Vuvuzela à la Obama

Poke me with a fork and roll me over… (and no, not a pitch fork as much as a FEW people out there want too…)
When ‘fooooootbawl‘ is off the airwaves and the vuvuzelas are done.
Talk about boring!

I don’t get how such a sport can induce the kind of violence seen at events in the past… it truly is beyond my comprehension.
And what the hell are those vuvuzelas about anyways? Talk about annoying!
I mean seriously – such boorish fan behaviour is acceptable in this sport? Why?
Is there no fan etiquette in the sport of ‘foooootbawl‘? I mean there’s some in CURLING for criss-sake! CURLING!!!
Decorum people! Show some!

I just don’t get the sport of soccer. I get that its an international sport. But make the field about 75% smaller, put in a few more rules to complicate matters and perhaps I might find it interesting. 
Put the players in hot pink booty shorts and I’d be watching every match from here till death does me part.
OK. Probably not. Well – just not. Not probably. Just not.

So in light of a the continued annoyances of the vuvuzelas and Obama’s spectacular handling of the Gulf oil spill… I give you these to giggle over and comment on… Enjoy! 


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9 Responses to Vuvuzela à la Obama

  1. When my blog bud KC has the same opinion about something as Neal Boortz, it’s time for everyone else to stop what they’re doing and listen up. Must be something going on with whatever it is, or those two wouldn’t be agreeing about it.

    I’ve often had the same thoughts about soccer, thanks for putting them into words. The score changes only incrementally and very, very rarely. How do you get a riot out of a sport like that?

    • ~KC~ says:

      HA!! I just went over there… interesting format they have at that blog! Not just Americans who don’t care about Soccer (oops – Football) – it’s Canadians too!

      The violence seen at these games was simplified to me this way: you have a whole lot of time to drink copious amounts of alcohol, allowing your sense of, usually unjustified but that’s debatable, national pride to drunkenly reveal itself in the form of fists flying and rabid animalistic behaviours such as biting, pushing, kicking, scratching, screetching, baring of teeth … etc.

      Soccer is very much a civilized sport, isn’t it!??

    • ~KC~ says:

      I also think the North American term for ‘football’ of SOCCER is much more appropriate.

      SOCK-‘ER good… is its true meaning.
      Explains much of the violence, doesn’t it?!

  2. Buck says:

    Heh. I can watch curling. I ENJOY curling. I can’t say the same for soccer. And “vuvuzela”… the most unwelcome addition to my vocabulary in frickin’ YEARS.

    • ~KC~ says:

      I know. I mean curling can be pretty boring to watch – but at least there is SOME action AND there is an etiquette to both curling AND spectator.

      Not much can be said about SOCCER!!!

  3. I agree with Buck. I enjoy the strategy involved in curling and yes, there is some action.

    Soccer is just booorring. Back and forth, final score 1-0. Big deal.

    But – they do have David Beckham and he’s quite scrummy. But not enough for me to watch. (And yes I know he’s not playing in the World Cup.)

    • ~KC~ says:

      But – they do have David Beckham and he’s quite scrummy. But not enough for me to watch. (And yes I know he’s not playing in the World Cup.)

      You know more than I do!!!
      You mention soccer and my eyes glaze over.

  4. ~KC~ says:

    You know… I do like watching little kids play soccer – its adorable and cute. Just not on TV and most certainly wouldn’t pay to go see it live.

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