A Little Too Much…

AP Photo/Globe Gazette, Deb Nicklay

Know your audience people… come on now.
I am not a fan of Obama nor Socialism.

But I wouldn’t go as far as comparing Obama’s ‘socio-democratic’ views to those of Hitler, nor Valdamir Lenin.
I think the North Iowa Tea-Party had a shot too many of Gin or Vodka with their tea when they came up with that billboard campaign message.
That’s just wrong.
Almost immoral.
And very much slanderous.
Their message of ‘anti-socialism’ is clearly lost when you put up such strong and negative images of the likes of Hitler and Lenin. Mostly Hitler. Right off the bat, you loose anyone – regardless of the intended message – who they themselves or family members lived thru the Holocaust, and not just the Jewish population. There were others too.
Obama is a twit.
We all know it.
But this… well, yeah.
Tea-Party – lay off the ginny juice and start making sense!

Yes.  ‘Freedom of Speech’ blah blah blah…
But what blantant waste of money and ill-thought out campaign.
Again – know your audience.
You want to make a difference.
Setup billboards that say:


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10 Responses to A Little Too Much…

  1. Cdn_Relic says:

    the sign has already been removed

  2. Hmm, I don’t know. If you’re criticizing the public relations aspect of it, I find your point to be solid, even undeniable.

    But if we are to tune out any criticism that arrives as any kind of a great shock, we accept only those corrections to our course that are “okay” with us; just the ones for which we are prepared. Ultimately, just the ones that are ineffectual. We become ready to hear that we need to veer right or left a tiny bit, but we close our eyes to whoever says we’re sailing headlong in the wrong direction — even when that may very well be the case.

    The message I’m picking up from the billboard is that socialism has a terribly ugly ancestry. I find the imagery to be unnecessary. Hiding it would be politically wise. But honest? No. And what of the message itself, is it wrong? No. It’s overdue, actually. Socialism is beginning to enjoy a resurgence.

    That’s a crisis.

    It should be just as unpopular as white supremacy and it should stay that way. Bury it deep in the ground out in the middle of nowhere, and pour cement over the top. Disgrace any public figure who has ever been receptive to it and ostracize them permanently. And write lots of books, so future generations will know why they shouldn’t ever try it again.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Public relations NIGHTMARE is an understatement! Clearly this campaign was NOT thought out nor understood. I simply state: know your audience. Understand human nature. To be highly effective – its not about NOT rocking the boat, which is what the Tea-Party is all about – but its about doing it in a fashion that isn’t hurtful and arrogant and ignorant.

      • Well, we part company on the “ignorant” thing. Unless you’re using the word to describe the incredible tone-deafness, then I’ll agree with it.

        Here’s an interesting thought exercise. Suppose it was the CPUSA that was gradually becoming more popular. And the billboard just compared their latest ascendant nominee to Josef Stalin. The shock value would be equal to the billboard that is the subject of this post. But of course in that situation it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to talk about losing an audience, because the message would be one of A=A. Whoever isn’t ready to see the similarity, is never gonna be ready to see it, so what audience is lost?

        Now how would that situation be different from this one? Is it the German dictator’s image that turns everything around?

  3. ~KC~ says:

    …you’re using the word to describe the incredible tone-deafness…
    I am.

    Using the image of Hitler and Lenin along with Obama – while I do get what they are attempting to do (the message that socialism=EVIL), will be lost on many many people. Because while Obama is a boob – he’s not evil… not even to the same extent that Hitler ever was. So people will immediately tune out the message and concentrate on the image. It IS the image of Hitler that blocks the message – making their campaign again, ill thoughtout and highly ineffective.

    You want to get the message out? Show them how his policies are comparable to former socialist governments. But don’t put him on the same podium. Comparable – yes. Same – no. Show implications but not the face of evil. Because while many don’t want the twit to stay in office – they will (and have) reject the new message the poster is projecting rather than the underlying message that they intended to project. And then – they will have lost. Period.

  4. Well, I agree with you about the effect. Pictures are powerful things.

    But it would be nice to see a slowdown, or a reversal, of this little trap into which we’ve managed to work ourselves. Since the beginning of last year there has been a Tea Party movement and the progressive movement doesn’t seem to have allowed ANY opportunities to slip by to compare it to the KKK.

    Now, you take this billboard, just block out the pictures and concentrate on the lettering on the top row. The point this billboard seeks to make, is absolutely accurate. There is national socialism, there is world-government socialism — it’s all the same stuff.

    Meanwhile, the slander about the tea party movement being racist, and that’s some *real* slander for you, just continues on like a drumbeat. There is no outrage. I know of no billboards being taken down.

    I might as well come out with the question, we both seem to be circling it…

    How come the left seems to possess an exclusive license to compare its opposition to notorious historical figures?

    When there isn’t a shred of truth to it, they seem to get away with a lot more than their counterparts do, when there IS some truth to what they’re saying.

  5. Shoot, we don’t even have to write any new books. Just make sure the next generation reads the ones already around: Liberal Fascism, The Forgotten Man, Road to Serfdom, Free to Choose, anything from Sowell, etc.

    Yeah I cringed too when I saw the billboard, b/c I know those blokes on either side of the Prez caused the slaughter of millions, and Prez hasn’t done that. So it seems to many unfair to lump him in. (Now, GWB is fair game, mind you, lol)

    But the truth is, skip the whole genocide part, and those three gentlemen’s policies are strikingly similar. Big Brother is Big Brother, whether it’s the jack-booted or the softer sort. Obama may not be the next Hitler, but. The precedents he sets may very well open the door for the next Hitler to walk in, and set up shop.

    cheers mate

  6. Old Iron says:

    End of the day the billboard did EXACTLY what it was supposed to,and that is to garner media attention and put itself in front of as many people as possible. It may be seen as being in poor taste, but so was burning effigies of GW Bush and that was given no more air time than the rescue of a kitten on local news.

    Cheers to the perpetrator of this event.

  7. Cdn_Relic says:

    I have to say, Old Iron, I agree with your last comment, Whatever it takes to wake up the American People to what’s happening to them, overtly now, not even behind their backs anymore, then do it, Wake up America!!!

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