… Olympic Size Aftermath…

Changes of Season in Vancouver Captured Outside of VANOC

So I’ve been laying low.

Well… mostly catching up on much needed sleep.  I may have worked for the Olympics but I certainly don’t have the Olympic constitution that some have… try as I might, it just wasn’t working in my favour.  But I stuck it out.  And for that, I give myself credit.  I stuck it out and played a part in making history, Canadian history.

Of course, human nature dictates that for everything that is good, someone will come along & attempt to tear it apart – discredit it.  And so the backlash is here.  The thing is – its coming not from the athletes… but from the media.  The athletes I worked with and met, thanked us.  Pumped my hand in appreciation like it was an old fashion water pump aching for water.  Most didn’t want to leave.  Each one I spoke to said they were the best Games they ever participated in… an experience they would never forget.  And these weren’t athletes that won medals.

No.  You see, it was those who DIDN’T participate in the Games or had any hand in making it happen that bitched and complained… about how un-Canadian Canadians were.  How we ignorantly ignored everyone or simply shoved the death of a luger under the carpet as if it was of no consequence.

They couldn’t have been any more wrong.
But I don’t care.

Because they simply: don’t get it.  How could they? They are hired to simply write but not get involved.  To see but not understand.  To talk but not comprehend.  No.  They don’t get it.  So of course they would only see the superficial.  And that’s OK.  Somehow, I simply don’t expect them too.  In fact, their observations is what keeps Canadians honest.  But it will not take away from what we accomplished… what we became as a nation… and from the world to finally take notice that we are more than what was ever before imagined.

Canadians set new records.
True, we didn’t win the most medals (overall medal count)… and in that sense, we didn’t Own The Podium.
I could sit here and type out all the obvious records we broke… as a country competing and then as a Host country.
No.  Because what we did do, is unite as a nation.  One heart.  One voice.  In a sea of red & white.  One loud resounding roar of Canadiana pride.  Forever changed.

And true – that is not the purpose of the Olympics… even the IOC would tell you that it isn’t about nationalistic pride but rather it’s about the accomplishments of the athletes.
And each athlete visiting were given the opportunity to excel with the very best we had to give.  And that they did.
I was overwhelmed with the realization that I was part of that.

That I had a small part in making not just Canadian history but also, HISTORY. Period.

Coming off that insane high… the screeching halt of emotions and expectations… to the immensity of what I had a small supporting role in – was overwhelming.
Oh being the chick that I am – I cried.  I laughed.  I cried some more.  My cats thought I was crazy.  Old Iron was furious with me for pushing back any offers of help.
I couldn’t articulate what I was feeling properly.
And I still at times find myself having to ask – did this just REALLY happen?
Yup.  It just did.
And WE did good. Regardless of what the media world says. We did good. Damn good.

So I’ve been spending time walking about, taking pictures.  Being a tourist in my own city.

Going Incognito

Pampering myself with a new do, replacing the neglected rats nest that had taken form on my head.
Contemplating the ramifications of what I am about to do… new opportunities coming my way that will once again, change the course of my life, opening doors to new futures, unexpected.
I am sorting thru over 4,000 pictures taken during the months of January and February – not all of which I will bore you to death with in an upcoming slide presentation.
I’ve also reunited with siblings I had not seen or had very limited contact with in 14 and 10 years respectively.

This coming week, I am being flown out for the day (same day return), picked up by a driver/limo as I let a very reputable company woo me.
Two days later, I am making my way Southward to bug the crap outta Old Iron some more while hopefully contemplating/negotiating job offers.

With all of the above said and done… I have made peace with what I just lived thru… and the implications of it all.  And now, I am ready for the next challenge in my life, allowing me to once again laugh in the face of my naysayers because I am … living my life… my way.  And this has become a beautiful thing.


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

30 Responses to … Olympic Size Aftermath…

  1. Buck says:

    Well… I was impressed with the games, the venues, the athletes, the whole ball o’ wax. I especially liked the self-deprecating humor in the opening sequence of the Closing Ceremonies. Nice touch, that, and it definitely made me smile. I could have done without the stand-up bits at the end tho, especially from Shatner who should stick to negotiating hotel rooms and such. That’s my only criticism and it’s a nit, innit?

    Once again: it’s way-cool you had a piece of the action, KC. I won’t repeat my grandchildren comment. 😀

    • ~KC~ says:

      Well now Buck… you can’t say something like that and NOT tell me what your grandchildren said!!! Spill it!

