Bad Blogger’s Sweet Sweet Revenge

Old Iron has been giving me a really hard time about not blogging … as I once did.
The reality is… I don’t have much to say these days.
I know, me – with nothing to say – what has the world come to????
LOL.. I just don’t have a whole lot I want to talk about and life has been rather hectic since my return to SW Ontario.
So after a pretty severe brow beating, I promised Old Iron I would post SOMETHING… anything…

Antique Tractor

And all I can come up with are recent photos that I took at the famous St. Jacobs Farmers Market, in St. Jacobs, Ontario.
This market is practically in my ‘backyard’ and so I like to go, especially this time of year, when fresh local produce is in abundance.
This is a predominantly Mennonite market where most of it is… well, organic, in its truest form.
I am not one for large crowds, sardined and cattled along – which is exactly what that’s like on any given Saturday morning.  I try to go as late as possible but still – it takes every ounce of self-control for me to not physically beat the living shit out of the umteenth person who’s stepped on my toes and/or bumped into me without apology or consideration as they bee-line it for the bratwurst sausage/hot dog lines.

Beans, Beans and more Beans...

I love markets but not like this.
Also… I’ve quickly learned … about photography – you don’t take pictures of people, especially of children at play.
You tend to get threatened.
And you get the odd looks from people when you stop to take pictures of produce.
It’s rather rude to take pictures of the Amish people without their permissions so I haven’t done so yet.
But its really kind of cool to watch them ‘test-ride’ the horses and livestock up for auction, as we would test drive a car.
Perhaps the oddest of it all is watching them sit, discuss the horses or livestock being auctioned, but turn around and use a cellphone.  I was under the impression … they shunned all forms of modern technology… huh.

...'shrooms... of all kinds...

Its a rather impressive market honestly and the food is amazing… the line ups alone for the fresh homemade apple fritters are usually two city blocks long… and I find out for why the crowds gather and wait the wait.  OMG… they are delish.  But alas, no pictures of them. Yet.  But let me reassure you of one thing – they are given to you still pipping hot – they don’t have time to cool down before there is an exchange of cash for this culinary gold.
And yes… it goes straight to your ass…
As it tickles your tastes buds…
Oh so worth it.

So this is my favorite time of year… I become lil Ms. Betty Crocker… cooking, baking (which is my least favorite thing to do… is bake) and jarring, canning, pickling… yes… I’ve been doing it all.
So forgive my silence on the many important worldly issues.
I honestly couldn’t give a rats ass right now about elections or of any other on-goings in the world.
I need a break from all that.
At some point … it will all come back with raging force and my writers block will be lifted..
But until then… enjoy the pictures…

Oh and just because Old Iron gave me a hard time … I made sure that practically every picture posted here …
Was all about REAL food…
The kind that torments the man in Nigeria… who reaches in thru Skype to give me a hard time…
Well I can torment you too Mister!!
Consider yourself lucky I didn’t post pictures of my homemade cabbage rolls, tomato sauces and the many freshly made pumpkin pies/breads… or of the pork tenderloin roasts, roasted chicken and perogies, you ought to consider yourself very lucky Mr. Iron …

... Produce Gallour...


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7 Responses to Bad Blogger’s Sweet Sweet Revenge

  1. Old Iron says:

    -As I eat my microwaved noodles for breakfast and read this post, I have to say NOT FAIR KC!!!

    Heh heh.

  2. Thanks for the pics, that was awesome

  3. Buck says:

    …you don’t take pictures of people, especially of children at play. You tend to get threatened.

    It wasn’t always so. I think this is one of the biggest changes in our modern life I hate. Kids are such natural photography subjects with their wondrous expressions. But I won’t photograph them any longer. More’s the pity.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Ugh I know Buck. Luckily, I do prefer to take pictures of objects rather than people. Much safer that way unless I am specifically requested to photograph children, as I have done in the past. I am just not so keen to do it anymore… at least not without permission.

      • t i m says:

        i work at a school where we can put pictures of our students on the school website & not their names or vice versa but never the same together, them’s the rules

        this rule however doesn’t seem to apply to local newspapers who also photograph our kids every once in a while to include in their publication, its a minefield i tells u, luckily its not my job, i just enforce the rules from above, call me the enforcer. great pics by the way 🙂

      • ~KC~ says:

        Thank you Tim-eee!

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