…And now for something completely different

So from what I hear it be that electioneering time in the States again, with the “great unwashed middle” of America coming out in droves to voice their political opinion about the current administration, and pretty much every posting that I have read on the matter, both right and left, has said that this is a landslide year for the conservatives of the country. Of course this was going to happen; what did one expect when most of the group in power’s agenda has been basically to ignore the people that put them in power and ram down policy after policy that countermanded the immediate need to deal with the bull in the china shop, the tanked economy? I mean when even the most minuscule outlets are showing the true unemployment numbers at WELL beyond the rates reported one would think that hey, maybe we need to stop playing with our toys for a minute (Obamacare, bailout of the banks, yet ANOTHER bailout, money thrown around like confetti for bullshit signs that say “Look! We are working to get you there!” -without any empirical proof, etc.) and actually show even a token effort to address an issue that is immediate to their supporters. I dunno, cool and all that if you break your arm you can get it attended to for free (or is it?), but not cool when you have to go back to a forclosed home and a dinner table that has nothing but dust on it as you can’t afford food.

Alright, enough of the slight annoyance to the current administration. I do have this gem for you guys:

Previously, I have argued that Mr Obama’s biggest mistake was to worry more about consoling morbidly dissatisfied Democrats than about keeping the centrists who voted for him in 2008 on side. Campaigning ahead of the midterms, he made it clearer than before that this was his priority. Every speech, every appearance, every meet and greet, leaned the same way.

His message to the centre has been: “You say you are worried about the country’s direction? Well, I know you have been under stress. Let’s talk again when I have finished discussing strategy with these public-sector unions, liberal commentators, left-leaning television personalities and progressive bloggers.”

Ha! The article I referenced was a gem to read and I would suggest going to it and giving it a quick read.

On a personal note:

Time is coming to a close again here on site and I am ready. Nine weeks in the Dark Continent is a bit of a long time, but a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do when it comes to income. The rotation was not that bad this time due to a modification of the mindset and it seems that I actually output some pretty good product. We still have the whole “this job is not funded and we are shutting it down TOMORROW” -thing going on, but that is every day around here when you are on a project of this size. All in all life is pretty good.

So on that note, you guys take care out there. I’ll see some of you in about a week.


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

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