White America was Spoken for Apparently

I need to rant because I am tired of being labeled a racist because some ignorant, ditzy, spoiled, frustrated, idiot WHITE teenager rants on YouTube about Asians talking the library on their cellphones at UCLA.
I am guilty by skin colour association.
Look that broad is an idiot.
Insensitive idiot.
AND I am taking offense for being categorized with her because of my skin colour… that this is a belief that is shared by all WHITE Americans.
Because she spoketh… it is therefore certain truth for all white Americans.

The issue came full round for me on Facebook when an associate of mine, who is of a mixed race AND a teacher, put as her status the following in response to the girls video and the linked article above:

Hi, this is America where we go to college and bleach our hair and push our boobs up in front of the camera so we can spew hate about Asians when we’re supposed to be getting political science degrees from a university that dares to be diverse.

She then proceeded to following up in her comments with the following:

I almost wrote “Hi, this is White America…” but I don’t think I can be as hateful as this girl.

And as of the time of this post, she has well over 35 comments and counting on this status with several LIKES on her last comment about White American.
All agreeing with her.
I was the only one who spoke out against her ignorant remark!

This is my beef with her statement above:
… nothing frustrates me more than listening to those who preach the need for tolerance, diversity, acceptance and inclusion of all race but seemingly, don’t practice it themselves.
My take on it is don’t ask for what you can’t give in return.
Calling out another persons ignorance followed by an ignorant remark that all persons of that race share their belief simply perpetuates the same intolerance you rage about…
Don’t be hypocritical!!!
It appears as though that WHITE/CAUCASIAN are all ignorant, intolerant asses.
That one person speaks for the entire caucasian race.
That no other race in the world experiences frustration, ignorance, political incorrectedness.
Just use whities!
Because the moment we say something to retort such perpetuation of ignorance – I hear: what do you know about discrimination? You’re White! You’ll never experience what we [insert race here] went thru in [insert century/decade here]

Maybe I can just then say that all black people are socialist idiots because the black president you chose to speak for you spews forth his own brand of the truth?
Maybe I can just then say that all Middle Eastern people (regardless of faith) are terrorists because a few radicals?
OR maybe I can say that all Germans are Nazis because of a time and place where it was the regime?

I mean I could go on and on… but the moment I say some shit like that, the fact that I am a WHITE person saying it: I am IMMEDIATELY labeled a racist. If another race says it… its not.

No longer acceptable to me.

OK. I’m done my rant for now.

POST EDIT: I woke up to this crap on her Facebook page as though this is the gospel from okTrends: Enjoy!
What If There Weren’t So Many White People


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Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

One Response to White America was Spoken for Apparently

  1. lady red says:

    I’m sick of all the race crap too. Sick to death of it. Great rant ~KC~.

    The link at the bottom of your post made me roll my eyes repeatedly. What utter dreck.

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