Must-Buy Albums

I am a fan of music.
Some albums I buy because the albums covers intrigue me
Some I buy because I am a true fan of the artist and music…

But here’s a few albums that have me…
Well …. that leave me ….
Speechless …
Disturbed …

Well you decide for yourselves …

Probably was #1 album sold to boys and men of all ages world wide

Yeah. A man & a flute. Topless. Hairy. Sexy. In the 60-70s perhaps...


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

2 Responses to Must-Buy Albums

  1. Buck says:

    One hopes your tongue was planted firmly in your cheek, KC.

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