Symptoms of a larger Malady

The day began with it’s usual mediocrity; by 0600 the french press came out for coffee, emails were checked and quickly either deleted or ignored, conversations were had with co-workers about the lack of anything new occurring the previous night, and the morning chat began with KC. A clutch of jokingly bathed ( jokingly, i.e. “HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You actually say you TOOK a bath?!?!”) Nigerians decided that they had vastly critical questions that had to be answered at o-dark-30, which caused my office mate and I spent the next 5 minutes circling around our tiny little office afterwards with the air spray, attempting to purge a scent that can best be described as dumpster juice fermented in a dead warthog’s bowels but this, as has been said in the past…. is just another day in the Delta.

-Then the whopper hit. Apparently we have a person here in the offices that is jokey-ing for influence and authority, or what we call “stroke”, and is attempting to use all the politicking and manipulation that they can use to get it.

Interpretation: American office politics has decided to rear its useless fucking head out here.

I would prefer to not to name the PARTICULAR sex of this individual (*cough cough WOMAN COUGH cough*) but suffice it to say that this person has been with the company for quite a few years at the home office but has never worked an overseas job. This means that said person’s office style / personality was created in a total vacuum of one company’s office environment, and has never been exposed to either different office environments within the states, and DEFINITELY has no clue about how the dynamics change when you introduce an office environment to a compromised one such as the one out here. Basically she has learned everything in a bubble, and this is real world out here.

What do I mean real world? -We don’t have time to pursue HR complaints against someone if we think that the looked at us the wrong way or said a sideways comment that might be misconstrued as sexually overt; no, we are too worried about having our convoys ambushed that is carrying our site fuel and food up. We could give two golden fucks if the tea service doesn’t have artificial sweetener on it as you are trying to watch your weight, we are just glad that we have electricity to run the damned kettle that heats the water.

-We just don’t have time for stupid shit like that… but like I said in the title, it is a symptom of a larger malady.

That malady? – Its like the fucking planet has lost this concept of the practical, of the real world, of the fact that there is something that exists outside of that little terrarium that people have grown, lived and loved in, and that something tends to be pretty aggressive and painful, but literal in how it acts.

That little encapsulated environment has people that have forgotten what is outside of that bubble and are too wrapped up paying attention to the most tedious of shit to realize that yeah, you may now have this wonderful new position and lovely corner office, but you forgot that someone outside of the building has cut the power, stolen all of the food out of the cafeteria,  and ran off with your car that was in the parking lot while locking you in and setting fire to the building.

Good for you bud.


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

3 Responses to Symptoms of a larger Malady

  1. Buck says:

    Wow. My condolences, OI. Office politics suck in all circumstances but especially in situations like yours. I hope your co-worker gets it together. Otherwise… this could end badly (see: “Murphy was an optimist”).

  2. Old Iron says:

    The real problem that I have is the complete lack of perspective. You can diddle around with hypersensitivity in the workplace, but only in an environment that will support it… AND THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. Do you discuss the lack of arch support in military boots while in the middle of a firefight? Does one discuss the cheapness of the paper that a ransom note is printed on? I may be quoting some pretty extreme instances here, but dear G*d at what time is the petty shit just ignored and the core issue addressed?

    -Sorry Buck, this kind of crap frustrates me to no end.

  3. Gordon says:

    The sad thing is, she’s probably so good at the office politics back home that you don’t dare cross her, because she’s secretly reporting to those who decide your fate.

    Alternatively, they hate her guts so much that they were grateful to be able to foist her off on you guys.

    Either way, good luck.

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