Lateral thinking can be dangerous

So I was carousing around on my usual dumps of all things news, and wouldn’t you know it I come across yet another group of “misguided youths”, newsspeak for “muslims committed to jihad”, who apparently decided to almost kick off in Italy. It was the usual chaff, something about them:

“…setting up a group that aimed to incite discrimination, racial and religious hatred, violence and jihad against Christians and Jews,” police in the northern city of Brescia said in a statement.”

My interest was not piqued until I hit upon this line:

ANSA news agency reported that a note had been found on one of the Moroccans that called for revenge against the pope for converting Egyptian-born Magdi Allam, a former columnist for Italian daily Corriere della Sera.

-This of course being because the Pope himself had baptized the fellow into Catholicism himself. An idea started to take hold in the ol’ noggin that finally distilled itself down to one simple concept / scenario: what would actually happen if a terrorist, in the name of Allah and Islam, was actually able to perform this “revenge” against the Pope? What would the response be from the HUNDREDS of professed Catholics actually be, when confronted with the fact that another large religion has attempted to strike at the heart of their avowed path to the Divine?

It is actually quite frightening to think that this could happen during my life time as the terrorist groups that wrap themselves in Islam are almost daily becoming more and more emboldened through a mix of “tolerance”, lack of faith, and weakened sociological values, leaving the door open for some pretty extreme things to not only be conceived, but to potentially occur. In my mind’s eye, if something like this were to happen there would be a bloodbath that would make Auschwitz look like a playground, as two sects, empowered by belief, do more than shout words at one another or distribute literature denouncing the other.

Sorry for the doom and gloom but this actually does scare me.


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4 Responses to Lateral thinking can be dangerous

  1. Buck says:

    It’s already happened, OI. Remember 1981? There was no mass reaction or further bloodshed. But John Paul didn’t DIE, of course.

  2. Old Iron says:

    I don’t know, I think that the religious environment is a little more polarized than it was back then. Mind you I feel (yeah, talk about founded on fact) that if the previous scenario would have been executed in it’s entirety there still would have been a backlash, but the current day and age?

    -Meh, who knows. 99.99% of my point is made based off of conjecture and personal experience, but mainly conjecture.

  3. Cdn_Relic says:

    Old Iron,, I don’t think you have seen anything yet as to what’s coming up with these jihadists. They’re gaining momentum day by day as they see no consequences to their revolts right now, so they’re just going to get more and more brazen and as they see the others gain victories,, they will all soon think that they can get away with the same bull shit. And of course, you-know-who, OLD SPINELESS,, in the States isn’t doing a damn thing to try and bring these guys into check so watch out my friend,, I don’t think you have even begun to see what these fanatics are capable of doing,,, of course, that’s just my opinion

    • Dazza says:

      I don’t think we need to worry about the pope being assasinated as after 81 it’s highly unlikely he can be got at and plus, the Jihadist’s are off any large scale attacks against superpowers now cos of the consequences. Besides, they realise we will almost always be one step ahead, the cold war taught us all that. Theyre sticking to plan B and so far so good for them as it’s becoming hugely successful and ahead of time. “What was plan B?” you may ask yourself….We have all been warned time and again about this..Theyre infiltrating us (not as spies or sleepers) deep into the heart of our society and using our beloved friend called Democracy to win the vote and get the decision. Small at first but slowly growing, A law passed here and a Mosque built there. According to Gadaffi he reckoned it would only take them around 20 more years to breed us into a minority, using our democratic voting systems and our falling family values against us into which they would outlaw all other religions and be ruled by MECCA…..A similar scenario was attempted by the Spanish in the 16th century when they tried to assasinate Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Imagine if they had succeeded and the amada invaded successfully…There would be no other religion but catholicism and the whole world would’ve been ruled by the pope. We would all likely be governed by a monarchy and communicating in Spanish or Latin. Good or bad thing you may ask. We would most likely be having people hung drawn and quartered for practicing witchcraft or adultary or even just plane old blasphemy ( whatever that is). The point is it cannot be stopped because our society teaches us tolerence and understanding. We have worked dammed hard for centuries to iron our racists and racism and still allowing religious freedom to flourish. We will continue to be sympathetic towards them, feeling guilty for our forefathers so called ignorance. Marrying them and adopting their beliefs. Having children and reading them the koran as a bedtime story. So the reality of the situation is, why would they sacrifice the perfect plan for human kind in their eyes by killing the pope and instilling widespread fear and panic which would likely end in a world war that they had absolutely no chance of winning but would likely end up with us all catholic? I am almost certain the most die hard peace activists and pacifists would surrender their morals and support military action through their fear and shear thought of world domination by any religion and not just muslim……Scary but very real, almost every european government has muslim representatives that have gained a vote. How long do you think it will be before a congress member or two get in if it hasnt already happened. Eventually they will be the majority and we wont like it when one of the first laws is to annihalate all pigs into extinction and take away our daily bacon. Then it will be prohibition and oh my god us men would need to wear a dish dash and the women would be mummified and who could cope with four wives and fifty odd kids. Seriously though, its all very real and right under our noses!!!!!

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