Can you have a New Year’s resolution that starts, “More of the same”?

This past year was, to put it bluntly, pretty amazing. Of course there were ups and downs, as no year can pass without the usual positives being pretty equally contrasted with the negative (you have to have a reference to accurately gauge the good, or the true value is lost) but at the end I personally see 2010 ending on a pretty high note, politics aside. Yeah we have a slap-ass in as Our Dear Leader, and there was a shit storm of horrible legislation passed that was directly contrary to what the masses asked of our body politic, but on a personal note the year closed with some pretty amazing things retained and gained.

The Highlights:

KC is still one of the coolest cats that I know. I, against my better judgment and in lieu of the bitter cold I was expecting from being that close to the top of the planet, travelled to the Arctic outpost that is Toronto… And met a clutch of really amazing people that KC has in her life. She of course couldn’t get enough of my place in Florida, seeing as how it is one step removed from paradise, and we tromped all over taking pictures, drinking too much, and basically having a hell of a time. Hell, she even came down to Alabama and met my dysfunctional family and friends and came away unscathed!

-All in all you couldn’t ask for a better friend and compatriot.

I also had the pleasure of spending a ton of time with the spawn of my loins, New Iron. Although this year brought him ever closer to that chaotic and horrible time called “puberty”, he still retained enough of his innate sanity to hit me up in my stomping grounds and generally have a blast. That kid has met and WELL exceeded any and all of my hopes and dreams for him, and for that I am truly TRULY thankful. One fact that still boggles my mind is that he is actually into sports, being pretty talented in both baseball and football, which is something he DEFINITELY did not get from his father… but something that I totally encourage and support. The future seems so bright for that little guy that I have to wear shades around him or be blinded.

-And then there is work. I have a job that I really enjoy, and one that allows me to learn on a daily basis, but that is not the best part. No, the best part is that I am also on my off time allowed to be a part of something that I never knew I could actually pull off as effectively as I apparently do, and that is making tolerable music with a group of guys that I have fast become friends with. Everyone is from all walks of life and multiple countries, but the one unifying thing that we have is our obsession with music and our willingness to put it out there for all to see. It is my zen, and zen is good baby!

Not to forget, there is also… you. Thank you one and all for listening to KC and I go about, talking of nonsense, personal matters, with a light dosing of our contrasting political views. You guys and gals make this blog not a labor but a pleasure, and we enjoy talking with and to you all.

Let’s make this next one a year that continues to surprise and astound us all, and if you will just give us a small amount of your time, we might just help you enjoy it a little better.


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

5 Responses to Can you have a New Year’s resolution that starts, “More of the same”?

  1. ~KC~ says:

    Two peas in a pod, even if we stand on different political sides… and for that, I am eternally grateful.
    You Rock the Casbah in more ways than one.

  2. Buck says:

    You’re blessed in many more ways than one, OI. I’ve had many years in the past where a “do-over,” in the sense of “Hey! Let’s do THAT again!” would have been very desirable, as well. Actually, there were more of those than there were “forgettable” years… of which I can think of only two. Or maybe three. That ain’t bad, either! 😉

  3. Fay says:

    Great post, it has been a pleasure making your aquaintance this year.

    All the best for 2011.

  4. Old Iron says:


    If you are running on an average of that magnitude I can only hope that I can come close to matching it!


    It has been lovely that you have spared some time to read our thoughts, interpretations, and our odd attempts at sideways humor, and trust me, there is going to be more where the past year came from!


    Do I really need to say anything? 😉

    All our fellow bleggers-

    I forgot to mention the BIGGEST thing I need to thank you guys for, and that is allowing me to live vicariously through your participation in societies that are at least marginally more refined than the one that I am in, and helping me to realize that there is a world outside of the Niger Delta. Let’s just say that it helps out ALOT, and I will be continually cruising around your individual necks of the intertubes.

    Cheers one and all!

  5. Qwatcher2 says:

    Very interesting that you consider your family to be disfunctional. Well…thinking more about it, some (most) of them are. Atleast you can’t say we are boring. You know what they say, “Have to love family members, don’t have to like them”. 🙂

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