A re-introduction and quick commentary

The Re-Introduction:

Hi guys and gals, just got in from yet another rotation back to the states and all in all a wild time was had by all, to include the better half of this site, KC. A step-by-step of the time is as follows:


-To quote my mate that was down there with me, Johnny Mac, “It may not be paradise, but it is not that far removed from it.” The people there were warm-natured and moved at apace that could only be described as “island time”, where everything just happened at it’s own pace without the need to rush or hurry… And everyone was just fine with that. Our rental was a two story that had it’s own private boat dock off of a salt water inlet, the sun would rise off of the balcony every morning at PRECISELY 0630, which was the perfect alarm clock, and other than a few bumps in the road it really was just a lovely time. The sunsets… were almost a theatrical production, as the bay that we would watch the largest nuclear reaction within an 8,000,000,000 mile radius was offset by a friggin active volcano (Montserrat). I’ll post photos at a later date as I don’t want this post to require mileage markers, but I am suggesting that if any of our dear readers could scrape some time and cash to migrate down there for a week, I guarantee that it will not be a regretful experience. If anything let me know if you are going and you might have a tour guide in tow…


Back to the house with me after fun in the sun, and off to my second home (aside from the condo)… the Tamiami Cigar Bar. I have been in this fantastic cigar, beer and wine bar quite a few times and have never had one instance to where I can say it was not enjoyable. The quality of the wares are something that even Buck might raise an eyebrow to, and both the staff and patrons are something to behold. When KC finally got her bone-chilled derriere down with friend Butch in tow, we ended up spending almost every evening up there with every night being something completely different from the previous. Every night but the one that we spent at…

South Beach:

-Which was a COMPLETE NIGHTMARE. We decided to stay at a hotel that was deceptively titled the “Royal” Palms hotel. If you would like to view a review for this place all it takes is for one to do the thing that I SHOULD have done prior and hit up the various websites that list how HORRIBLE this place truly is, as you would expect the condition of a place in South Beach for fuck’s sake to not look like a flea bag hotel that you rent by the hour. No matter; the restaurant that we went to on Lincoln Blvd. can only be experienced to actually believe how amazing it was, and it recategorized the entire trip from “total waste of time and money” to “everything but the hotel was pretty alright”.

(Spoken in my best Yoda impression) Mixed blessings, this last rotation was.

Now for the…

Quick Commentary:

I come back from this three week hiatus and see that virtually the entire Mid East, to include a ton of North Africa countries, have erupted into pure AWESOME madness. I left work on the cusp of the Egypt thing really getting into gear after Tunisia decided it was time to eliminate the leeches that were squatting at the top of their government and come back to word that even friggin’ Bahrain is kicking off… and this, albeit a chaotic thing, is also a GOOD one. Who knows how the place is going to be restructured after the dust settles, but for once the region has the chance to throw off the oppressive rule of the invading fundamentalist viewpoints, and maybe reset themselves back to the pre-60’s pro-West ideals that they had. Powerful stuff if you ask me.

And then I get thrown into my inbox this Wisconsin farce, where there is to be a vote on the powers of the government unions and their inherent ability to vote themselves raises with a big “damn the masses regarding fiscal responsibility” mentality, and what do the Dems that have a MANDATORY responsibility to both the state AND their constituents decide to do? Run like the little irresponsible bitches that they are. I mean Allen West come out with both six-shooters blazing on these people, doing everything but talking about shagging their various mothers with a steam-driven pile driver, of which they ALL FULLY DESERVE. Almost makes a man snort with utter contempt for these idiots, but hey, gotta let the trash identify itself before you can take it out to the bin, right?

Manly manliness quote of the day:

It is such a critical time for our Republic, yet there seems no visionary leadership — it is as if America stopped producing adults. I have never seen a greater assembly of petulance and sophomoric behavior as what I have witnessed this week on the floor of the House of Representatives.

So on that note I would like to thank KC for keeping the bleg alive whilst I frolicked amongst the clover for awhile (and by clover I mean “sand-laden Eden”) and would like to assure all that I have some interesting times ahead to keep the 3 people that read this vomitorium of opinion and commentary on a regular basis abreast of, so cheers to all, and see you on the next post!

About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

6 Responses to A re-introduction and quick commentary

  1. Buck says:

    A good cigar bar with an impressive array of taps is a wonder unlike any in Western Civilization. A GREAT cigar bar would almost tempt one to emigrate… 🙂

    • ~KC~ says:

      It is worth it.
      Tamiami Cigar Bar.
      Even I… indulged in a few Mama Juana as it paired beautifully with my glasses of Pinot Noir…
      The boys drank several different types of beer but the one that was on constant repeat was Fat Cat.

      I say… emigrate.
      Its worth it.
      I’m considering illegal immigration myself… HA!

  2. Old Iron says:

    I do have to say that Naples really is a pretty neat place to live, even if it has no other industry to speak of except medical and service. Now if I could only find a job there instead of in the Dark Heart of Africa my life would be complete!

    • Buck says:

      A JOB!?! AIIIEEE! The thought hurts me so, Precious! 🙂

      The KEY question here is “could one survive on approximately $35K (US) a year” down that way?” Whilst still indulging ourselves with our daily ration of beer and cigars, of course.

      • Old Iron says:

        Actually it might be possible to do so, I would have to do a feasibility study but it should be do-able.

        Oh Lord, I can’t believe I just said “feasibility study”.

      • Buck says:

        Oh Lord, I can’t believe I just said “feasibility study”.

        Heh. There’s prolly a grant in there. Somewhere.

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