      • Buck says:

        I meant my comment about YOU having wonderful experiences to tell YOUR grandchildren, at which point in time I was admonished by yourfineself to the effect of “I want children first.” Or something like that. 😉

      • ~KC~ says:

        Hehehe.. well there is the whole issue of do I even want children let alone let me having children first but yes, you are right. These are stories and memories that I will most certainly pass down. I actually want to put together a memory book of pictures, emails, newspapers articles, maybe even my opinionated blog postings… LOL… along with the items I got from VANOC along the way.

        That is… when I have the time. Apparently the month of March is too short – and I have it jammed packed with stuff to do!

  2. Aridog says:

    ~KC~….Well, I am impressed by your take on the Olympic games. You seem to be among the few who “get it.” Get it about everything to do with the games, from the athletes, to the sports, to the countries.

    There just is something “special” about the Olympics…the winter ones realte to things I’ve done in my life, especially the alpine races. The athletes know it. I managed to “pick” about 75% of the alpine podium finishers before the alpine races ran. Not because I’m smart, although it does help to know what you are seeing…but becasue I haven’t missed a live feed of a World Cup race in 2+ years…so I know the skills and who has them. But it’s more than that…it is heart and desire to succeed in that venue. Many “experts” gave Julia Mancuso, Bode Miller, and Tine Maze, at best a 50/50 chance of being a medal, even though they’re all top 10 racers,…because they’ve been a bit lack luster of late. Not me…they’re driven people that when on a huge world stage, they raise their skills to the level encessary. They excell. They all did, along with Vonn and Riesch who are at the top of their games and were expected winners.

    As I think I commented earlier, the individual class act of the games for me was Ivica Kostelic reaching out and shaking Miller’s hand right after Miller beat him in the Downhill/Slalom Combined race…what he said to a guy who has drifted lately, but is known well for his ability (he and Vonn are the best Americans ever)…Ivica said: “Welcome back.”

    So, run off at the mouth dude that I am, let me thank Canada and all Canadians for a spectacular games. All you had to see was Lindsey Vonn’s face when she won her first gold medal ever. The real “class act” was and is Canada.

    • ~KC~ says:

      I think people will get it eventually. I mean as a Host country… we are still processing what we just lived, breathed, felt and gave. But the media – their main job is to sensationalize crap – to build a story out of nothing, usually amplifying the negative.

      The athletes, oh wow. I still have no clue what most of the other sports involve. Just being honest. But I could see the look on the face of the athletes – every single one of them (or the vast majority, I should say) proud of the accomplishments of their competitors – because they were given an opportunity to really fight for Gold, Silver and Bronze. Mostly, they were given the opportunity to compete. And that they did. It was a beautiful thing. To see them all during the closing ceremonies, arm in arm, proud of their countries and accomplishments, dancing, celebrating… YEAH. The media doesn’t talk about that. Because its not sensationalized enough… not dirty enough. Not juicy enough. Probably wouldn’t sell papers, not nearly enough.

      I can’t wait to see some of the Paralympic Games… because THOSE games are simply SURREAL. I know its not nearly cool enough but the reality is these athletes are simply: AMAZING. What they have to go thru to compete at this level is mind-boggling. Gives me goosebumps. I hope to catch some of it by the time I get back from Florida… because I have much to learn from Paralympians… its insanely humbling honestly.

      I have yet to fully grasp the meaning of the Olympics. But I already know that I “GET” it more than these so called veteran journalists who’ve reported on several past Olympics… and I did it in 1.5 yrs. Kinda makes you wonder just how much stock one really ought to put in our world news….

      • Aridog says:

        Oh, you already “get it”, trust this old man. Your post is proof enough. Just the fact that you don’t claim to is further proof.

        I watched an alpine race in Switzerland , by live feed, yesterday where climatic conditions radically changed the shape of the competition top to bottom. In that case, bsides heavily falling snow, there was a strong wind, blowing up hill in the early runs, and downhill in the later ones. This meant that the 3rd and 4th seed racers had times nearly equivalent to the 1st seeded. The looks on the faces of those who posted best ever results was priceless…2nd and 3rd place were won by starting numbers 32 and 35…which normally never happens. In this case, both those finishers are superb skiers, who had a chance to gain confidence by the coincidence of weather. It will show in their future performances I assure you.

        It is a long climb from lower levels to World Cup and/or Olympic levels, and part of it is gaining confidence by whatever means that comes along. None of those competiting are doing it for any other reason that they love the opportunity. The Olympics provide a wide stage for opportunity, both the the competitors and the host nation. All y’all did very well…and your remarks about the competitors tells me with certainty, that, yes, Mam, you get it.

