What are they going to do?

-Wonder what the national media is going to do when they literally cannot get any more fodder for their machine to mulch?

I would like to open with this excellent piece from Gatewaypundit concerning the utilization of known media outlets to get conservative politician’s word out:

Good. Republican candidates are getting smart and avoiding the state-run media.
And, the state-run media can’t stand it.

Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle and Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul are taking some good advise from confidants and staying clear of the democratic-media complex. These outlets have noticed and are upset that Republican candidates won’t let them smear and slander them like they did the tea party movement.

I suggest going to the link and reading the quoted article by WaPo lib Howard Kurtz as it is a real howler of a complaint, stating that basically due to the politician’s inexperience in the current media environment they are drifting only to the outlets that are deemed friendly to their causes and not to the outlets that, and I quote,

” …Both seem to think the media’s primary role should be to help them — raise money, carry a message — rather than hold them accountable.

-Time to dust off the consumerist’s approach to this pseudo-quandary that the afore-mentioned liberal columnist sees.

I am a consumer, as are we all, be it either physical products (like that really awesome looking hot rod modded golf cart that I saw on ebay) or of services, for which this category applies to the “issue” at hand. If I have a service that is required, such as using a tax service or the such, I trade my cash for the ability to sleep at night without having the IRS kick in my door to demand my cash. In this case the service that is being sought is one of publicity, of getting the word out about the two Senate candidate’s campaigns. This process is still one of give and take, of a perceived trade of one service for another, but the two types of media (conservative, mainstream) ask for different things.

The conservative outlets that the two Senators-to-be are seeking out are ones that are friendly to their positions and possess an audience that is also receptive to the message that the two bring with them, and thus are a direct compliment to each other. The currency required from the radio station and other news outlets that share their views is that the audience, being receptive to the messages being broadcast, continue with the consumption of the complimentary product. Makes sense to me as this is a mutually-beneficial relationship. Candidate gets their message out, media outlet feeds its clientele the product that they expect: win-win in my book.
The OTHER outlets that the two candidates are choosing to avoid are, by the letter of the article quoted, not in a complimentary mode but one of aggressive confrontation with a potential hostile environment as the back drop. The responses to the “hold them accountable” lines of thought would be one that is guarded and gun-shy and the audience of said message now becomes one that is seeking somewhat more than what the interviewees are obviously willing to give up.

So here I am again, the consumer, and bottom line… Do I want a product that compliments or one that challenges? Do I wish to commit to something that will assist me along the way or one that does nothing but tests both my resolve and myself personally? I cheer the two candidates for what they are doing, as it highlights EXACTLY the reason that the previous incarnation of the National media is going the way of the pet rock; we just don’t want to buy your product anymore, and thanks to the New Media and its variety and vastness… we don’t have to.


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2 Responses to What are they going to do?

  1. the media as a service, and the candidates as customers? oh my, that notion would offend their educated sensibilities. snicker

  2. Old Iron says:

    That it would, but at the end of the day the media (in any of its chimeric forms) would not exist without someone to consume it, with the ones that actually MAKE the news cycle being the first line in this process. I mean these people actually have the choice to use certain outlets that are friendly to their message and disregard the rest that are hostile… and I think it is well and proper for them to do so, as most that are subjects of the legacy media (natural disaster victims, convicts, TOP SECRET FACILITIES, etc.) never get that option.

    Cheers to them.

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