Another Big Night in Canada

… the Russians have something to prove after such a dismal performance at the 2010 Winter Olympics …
Canada stomped Russia 7-3 in the semi finals making for a beautiful, stressful, nerve wrenching game for gold …
But I won’t rehash the win …
We ALL know who took it home …


So the Russians want to save face and they are in a decent position to do so this year with the World Junior Hockey
Canada faces nemesis #1 on ice for Gold… Russia.
We already took out nemesis #2 … USA who faced the Swedes for Bronze but sadly, lost.
We are HUNGRY for it baby!
But its been a dodgy journey towards GOLD with this junior team as our goalies have been, well, not necessarily stellar…
However, we are still in the game – going for the best there is, proving who we are – and fighting hard for it.

I mean seriously: as I type this, its 2-0 Canada at the end of the first … and Canada has definitely invaded Buffalo with nothing but a sea of red and white maples in the crowd … in deafening roars, oozing hockey pride à la Olympic-spirit kind of pride that woke our nation up to its wintery slumber last year …

Someone recently exclaimed: who cares KC? Its only a bunch of high school boys on skates!
OK, well maybe not blasphemy but really – must I really explain it again?
Alright. Obviously I must:
Hockey is an unrecognized but highly accepted Canadian religion that is quickly adopted by even the off-the-boaters and ingrained into the DNA to anyone living North of the American border; much like football is to many an American and soccer “football” is to Europeans.
Its a beautiful game to watch.

(I’m sure my dear American blogger friend meant no harm in his comment/reply back to me after I sucker punched his serene beautiful post with my maple-syrup bleeding gloating pride as we kicked American ass on ice – junior hockey or not)

Personally, I love watching Junior hockey and OHL games – its where the future generation hockey players, pre-NHL super stardom, play. The game of hockey has become faster, quicker, fiercer than ever before, outshining even our very own ‘The-Great-One’ Gretzcky. Its fun to watch these young men develop into the legends they hope to become. Honestly, its just plain ol’ great hockey.

So I will once again, ooze maple syrup pride and sing to the tune of “Rasputin”
… Rah Rah Ca-na-da, hockey’s greatest Win Machine …
and hope to the hockey gods above that we get to keep our Olympic spirit for a wee bit longer … and take home another GOLD.


And here is a little tribute to our great game … with a wonderful commercial with yet another GOLD quality beverage “Crown Royal

Oh and quickly…. just as I complete this blog posting, about to hit publish… Canada scored again… 3-0 not even 2 mins into the second period. Russia has just changed goalies. Oh yeah. I smell GOLD!!!


**9:45pm UPDATE**
Gonna puke.
Did these kids forget they had a third period?
3 Russian goals within 5 minutes to tie the game AND then… taking the lead 3 mins left in the 3rd?
Not giving up though.
The gold was ours to loose.
And now its ours to win.

** 9:53pm **
Well – they wanted it more than we did apparently.
it fucken sucks bad maple syrup…
This the greatest collapse in the history of the World Juniors.
Good on the Russians… their first gold since 2003.
Silver for Canada…
Second year in a row, shamefully beaten in stunning fashion…
Well at least we beat the US …
if we can call that our consolation prize?

I’m disgusted.
Going to bed.


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

2 Responses to Another Big Night in Canada

  1. Buck says:

    Well, second place two years in a row ain’t all THAT bad. 🙂

  2. Buck says:

    Further… I just finished reading Bob Mackenzie at TSN on y’all’s loss last night. His final words have some merit, to with:

    So if you really want to know the truth of what happened last night in Buffalo, it was really no different than the collapse against the Americans in 2004 or the overtime loss to the U.S. last year in Saskatoon, albeit on a far grander scale than anything we’ve ever seen or may see again.

    Yup, that’s hockey, that’s junior hockey.

    And maybe, just maybe, it’s the hockey gods’ way of balancing the scales a touch and sending along a little message, as hockey gods are wont to do sometimes.

    Perhaps something along the lines of, Stay humble, Canada, stay humble.

    Never forget: pride goeth before a fall.

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