering on for.
    The Stanley Cup.

    Well, since ya mentioned it… Canada actually has a good shot at it this year, assuming the Canucks don’t pull another of their patented playoff collapses. Vancouver exiting the playoffs is the surest sign summer’s approaching.

    As for the politics? I’m not qualified to comment, except, perhaps, for “I feel yore pain.”

  2. ~KC~ says:

    Well Montreal is hanging in there by the skins of their teeth as well.
    Who knows, Toronto might surprise us still…
    But you are correct, our Canucks tend to crumble under the playoff pressure.
    So who knows… but right about now, its still far more worthy of watching and cheering for than our political climate du jour.

  3. Fay says:

    Go Canucks Go! I was at the game on the 16th where Malholtra’s eye injury occured. I do believe we will go past the first round this year. We have a much more stable team with Henrik as Captain and Louongo is well rested with Scheinder having played 20 games (and playing really well).


    Leafs are toast.

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