Uh, Wikileaks? -I hate to say this, but THANKS

When I was in Iraq I was stationed with the Army in the guise of contractor at a massive base outside of Baghdad called Taji. It apparently had been a logistics hub as well as a rocket testing and development location for the Iraqi Army before we “acquired” it for our own purposes. My company’s contract required us to run the day-to-day operations of a regional warehousing system, with around 2500 lines of material in stock at all times… but that is not the truly important part.

The important part is that I am from a town that is renowned for rocket and missile design and testing, the lovely town of Huntsville Alabama (Roll Tide and all that). One of the funnier stories of the area is that a missile was being tested on Redstone Arsenal when it broke from it’s test cradle and launched into the sky, to crash nosecone-first into a local playground. The response to this was not outrage at the potential that missile had of harming kids at play, nor was there panic created in the local neighborhood due to boomy shit just randomly appearing from the sky. The only response was a mother of a child that was to play at the playground calling up Redstone and telling them that it would be really nice if they could come over and remove the ordinance from the playground so her kid could rock and roll on the monkey bars. Basically I am saying that virtually everyone in my adopted home town grew up around rocketry and have a higher than average familiarity with that specific type of ‘splody stuff. Don’t get me started on some of the projects that my parents have participated in, as some of them are really cool (hellfire anyone?) and I would trend to a more rambling prose, but end of the day I knows me some rockets and missiles.

I also know a proper missile testing site when I see one, and Taji was the real deal. There were underground workshops that the military had filled with water in an effort to keep people out and to keep the contents inside until they were ready to investigate them; a building on site was JUST tall enough to house a three stage SCUD standing vertical, and I saw some areas that looked suspiciously like live fire ranges. Added to this was the  random notifications from the military that warned us to be on the lookout for, you know, little things, like RADIOACTIVE sources and the such, and unlabeled CHEMICAL barrels that seemed to be found in quite a few places.

Basically anyone that has done any serious time in Iraq already knew the reason that Bush made the call on going to war with Iraq as we had seen actual PHYSICAL evidence of the justification used. I have been confronted time and time again by liberals attempting to claim that we went to war for nothing, that the justification was false, blah blah BLAH blah blah, even after I try to get in a word edgewise to state that I have physically seen the evidence that there was a solid foundation for it.

Well bitches…. ace card.

While the media have been quick to run with WikiLeaks’ U.S. State Department cable releases to undermine Washington’s efforts to effect stability in unstable parts of the world, it is slow, if not silent, in giving credit where credit is due. Although other credible sources confirmed it before WikiLeaks did, in receiving similar disinterested responses from the media, it should be clear now that President Bush’s concerns about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program were well-founded.

Five years after Joe Wilson’s op-ed claimed no yellowcake was sold to Iraq — the ease with which Saddam could have snapped his fingers and reinstituted his nuclear program became apparent. In July 2008, in an operation kept secret at the time, 37 military air cargo flights shipped more than 500 metric tons of yellowcake — found in Iraq — out of the country for further transport and remediation to Canada (ed. – to KC’s house so that she can see that yellowcake is indeed not an edible cake. I keed…).

If you guys get a chance please read the entire article as it provides the facts behind what I personally thought was occurring. The horrible thing about this whole fiasco is that it took some shitty little website that got their hands on some genuine information decided to release the data.

Why didn’t the ACTUAL media plaster this one on every front page?

Oh, right, that would be counterproductive to their continuing ignorance to the fact that the body public has a memory.


-Odd. The firewall I go through has locked me out of directly accessing this post. The only way that could happen is if someone flagged the URL that pipelines into the post itself. Now I am not one for conspiracy theories, but this… this is just strange.


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2 Responses to Uh, Wikileaks? -I hate to say this, but THANKS

  1. Buck says:

    I still think Assange needs to experience an “unfortunate accident,” like falling out of an eleventh floor window. Or something like that. Nothing too blatant, mind you. Just an accident.

  2. Fred Court says:

    Thank you for this insight . Much appreciated indeed. And of course the liberal media would never want this out. But the truth does emerge, finally.

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