Pull-Up a Chair … Take a Load Off

Steam Whistler Pilsner

I’m gonna lighten things up a bit here.
We’ve had a few pretty intense posts and I think its time for a breather.
‘Nuff with the intense heart to heart talks, the political garbage that crosses international borders – and time to lighten it up with …

… a Canadiana style breather that is…  a frothy glass of  Steam Whistle Premium Pilsner.

A cold, crisp, clean light beer – but don’t be mistaken – it sure pulls a punch or two!
Don’t let that light golden colour fool you… on a hot summer day, a few of those under your belt & you’ll be running off the peer butt naaaakiiid for the lake yelling ‘SSPPPAARRTA‘ or something like it.
I won’t admit to doing that or anything, just sayin’ it COULD very easily happen…
Oh and they do delivery to your front door, didja know?!
Only if you live in the Toronto, Ontario – Canada region.
But still.
They deliver to your front door!
The whole 30 mins pizza-style delivery or it’s free does not apply!!!

Canadiana in a Bottle

If yer in a hurry though… just hit up the Beer Store.  In Canada that is.
If I remember correctly from the tour of the brewery, they don’t deliver to the States.
In fact, they don’t deliver to every province in Canada either.
Which is probably why I’ve only recently discovered them when I moved back to Ontario…
But discovered them, I have!

It’s a great German Pilsner made in Canada… with 3 simple ingredients and no preservatives – so you know its good, crisp, clean tasting beer – just how I like it.
My cousin introduced me to the beer by sheer accident, greatly apologetic at the fact that it was the only beer left at the cottage – next to her few remaining Labatt’s – her beer of choice. I’ve been a fan of it since!

I mean for me to keep beer in my fridge at home for the pure and simple joy of DRINKING it- and not because I may or may not have guests coming over or I need some for a recipe or another – you KNOW its good!

OH … and better yet – its not a twist-off cap.
You need a REAL bottle opener for this beer.
Hey what can I say, its the simple things like that, that I like.

I lucked out when being a tourist in T-dot over the long weekend when I stumbled upon the Steam Whistle Brewery, located just across the street from the infamous CN Tower and Rogers Centre.  It’s located in a pretty cool building – the old AND haunted (yes. I said. haunted) Union Station Roundhouse.  It’s a really cool building – the history behind it and the best was getting to sample the beer!  Thus the pictures you see here that I took (yes, these are all my own pictures).

So I say… pull-up a chair, put yer feet up, and crack open a cold one… for it’s most definitely time for a breather… the only rule is: no drama. no intensity. no politics. just fun, light-hearted, laughter filled conversation. and a couple of brewskies.
oh and yer yeah, clothing is optional… but do so at your own risk!!!

Views of Lake Haliburton, Ontario mid-May ... where the black and/or deer flies will take a chunk outta yer drunk ass if not hidden behind one of these fine nets!


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

3 Responses to Pull-Up a Chair … Take a Load Off

  1. Buck says:

    Beer-blogging: finest kind. You hit my sweet spot with this one, KC. I was quite near Canuckistan Thursday and Friday, being in Niagara Falls, NY. But I didn’t cross over… too time-constrained. 😦

    • ~KC~ says:

      YES! I had you in mind the entire time I was writing this post, Buck!
      The only thing missing was a Habanos Cuban hand rolled, long filler cigar to go along with this post, and you’d be in heaven!!

      Sorry you didn’t hit Canadian soil! You would like it here… we REAL nice and we have GREAT beer!!!

      • Buck says:

        You would like it here…

        Well, yeah! I useta do Windsor quite a lot while living in Dee-troit and TO occasionally when I lived in Western NY. But there just wasn’t time on this trip. We were sorta preoccupied with other stuff. 🙂

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