And may the power of God SMITE THEE!!! (-For letting me go)

Double posting Monday!

-I just couldn’t let this one go, it is just waaaaay to amazing. The back story: there was an inspector that was on site recently that lied about his qualifications and was let go due to said misrepresentation of facts. He then decided that it was his right as a slighted employee to publish his evaluation of the events that occurred and email it to the friggin world. Anyone that has worked at a large company can identify with the mass emailing that angry employees participate in to air their grievences.

-This made us laugh so hard that I had to share it. Names have been modified to protect my co-workers.


Just have a look of my previous handover report dated 02/02/2010 and criticize if any. Retrieve all my reports saved in CNL share drive and read between the lines.

I have acquired wealth of experience in the oil industry, what happened was as a result of conspiracy, prejudice, hatred, racism, oppression, victimization and wickedness simply because SKELETON is in their cupboard. “If GOD be for me, no man can be against me.”No mortal man can stop me; I am more than conqueror and over comer in this life.

My supervisors, Ian , Stephen , Gadd and Ron were all surprised by what Jim did by listening to allegations which were unfounded. Falsehood can be covered temporarily truth must surely be unveiled. I was the only QA/QC piping inspector who climbed the highest elevation (Super heater) and raised 8 defective items duly documented in CNL Daily Site Surveillance report.

My relationship with Jim was a cordial one, I kept doing my work with devotion, taking site work progress photos, disseminating weekly reports as and when due. No query, no warning letter (verbal or written) yet my appointment were terminated by David, having acted on Jim instruction. He claimed I did not meet up with their speed, not relating with people and incompetence. All these are lying vanities from the pit of hell. Before I proceeded for time off, Jim demanded to know if I had certification, I never know that it was a fault finding question. How many of his inspectors have (CSWIP)? Some inspectors reports are nothing to write home about and erroneous at all-time. I have documentary evidence to substantiate or buttress my claim; he allowed them to stay simply because they are his boys (stooges in carrying out his nefarious activities) GOD said “Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm” And when God opens a door no man can shut that door. This Devine injunction is completely broken by Jim and his cohorts. When an allegation is leveled, it is advisable to make inquires with a view to finding the truth rather than swallowing it hook, line and sinker. The word of God said, you should not oppress others when power is in your hands. You have done your heart desire ever since but remember that the eye of the Almighty is watching you from heaven, this EYE ruleth in all the affairs of men and will judge everyman according to his works/deeds. And he is capable of ceasing your breath when you least expected. “Do unto others as you want men to do unto you”.

This wrongful termination of my appointment is likened as MURDER before God’s sight and the blood of this act will be crying for vengeance from the ground unto God’s ears daily (That is the divine implication) God said, “Take heed and beware of covetousness for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses”. Luke 12 verse 15. And what shall it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul or what will a man give in exchange to his own soul”. Mathew 16 verse 26. In the book of Hebrew 9 verse 27 “And it is appointed unto men once to die after this the judgment”.

This act has brought you to the threshing floor of the Lord Almighty. If you do not repent, you perish. Receive the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior before it is too late, no repentance in the grave. Jesus is lord Romans 3 verse 23, 6 verse 23.

Even the inspectors who went to Jim to inquire why such erratic decision was taken? No answer was given hitherto. The site daily QA/QC report RFI Log No.RFI-1263-S-113 dated 17ThDecember 2009, closed by me was as a result of compromise reached between Dave, Ian and David.The name of Engineering Representative Edmond was mentioned prior to closing such document but without any string attached to it.(Ulterior motive)

Remember, Nemesis/ Law of Retributive justice must definitely fight this cause. It will be the LAST straw that will break the camel’s back. When such abnormal decisions are taken, the Lord’s name will be highly magnified to show his power, greatness, supremacy and sovereignty towards all men.

Finally, why is my one month SALARY in lieu which is my entitlement not paid “A laborer is worthy of his wages”.

Attached in this write up, my handover report and CV, showing all the projects I have successfully executed.


QA/QC piping inspector/ mechanical

It just doesn’t get any better than this.


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5 Responses to And may the power of God SMITE THEE!!! (-For letting me go)

  1. ~KC~ says:

    … sounds like Nigerian scam letters I get all the time… as God is my witness/the Lord is my saviour/received by the Lord… blah blah blah. What the hell does God have to do with his/her lying ass getting fired?? This s funy!!!

    Quick Old Iron – help this person! He/she is annointed in the Lord afterall!!!! And you don’t want to be a participant to murder afterall?!

    On a serious note though, this sounds like a threat. Just be cautious.

  2. Buck says:

    Well, all is usually well when God is on your side. But I think your former co-worker might have read the tea leaves wrong in this case. Thanks for sharing this… you’re right: “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”


  3. alison says:

    “lying vanities from the pit of hell”

    I’m using that on my next conference call

    He certainly was having a Pulp Fiction moment. I hope everyone survived?

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  5. Old Iron says:

    This kind of DOES sound like a threat, but take my word on this nothing will happen as this is just about stereotypical of how these guys communicate while angry. You should hear them at church; if you remove all of the “God willing” “Praise be” and “Hallalujah”-s from their sermons there would be nothing left.

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