A Very Wordy Olympic Update

Holy. Crap.
That ‘s all I can come up with to describe the last few days.
Of which have flown by in a blink of an eye… but my body reminds me on a constant basis how exhausted it is.
Emotionally drained from the emotional rollercoaster this ride has been.
And I still have two BIG days left.

Where to start?
Well this past week we saw Canada step up to the podium, a lot. Little girls around the country are begging their parents for a pair of ice hockey skates or for figure skating classes. I’m not sure if bobsleighs can be bought commercially (I wasn’t involved in the contracting aspect of that, so I can’t tell you with any certainty that it can) but I’m almost certain I can hear little girls asking for their opportunities to slide down the track to take Gold and Silver. Speedskating clubs will see an increase in memberships with a couple of medals under our belts as well, while curling clubs will be the new meat-market-pick-up-joints for men as our beautiful Canadians took Silver against Norway.

Our Canadian women are rocking the podium for our country. It’s a beautiful sight to see! And as of today, mere moments ago, Canada is leading the pack with the most Gold medals won thus far… with the majority won by our gorgeous women!

Now anyone reading this post over at Bucks will have seen my claws come out in defense of our Canadian girls and their supposed tasteless and trashy celebratory Gold medal win. And while I am all about playing by the rules, this is the most RIDICULOUS and IDIOTIC investigation EVER. And very well said, thank you John Furlong (read the article here):

“It was raucous, but it wasn’t football-hooligan nasty. It wasn’t inappropriate like Scotty Lago caught on camera at a party with a woman kneeling below his waist, trying to kiss the snowboarder’s bronze medal.

It was deserved. Canada’s women didn’t bag their third straight Olympic hockey gold on Thursday by being pushovers. The team works hard to be a world-beater. If they were men, no one would have begrudged them a celebratory drink or 10.

“They had a great time,” Vancouver organizing chief John Furlong said Friday of Boozegate. “They let their hair down. Yes, they said they were sorry, but they’re great ambassadors for hockey, and they shouldn’t regret what they did for a moment.”

And I got mocked by one commentator at Buck’s place for even suggesting the double standard being applied to the women choice of celebration style, thus the backlash seen in the media… and it is validating that someone else – in the media – feels the same way (same article as above) as I do:

(…) So, we can presume, can we, that not one IOC member, not a single one, has drunk a drop from the fully stocked bar and the stock of British Columbia wines on offer at their Vancouver hotel?

And why didn’t any of them pipe up when Jon Montgomery paraded through the streets of Whistler, guzzling from a large pitcher of beer, when he won gold for Canada in skeleton?

The easy assumption would be that it disturbs some people that women drink and smoke cigars like men. But we’ll give Felli the benefit of the doubt and guess that he was miffed only because he wasn’t included in the party.”

Seriously – I will end this rant with the following: AMEN John Leicester. And again, CANADIAN WOMEN ROCK THE CASBAH! This is AWESOMESAUCE at it’s best!

Right at this very moment, Canada is leading the pack with the most GOLD medals – total of 9 Gold. I think that is AMAZING. I think our wins, regardless of gold, silver or bronze is amazing! But to hear Chris Rudge, the CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee say that the Own The Podium program is a failure? That angers me to no end. In the eyes of many Canadians – it’s been successful! Sure we don’t have 30 medals (currently in 3rd overall standing with 21 medals in total) and counting. The pressure we put on our athletes to the point of having them apologize for letting down a nation is for not living up to unreal expectations… is unacceptable. They have nothing to apologize for. The Own The Podium program has been successful in that Canada has set new records at Winter Olympics and the legacy that is leaving Canada with … has made this program a HUGE success. Again – what this has done for our kids – seeing them put down consoles and remotes to pick up hockey sticks, skiis and skates… IS SUCCESS!!! They are our future Olympians and Canada MUST continue to support programs like Own The Podium so that they have a chance to compete with the rest of the world, to the very best of our abilities.

So I’ll stop preaching.
I’ll tell you watching the women’s bobsleigh (two person) at Whistler Sliding Centre was MAD. Pure and simple. It doesn’t look fast on TV. But the reality is… its crazy speed in real life! The first Great Britain crash in Heat 3 left us shaken up at the reality of how insane this sport is! Then the German crash in Heat 4 had the entire crowd silent as we waited breathless to see if the German braker would stand up after being thrown from the bobsleigh, spread eagle down the track. All of that happened right in front of me as the Janets and I watched at the rails at Thunderbird turn 16.
The moment of glory for us was to see Canadian history in the making where the Canadian ladies took both Gold and Silver.
My throat still hurts from sheer exhilaration and screaming with joy! Sheer madness!

And now: the suspense is just killing me. Canada men’s hockey won by the skin of our teeth against Slovakia today. That means we will be once again… going for gold against USA (I can hear the roar of American hockey fans rolling across the country northward towards our border!!!). And the US is seeking revenge! We took Gold, ruining the US party by taking Gold in 2002 on US soil. The motivation on the part of Team USA is strong… and we will most certainly have to fight for any chance at Gold. This won’t be a walk in the park. And we have to keep fighting no matter what happens – never give up.
But I refuse to call it. I just can’t. Of course my heart bleeds maple syrup and my bones are made of quality soft lumber… and I know my heart is beating proudly for Canada… but I will humbly say – we don’t have this one in the bag. Not at all.
It is exciting to be facing the US again. Canada is on FIRE. And the pressure is on for the men… on the heels of our women taking Gold. The expectations are HUGE in Canada. And I know many will feel that the Olympics in Canada will be deemed a success only IF we take men’s hockey gold.
I don’t subscribe to that thought process at all (see above) but I know what they mean! The pressure is insane!!! I don’t think I will survive my last two days … !!!

No pressure boys...

There is soooo much for me to say and again, I just don’t have the words for it. And so much more is going on at the same time that I haven’t written about here. It’s a surreal dream I’m living. Something that simply cannot be adequately described.

But I will simply conclude that … I do believe. I do believe in the power of you and I. Seeing the world compete to the level, right in my back yard – and knowing I played a huge part directly in it… is truly emotional for me. And I simply do feel – the best is yet to come…


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3 Responses to A Very Wordy Olympic Update

  1. Buck says:

    I can hear the roar of American hockey fans rolling across the country northward towards our border!!!

    And I felt a tremendous gust of northerly wind last evening from the collective national exhalation when the third period finally ended last night. I had to go out and pick up my lawn chairs… it was THAT strong. Yer Boys had a real squeaker last night… a REAL squeaker. The last 20 seconds of the game were about as intense as I’ve ever seen.

    But… as noted over at EIP, I won’t call Sunday’s game. The teams are too well-matched and there are just too many intangibles in play. And the puck has a tendency to take funny bounces in any one game. That said:

    USA! USA! USA! 😀

  2. Fay says:

    Great post ~KC~. I love that cartoon, I’m so stealing it for my FB page!

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