So Tolerant We’ve Become Intolerant

You know that Christian holiday that almost all Christians celebrate in the month of December?
You know the one that is celebrated around the 25th of December each and every year?
The one I am not allowed to call by name anymore for fear of upsetting the non-Christians AND Christians of the world and being labelled “intolerant?”
The one that countless of songs were written about that fill the airwaves this time of year but we cannot say by name?
The one that has no longer any religious significance worldwide and yet, I still cannot wish you a Merry one?

That one.

What has happened where I can no longer wish someone a Merry Christmas because that has become offensive?
Look – I am FAR from a believer of Christianity and the practices thereof.
Even though I was born and raised in the Christian faith, my personal beliefs have since evolved into a more spiritualistic manner where religion has no identity with me.

But since when has it become politically incorrect and offensive to wish a Christian a Merry Christmas?

People worldwide wish our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah
Muslims are wished a Happy Eid
Buddhists are wished a Happy Bodhi day…
Pagans will be wished a Happy Yule
We wish others a Happy Winter Solstice
And then there is the Happy Kwanza
And the Happy Fesivus
The list literally goes on and on.
No one is offended by such good will wishes.
But we don’t celebrate each and everyone of those holidays.
To wish someone HAPPY HOLIDAYS is… well, lazy and fearful.
As though we don’t want an identity… to be identified or affiliated with any one particular faith while reaping the benefits of the faith you don’t want to be identified with.
Secular, we’ve become… and not for the right reasons.

We are told to become TOLERANT – tolerant of other nationalities and faiths – but what has happened to becoming tolerant of ourselves? Why is it that we cannot wish a Christian a Merry Christmas? Since when has it become… wrong? Have we become so tolerant of others that in turn, we’ve become incredibly intolerant of ourselves?

I find it pathetic and sad that as primarily a Christian country, even our government and MP won’t even send a Christmas card anymore… rather they send a HOLIDAY CARD with no affiliations with their own faith. What have we become? Are we THAT ashamed of Christmas? Shhhhttt… don’t let the world know I am Christian because that means I am intolerant!!!

Look, I don’t believe in the hype of Christmas or its roots… but those are my beliefs.
I don’t shy away from them.
But when I see a Christian… I wish him a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
When I see a Jew… I wish them a Happy Hannukkah
When I see a Muslim… I wish them a Happy Eid
You get the drift…

To become tolerant of others… one must tolerate who we are.
Without it, we are nothing.
And that is apparently, who we’ve become.
So incredibly tolerant that we are now intolerant…
… and incredibly ignorant.

So to all my Christian friends…


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

6 Responses to So Tolerant We’ve Become Intolerant

  1. Buck says:

    And the Happy Fesivus…

    There’s a “T” missing in that sentence. Somewhere.

    “Happy Festivus” irritates me. It’s a made-up holiday introduced on, and popularized by, a freakin’ SITCOM. People who say that sorta thing without their tongue planted firmly in their cheek are major league asshats. There are other irritating seasonal greetings on your list as well, but leave us not flog dead draft animals or appear to be racist.

  2. Fay says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS KC! Great rant, I’m going to link to it on the Table. And I’m also going to steal your poster LOL (so sue me).

    Seriously though, I refuse to say Happy Holidays and if someone says it to me I say Merry Christmas back to them. I’m Jewish and someone wishing me Merry Christmas does not upset or offend me in any way. Why should it?

    And welcome back BTW, I missed you guys.

  3. Old Iron says:

    -And now we have people apologizing on NPR for saying the firebrand word of the decade, “Christmas”. The best response I have to this is what my kid told me many moons ago about this after coming back from public school one day.

    “Dad, I was told to day that we are getting some days off for Christmas, but the teachers are all calling it “Winter Holidays”. Why don’t they call it “Christmas Holidays’ instead? I mean Christmas is IN the days we have off, right?”

    Hopefully this is amongst the first salvos fired by my kid’s generation fighting back against this ridiculous notion of PC speak, and definitely not the last. I hated this shit when I first learned about it and continue to not prescribe to it. Don’t get me started on the first time a State Department employee in the Mid East caught wind that we called the Iraqis that worked for us “hajjis”.

    Good work on this one KC.

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