Enough of that

-And thus ends the sabattical.

Ladies and gents, this last rotation was, as usual, a mixed bag. This time of year tends to bring out the best and worst of us all, to include family and friends, and this time was no different. Since this site is all about getting a leg over comparing and contrasting things, let’s throw the facts of the last Stateside visit in that format.

Yin – No matter what, leaving this accursed continent for fairer shores is always a blessing. Decent food, people that don’t talk in sentences where every single word that ends in a consonant is followed by a “-o” (i.e. yes-o, ok-o, report-o, etc.) and the overall positive attitude that Americans exude is attractive no matter WHAT the season or location within it’s lovely shores. Yes, you ones who have the joy of living continually in the States are blessed.

Yang – What’s this? No natural gas due to some idiot in an excavator not knowing where the main was FOR BOTH FORT MEYERS AND NAPLES?!?!? Lovely, even though I now do not have the ability to shower in hot water or cook anything outside of a microwave, I could go to a restaurant to eat or a hotel to get a nice shower… right? WRONG! -This continued for five days until the repair men finally made it around to our neighborhood and lit us back up, but by this time one of my neighbors actually said that she was tired of bathing “like a thai hooker, with wet naps and lysol”.

I could identify.

So to continue with the theme…

Positive – I had a chance to fly up to the original home base and cool the heels with the spawn of my loins, New Iron.

Exhibit A

Gotta love any kid that thinks that you dress better than him to the point that he decides to steal your clothes so that he can be shown in public. I mean for a thirteen year old the kid is a friggin MONSTER: 5′ 6″ and 158 pounds of the coolest pubescent that I know. Now mind you I am in fact biased, but he has a sense of humor and, albeit a snarky little shit, is all kinds of fun to have around. I am a bit worried about the “change” that he is about to go through, seeing as how puberty is about to rear it’s ugly head and the son might loose his head in the process, but I have faith that he will come through it swimmingly as we all have tried to surround him with love. Proud of that kid, I am.

Step-Up Transformer Positive – KC came to the house for Thanksgiving with us! Talk about a good time: she not only met my father’s side of the family, but due to some impromptu scheduling was able to hit up the Southern one as well! That and the friends were around, so now one and all, family and friends, know that KC is one of the best friends this old soul could have. Fun Fact – KC actually got to meet my ex! Huzzah!

Which is of course followed by…

Ground – Not to go into details but let’s just say that the families, both of them, had pretty identifiable underlying tensions going on whilst we all were there. Not to say that I lead a simple life (I do still work in the dark heart of Africa), but I have in all honesty simplified my doings and goings and in the back field that is my personal life, life could not be better. I have great and dedicated friends, my kid thinks the world of me or is REALLY good at pretending, and even my ex has been… dare I say it… awesome as of late. All of this adds up to a dude that could not be happier about how things are going, until I slam into the wall that is the typical family drama.

Note to self: avoid family holidays as if Satan himself was waiting at the parent’s house with a barbed strap-on while holding a sign that says “Old Iron is so cute when he screams while being prison raped”.

Negative Grounding – When I finally got to the house again in Naples, there was a tidy little blue note attached to my front door. Guess what had been shut off again due to a leaky meter?

So there it is folks, the good and the bad. Could have been much better, could have been light years worse, but I think that I’ll label this experience a mixed bag for now.

Hope the next one is better.


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

4 Responses to Enough of that

  1. ~KC~ says:

    No words.
    Just thanks.

  2. Buck says:

    Well. Catching up was fun! I’d quit coming around coz you guys had quit doin’ the write thing… and now here you are: back at it.

    Welcome back.

    • ~KC~ says:

      I don’t think either one of us can QUIT completely… but our plates have been far to full the last little while.
      Trying out this whole balancing act thing … and hopefully it will mean more blog postings!

      Let’s call it a short hiatus… but definitely NOT quitting!

    • Old Iron says:

      We never leave off for TOO long; we tend to go on a slight hiatus while I am off of work. Trust me Buck, more to come for the next five weeks.

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