      • WWWebb says:

        You’re spot on about the Paralympic Games.

        Are you a P.R. type by trade?

      • ~KC~ says:

        Wwweb – nope not the PR type per say. I think I am just like everyone else who finds something they are passionate about and talk a lot about it. I have been told in the past that I ought to be in sales but not my cup I tea.

  3. Fay says:

    Yay ~KC~ I’m cheering for you after reading that post. Well done you. And forget the fucking wankers in the press who couldn’t hold down a “real” job if their crippled mothers life depended on it.

    You, we, all of us, did a great job of hosting and winning and being proud and patriotic (aboot bloody time too, eh?)

    Good luck with the interview and please post lots of pics of you and the Iron Man at your meet up!

    • ~KC~ says:

      Thanks hon!! I am excited by this one particular opportunity that could potentially take me ‘home‘ …
      Oh and yes, there will be pictures of my trip to Old Iron’s stomping grounds…

      And yes… its ab’oot damn time too… eh?

  4. Fay says:

    I hope that you and me and Matt can meet up for a drink before you leave BC and go ‘home’

    • ~KC~ says:

      You live in BC???? Holy crap!!! I would LOVE that! I thought you were only visiting BC when you said you made it downtown Vancouver! Silly Silly me!! That’s what happens when you make assumptions!

      • Fay says:

        We live in Langley!

      • ~KC~ says:

        LOL… I spent some time in Langley when I first moved here – my cousin lived on the border of Surrey/Langley area. Love it there! I don’t have a car (had to get ride of it – to damn expensive to own it here in Vancouver)now so I don’t get out there much. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. If I stay in BC and eventually be able to afford a car again, that is the area I would love to move too. More my style, my pace. Who knows? My second job interview for when I get back from Florida is in Richmond. Not necessarily the place I want to work at (didn’t hear the most positive feedback from people about the company but nothing BAD either) but it would most certainly do until I found THE job, should ONT job not work out.

  5. Fay says:

    We both work in Richmond! At different companys though. I only work four days a week, two in the office and two from home.

    Life’s a bitch!

  6. Gordon says:

    There was an Olympics?

  7. Erin says:

    You may not remember me, but I used to chat with you a little over at MSN. I haven’t been by to check out your blog in a LONG time, but I wanted to say that I was so amazed by the Olympics this year and wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. I hope you are catching up on the rest that you surely need, and good luck with your upcoming interviews 🙂

    • ~KC~ says:

      What was your MSN nic? I am surprised you remember me from WAY back in those days!!! haha… yes, still blogging but this time with a co-host, Old Iron. So WELCOME to our humble place and please feel free to stay as long as you wish, and comment!

  8. WWWebb says:

    Happened by, ma’am.

    Do I wipe my feet or leave my shoes by the door?

  9. WWWebb says:

    I lived in Atlanta until late 1996 so I’ve lived in a host city. I did go to a couple of events, but due to leaving a job due to a corporate acquisition, I wasn’t able to afford much more than that.

    We also had the joy of having some of our local politicians go through their own events: criminal trials afterwards.

    The mayor at the time was Bill Campbell in case you want to look into it.

  10. Gordon says:

    I live in the Twin Cities, which competed against Atlanta for that version. We put together a great package of information and tours, and our team honestly thought they had the most appealing deal. They had no idea what the Atlanta folks were up to in terms of “inducements” for the IOC, and were mystified when your town was chosen.

    Some time later, when the scandals started getting news, the response was, “OH! So that’s how they did it….”

  11. WWWebb says:

    Personal sidebar to the 1996 thing:

    The bank I worked for– my first IT job– got merged/acquired in early 1996.

    I saw that they treated their IT people like dogs so I opted for a severance package.

    I was also offered a retention bonus to stick around until the systems conversion (DEC MUMPS => FOCUS queries => IBM datasets on MVS) was complete, at which point I took the money and ran.

    About three weeks afterwards, I got a call from the honcho who oversaw the trust divisional “assimilation”.

    She said,

    “There were several departments that apparently didn’t get all the information the needed from your system. If you made a list of system components you needed and we pulled them out of the warehouse and brought them to our datacenter in downtown Atlanta, how much would you charge to reassemble the system [a DEC VAX], fix anything that’s broken, get them their information, and take it down afterwards?”

    I thought about for a minute and proceeded to quote her an hourly rate that was three times what my final wage there was. She, of course, gave me an immediate yes.

    I completed all this the day before the opening ceremonies, so I got to watch a great deal of the final prep work being done, and managed to not try to fight my way in through the massine traffic jams that occurred during the Olympics.

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