… discovering the best of what’s next

Italy, Canada, England and smokin' Cuba in Naples, FL

So life back in Vancouver after a week of ‘around-the-world‘ libations with Old Iron in Florida is… well, it simply is.  Although my babies Pebbles and Chandler are beyond purrific that I am home after leaving them alone for a little less than a week, I am doing everything I can to not go stir crazy and hit that ugly desperate stage of being unemployed.

I got the news yesterday that in spite of being one of two selected ‘finalists’ for a great employment opportunity back in Ontario… I wasn’t chosen.  Well, HR really wanted me in the position but the manager chose the other candidate who had more international contracting experience than I had. and while I understand the decision, it still sort of took the wind out of my sails, in spite of the fact that my womanly intuition already knew I wasn’t getting the job, my ego wanted it: badly.  What this has done however is made me realize just how much I want to get out of Vancouver.  This city, the mentality, the politics, the people, the despair, the poverty, the amount of mental illness, the strange ethics and standards to which they work at… has had me reeling since I got here.  The other thing to is as a Contract Administrator, there seems to be lacking in opportunities here in BC but is in booming abundance in other parts of the country.  I get headhunters emailing/calling on a fairly regular basis for everywhere BUT Vancouver – so it does appear as though it is fated:  I am leaving the province.  I guess it helps that while it’s been an interesting ride, I am really READY to leave this place.   I came.  I conquered.  I live to tell the tale.  NEXT!!!!

Room with an Ocean View

So right now… I am living on distractions.  Old Iron was a fabulous distraction and a most incredible host and insanely crazy generous friend.  We took a side trip to South Beach Miami, where he put us up at the beautiful The Palms Hotel & Spa, with an ocean-view room and we drank copious amounts of Mojitos and a real Cuba Libres  (with both Gin & White Rum) and indulged in a Swedish massage at the Aveda Spa that included a steam room like no other steam room I’ve ever been in!  We both concluded that in spite of the luxurious surroundings we found ourselves in, the place itself is full of pretentious and oddly tackily styled people & store fronts.  I very much wanted to do the whole Art Deco scene as it is this very amateurish photogs dream… but time eluded us.  We’ve both concluded that South Beach doesn’t warrant a whole weekend and considering its pretty much around the corner, it will be a one day trip.  We spent St. Patty’s day with blue haired snow birds from around the world watching them dance the afternoon away while enjoying this wonderful drink called “The Nutty Irishman.”  It was a GREAT afternoon that made me smile.  And fate intervened allowing me to spend on extra night in Naples with yet another plane malfunction (something about a hydraulic leak… but I didn’t pay too much attention) as the Fort Myers Airport seems to have each time I go thru it.  It was perfect for me since I really didn’t want to

A Nutty Irishman Indeed

leave and had looked into extending my trip but I couldn’t justify the costs.  We spent that extra night drinking more Irish drinks, taking turns mixing while eating wings and watching movies until we passed out.  I must admit, it was a fabulous time in spite of my bugging the living shit out of Old Iron with all my ‘worst case scenarios‘ and him putting up with both internal and external attacks on my physique and robust appearance.  He was a hero… and for that I am eternally grateful (and I already know he’ll try to downplay the importance or the role he played in keeping me grounded).

So now that I am back on Canadian soil … and Old Iron heads back to Nigeria, I have successfully managed to keep me preoccupied with many distractions.  In between fielding various interest from headhunters for mediocre positions and setting up a job interview with a local company that I am not interested in working for, I have two VANOC parties and two concerts to attend, the 2010 Beer & Wine Festival at the local casino, finally meeting with the surgeon about my ankle and playing the role of big sister for my kid sister that I recently reunited with after almost 10 years of separation, who is very eager for my approval.  Distractions are good… but I am getting antzy to figure out what’s next… where I will end up and what I will do.  I am now at a point in my life that I no longer HAVE to simply accept whatever is offered.  No.  Rather, I am now in a position in my life that I can choose what I want and where I want to be.  I am to old to simply accept mediocrity.  But I am definitely anxious to discover the best of what’s next for me.

I must admit though… Canada isn’t a bad place to be figuring this all out at the moment.  While I might not relate to the political fever that is BC, nor the lifestyle that comes with it, it is a far better place to be than having to deal with the mess that is USA at the moment.  Yes.  I believe that medical care ought to be readily available to all Americans – wait.  No.  Available to anyone, anywhere… I think that the President and its current administration of what was once a very powerful and dominating country has successfully managed to make a mockery and a mess of the country and its so called democracy.  And while that has absolutely nothing to do with my period of self discovery, what it does confirm for me is that: in spite of very boring and unappealing Canadian politics scene, Canada is apparently a much more ‘stabler‘ place to live… and work.  So I will stick it out here for a bit longer… or until Old Iron somehow convinces me that abroad is better.


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

13 Responses to … discovering the best of what’s next

  1. lady red says:

    Sorry you didn’t get the job, ~KC~. Bummer.

