… and the transition to the “REAL” world begins

Old Iron

Patrons, we do apologize for the light posting lately, but there have been some serious changes in your contributor’s collective lives in the past couple of days.

KC? She just participated in potentially one of the most amazing events to roll into her life in some time… and it has left her COMPLETELY de-energized. I mean you guys have seen the pictures; the Vancouver Olympics was this woman’s life for the past year… and the final execution of it just blew her batteries out. I can respect that, but you can bet that after she recharges she will be back to her old libertarian / lefty – leaning ways.

Me? I’m on the literal tail end of this rotation and ready to come home and associate with the local hooligans and rabble-rowsers. This was a tough rotation for me in more ways than one and I am ready to sit in my trousers at the house, whiskey in hand, and CHILL.

It has been great fun this time around friends, and all of the conversations that we have had have helped keep me in the know when it comes to the lifestyles (and strong opinions) of those that lead a pseudo-normal life.I have participated in discussions ranging from my STRONG opinions about the burqua to how “subtle” articles in African newspapers are, and it has been ultimately fulfilling. To all of you out there…. thanks.

It may take a couple of days, but please be patient; we will be back shortly, blogging our bleeding hearts out.

What Old Iron said above is true.  And its a struggle at this time.

I am exhausted and worn out – to put it lightly.  Emotionally drained feels like an understatement.  The last two weeks took a huge toll on me and was already feeling the pressure from working at VANOC leading up to that.  No regrets – trust me!  But you go from 200 kmph to 0 in a moment… and it leaves you reeling.  What I have learned is that in order to work for the Olympics, you must have an Olympic constitution… and that, I don’t have.

So I am taking some time to get my bearings again.  I’m feeling all over the place.  And much like Old Iron, I am transitioning into the REAL world… while putting some friendships thru the wringer because I am not necessarily handling the transition well.  I didn’t expect this.  So I’m facing a new challenge while battling to find the energy to get to interviews for new career opportunities.  It appears as though I am heading back into the Defense industry, potentially taking me back to Ontario once again.  I am being flown out on Monday – same day interview.  From there, time will tell what will happen.  Other opportunities have been pushed out til later in the month, giving myself the time to handle everything on my plate.

So forgive my silence and perhaps short absence.  But trust me when I say, Old Iron won’t let me stay away for long.  But I just need some time to decompress and process this life altering event that consumed my life for the last 1.5 yr of my life.  We will be back.  Soon enough, we both will.  Trust me on that!

What hasn’t changed however… is that I am so proud of our country and what we accomplished.  And that has left my heart feeling very fragile but filled with pride.  I was given permission to feel and WE NEEDED to feel … and that is overwhelming for me – to see to which extent my country FELT.  I just want to share with you this one last video of what I’m talking about… and maybe, just maybe, you might start to begin to understand how my heart feels and why I am drained but still elated…because I just realised that I had an ever so small part in making this happen… in creating Canadian history.  And that is a hard thing for me to process and walk away from, graciously…


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

5 Responses to … and the transition to the “REAL” world begins

  1. Aridog says:

    ~KC~ said ” …you go from 200 kmph to 0 in a moment… ”

    You betcha. It’s good practice for that day, in the future, when you actually “retire.” When I retired, with a buyout, I left a high pressure continual crisis job to a sudden semi-skidding stop in the world or normalcy.

    It took me a while to not miss the crisis atmosphere…which surpised me. I know it’s true, because, due to the buyout circumsance not leving a lot of planning time, I made my self available as a consultant to my old office and eventual succesor (that I’d hand picked)…to the degree than my better half, a fair bit younger than me, got to making every morning jokes about how “when are you going to really retire?”

    I turned down multiple offers of sub-contrct work because I wanted to move on, but it was awkward, again surprising me. Just made no sense to climb back on the treadmill I’d just been paid to leave.

    In other words I am telling you to enjoy the transition between positions, chill out, and refresh. Moving on will be easier than you anticipate in the long run…and you’ll have had practice, again, for the eventual day your hang up the spurs. Even if you wind up in Ontario, it’s all good.

    You guys are a “trip” to read and I am glad I stumbled upon the site. Take care and enjoy the warm.

  2. Buck says:

    I hear ya about decompressing… both of ya. I have a few of those tee shirts, some in AF Blue and some corporate. Recharging is necessary and can be great good fun, depending on the circumstances. That said: thank you both for the marvelously entertaining tales of the recent past. And a special “Good On Ya,” KC.

  3. lady red says:

    Take your time, ~KC~ and Old Iron! Sometimes it takes awhile to recharge the ol’ batteries. Kick your feet up and enjoy spring!

    I’m delighted to have met you both. 🙂

  4. Cdn_Relic says:

    a note to Old Iron: as to KC’s “old libertarian, lefty-leaning ways”,,, I have no idea where she got that view point from, something must have went awry in our family gene-pool there, lol,, but I see you’re balancing her out with your opposite views,,, keep up the good work!!! I’m cheering for ya, lmao

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