This Man

Have You Seen This Man?

I am home this week
Been put on bed rest because I got hit with the nasty flu where even now my ears are ringing loudly and throat is lined with charred glass.
And I don’t know about you but when I am sick, my dreams are usually… unusual.
Yes, I dream.
And I remember my dreams.
I’d say I remember most of them – maybe like 95% of them.
I’ve also been known to sleep walk but that’s a different subject all together.
Anyhow, I am one of those people who have reoccurring dreams, subjects, people etc…
I also have had on a few occasions where I woke up mid-dream, fell back asleep to resume the dream…
I’ve been killed, hunted, haunted, attacked in dreams…
I’ve had some of the best sex of my life in dreams…
The most intense conversations with the most unusual people.
I have never ever dreamed of this man.
Not once.
However, there seems to be this strange phenomenon where this man (see in the picture above) is appearing in people’s dreams, around the world.
Who is he?
Well there are many theories shared on their website here that I find, well fascinating.
Their goal is simple:

The aim of this website is:
– to help those who have seen this man in their dreams and to foster communication among them;
– to understand who this man is and why he appears in an apparently pattern-less array of situations in the dreams of such diverse human subjects.

I mean he is freakish looking, unsettling me.
When I came across this face and link (via Facebook friend) most said they’ve never seen him before.
But I burst out laughing when one commentator said: I dreamed he got his eyebrows waxed
Seriously bushy brows!
I am curious though… has anyone seen this man in their dreams?
Honestly – he is the last man I want haunting me in my dreams… killing me or even further, sexing me up… eeck!
I will expose a belief that I have: that we all are part of a shared consciousness (not this thing called “God”) and this makes me believe in it further, even if it is shared on a ‘subconscious’ level. To me this phenomenon simple solidifies this belief… in a strange way.
I mean I have heard of people having ‘the same dreams’ or ‘shared dreams’…
I know of being visited in dreams by our deceased loved ones…
So why couldn’t this be true?
I mean seriously though, why couldn’t This Man be better looking though and much less… shall we say … psycho murderer?
All I can say is that this man has left enough of an impact on his dreamers that they all remembered him, vividly.

I know – this posting is a bit on the freakish level… but hey, this blog has no format or content… and it sure beats the whole blame game that has taken over blogosphere…

Any thoughts?
And have you seen Him?


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

5 Responses to This Man

  1. He is the “loan company manager” from the George Segal/Jane Fonda comedy, “Fun With Dick and Jane.” IMDB lists him as Allan Miller, a fine actor who is still among the living, although he doesn’t look like that anymore.

    It’s hilarious. See, he’s a complete scumbag, and he loans a thousand dollars to George + Jane at this criminally high interest rate, and then these thugs break in with shotguns and start ripping the place off. They have everybody down on the ground, and they’re looking for cash…George Segal tries to hide this thousand dollars he just borrowed. One of the thugs sees what’s going on and starts grabbing at the money, and George and Allan start having this argument about who’s losing it, whether the papers have been signed, etc. Finally George Segal tells the hold-up man “could you please clarify who you’re stealing this money from?” Hilarious!

    I’m sticking to this story, by the way, because the sideburns narrow it down to sometime before 1978.

  2. Old Iron says:

    I went to the website while KC was doing research for this one and came away with only a one-word description… ODD.

  3. Buck says:

    Nope, the guy isn’t in my dreams. Then again, I rarely remember my dreams, for better or worse.

  4. Fay says:

    OMG, that’s creepy. And I’m happy to add that I’ve never seen him in my dreams. Think I’ll have an extra glass of wine tonight just to be sure I don’t remember anything in the morning LOL!

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