    You’re probably smart to stay in Canada. Everything is a jumbled-up mess here in the good ol’ USofA.

    Personally, I think it’d be great if everyone had access to affordable health care. The health care delivery system is a problem to be solved, by sensible men and women. What we got was a convoluted 2,000 page pile of shite.

    We Yanks do resent having something shoved down our throats. We bristle at a gov’t that would require us to purchase a service. And we’re truly fed up with the clowns we elected to run the show.

    We can sure pick ’em, can’t we? 🙂

    • ~KC~ says:

      Oye vey iz mir… what you got was a pile of bureaucratic bullshit nightmare! This proposed system makes Canada’s health care system look BEAUTIFUL!

      But as far as the job is concerned… the cliché is indeed VERY true – when one door closes, another GREAT one opens! I applied for a very vague position yesterday back East based on what I recognised as a role that I’ve done in the past and they called me first thing this morning, excited and happy to have ‘discovered’ me! Upon further discussion – it is almost ideal and this time, I have a GREAT feeling about it! Plus its in an area that I love but have never lived before so its exciting! And they are willing to move fast and on my time frame… it’s syncronicity at its very best! I know I shouldn’t be too excited but I am! Fingers & toes crossed!

  2. Buck says:

    Well, the reply immediately above is good news, indeed, KC. I hope that works out.

    Reading the first few paragraphs of this post had me hummin’ this tune in very short order. And the pic of the Crown Royal, Bombay, and the Montecristo only reinforced said feelings. I could use a few lazy days around the pool with a good friend (old or newly-met… heh :)). But inertia is powerful, innit?

    Nice AAR. (That’s milspeak for “After Action Report)

    • ~KC~ says:

      Well I actually took that picture specifically for YOU Buck! Ask Old Iron… I told him that I was taking this picture to post just for you… LOL… and see! You immediately picked up on it!! AND – you knew the cuban was a Montecristo that I bought for Old Iron that he has yet to smoke up!!! I actually took it out very quickly of its own little humidor and quickly returned it so that it doesn’t go stale. He’s waiting for a ‘special’ occasion to light that baby up!

      Inertia is powerful and a great motivator for real… but at times, not meant to be acted upon (sometimes… LOL)!

  3. alison says:

    That was a wonderful read and agree with you on the healthcare bit (as ya know). Sorry you didn’t get the job…I’m a great believer in fate and am sure that something is waiting for you around some as yet undiscovered corner.

    Glad you had a blast with Old Iron, it sounded fab.

  4. Old Iron says:

    It was a pretty good time, but like KC said the pretentiousness of South Beach was a little over the top. -About the job though… KC forgot to mention the one primary reason that I would personally want to leave Vancouver. Three words:


    • ~KC~ says:

      Yuppy hippies to be exactly really…. Yuppies that live the hippy lifestyle and attitude. Many many of them are hear (not all are like that) but you come across them a LOT!!!

  5. Gordon says:

    Is Vancouver as bad as San Francisco for crazy people?

    • ~KC~ says:

      I’ve not yet been to San Fran but from what I heard, its the same if not a wee bit more. I can’t say for sure since I’ve yet to go there. Probably won’t be going there anytime soon either! Vancouver is enough for me.

      But like all things… I have met some AMAZING people here and they do make it worth while to come back and visit. But my living here days are soon coming to an end… and that’s very ok with me. Beautiful. Gorgeous city to visit. Stunning. Really is. But for me, not to live. I learned. I conquered. NEXT!

    • Buck says:

      Well… I have more experience with SFO than Vancouver (two-plus years vs. two weeks) but I’d say Vancouver has the edge as far as quality of life goes. And hippies can be fun! Some of my best friends are hippies, in a manner of speaking. Well, make that “reconstructed hippies” as they all have jobs, pay taxes, yadda, yadda… If your point was specific about homeless people, Gordon, the answer is SFO had more. But it’s been QUITE a while since I was in Vancouver.

  6. WWWebb says:

    What’s up with your ankle?

    • ~KC~ says:

      Well I met with the surgeon last week. And of course he wants me to do all the test all over again – another Xray/CT Scan/MRI (and the latter will take about 4-6 months to get an appointment for, as it is not deemed an emergency). So for now, nothing is happening with my ankle. LOL… I will be moving across the country next month (end of April) for a new career opportunity and will start this all over again, over there. All I can do is laugh right now. The surgeon said he wanted me to try physiotherapy as though that will help me (I have clusters of cysts growing on the front part of my ankle where the fracture is, arthritis setting in where the fracture didn’t fuse properly and a bone fragment floating on the inside of my ankle. Both problems are putting pressure on my nerves which of course means pain and at times, my whole leg gives out under me because of the nerve pressure) but I really can’t figure out how that is even going to help. Its just yet another way to push out the inevitable, procrastination… but not on my part.

      Thank you for asking… sorry for the long winded answer!

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