Olympic Spirit

So we Canadians aren’t overly Canadian these days.  Damn Canadians! How dare we be patriotic and want to own the podium!!  Shame on us for our biased and defiant patriotism at the Olympics, on our home turf.  How dare we dare to dream!
In spite of a tragedy that will forever plague the 2010 Winter Olympics, we are still proud of our Games and accomplishments, thus far.  Very un-Canadian-like apparently.  Which of course has the world bitch’n up a storm calling these Games perhaps the worst Games in Winter Olympic’s history.

What?  You kidding me right?
Yes – we’ve had problems at the beginning.
You can’t control Momma Nature and her temperament.
Sorry. Just not possible.
And yes, that is a legitimate complaint… but out of our control.
What you can do is be flexible and accommodate.  And we Canadians are known for tripping over ourselves to accommodate.  Something that VANOC has been bustin’ butt to do.  And I must say, done VERY well.

The Brits media (well now, what else do you expect?) are in the forefront of the bitchn n complain’n.  Perhaps a ploy to take glory away from Canada and put the spotlight on themselves as they prepare to host the Summer Games of 2012??
Perhaps.  Feels highly likely. 
Oh and the fact that they are sore, sore loosers. 
Yes.  Must be it.
Oh – no medals yet Britain??  Poor ting. 
How about be better at your sports rather than be a BITCH about the environment you find yourselves in??!! 
Oops.  I said that out loud didn’t I?
Well, if you are going to blame Canada’s lust for glory for the death of a luger’s mistake on the course… you bet we will gnarl back at you. 
Cheap shot and completely false fabrications to hide your own misgivings.
Go eat your scones and have a cup ‘o tea… get over yourselves Britain. (Sorry my English friends, but your Olympic team are a bunch of whiney assed wimps)

The Games have not been without issues.  No Olympic Games in the history of the Games have gone off seamlessly – all have been plagued with issues at some point in time.  Like Renee Smith-Valade, VANOC’s communications chief, stated:  It’s not whether your luggage gets lost,” she said,but how you deal with it.”

Yes.  Grace under fire.  Something that we Canadians have proven over and over and over again.  Maybe the Brits can learn a thing or two about that from us… a lesson in humility, perhaps?  I doubt it… but remain hopeful they will.

Of course even on home turf, problems exist.  While the French populace of Canada are bitch’n about not enough French content at the Games but more specifically during the Opening Ceremonies (again… SERIOUSLY?? Calisse de tabernacle, on a assez de contenu Français au jeux Olympique, maudit merde… on peu jamais vous faire plaisir, eh Québec??) and anti-Olympic protesters run to the media about being ‘watched’ and questioned – comparing Canada’s tactics to upkeep security for all Olympians and officials to those of China.  Simply put: when you publish images of Olympic mascots with Molotov cocktails, the Olympic torch “Spirit Train” being pushed off its tracks, and a beheading accompanied by the slogan “Elementary to the art of war, cut off the head and the body will die” is enough to give serious concern and therefore, attempts at vetting Olympic critics and protesters is welcomed and necessary. 

Olympic Hockey Fever Capturing a Nation & Billboards Throughout Vancouver

But the beauty of the Games has been the unification of all Canadians… towards one common goal:  to encourage, to cheer, to fight for Olympic glory and gold.  But we do it with grace.  I love watching how Canadians are still clapping on our competitors, urging them on, cheering for them – AND acknowledge their accomplishments, even as we may fail.  And yes, we do blow the roof off any building when Canada is up.  What do you expect?  This is exciting.  We want it.  Badly.

You can see it and feel it more so than ever now that Hockey has started.  Men’s hockey that is.  Holy molly.  The energy is insane in Vancouver.  Our players are here.  Ready to fight.  Ready to beat Russia.  To take home gold and glory.  This is OUR game.  But it won’t be without a fight.  We know it.  And sadly, sorry US, but you don’t factor into this.  I know you want to… but ya don’t.  We are keeping an eye on you, don’t worry… but it will be a Canada-Russia blow-out of epic proportions.  And I can’t wait!!!  Like I said over at Buck’s place… not sure if my heart can handle the suspense… Crosby has something to prove to Ovechken.  We have a strong team.  No more playing nice.  We are pissy now… gnarly… and we want it.  We are kind of getting tired of being pissed on… being made a mockery of by the world.

So the air is electrifying.  So far, so good.  It’s a bit bumpy but hey… this is Canada.  This land will make you or break you.  You choose.  It will show you your weaknesses.  And funny enough, we can see who the weak are… loud and clear.



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24 Responses to Olympic Spirit

  1. I know the Brits aren’t happy with our Olympic efforts, however my hubby just came back from the States and the feedback was extremely positive from our friends to the south. I think the games have been great despite the climate challenges. Further, I think our athletes are a classy lot who are accomplished and sportsmanlike. The poet in the opening ceremonies described us to a “T”, and I think the world holds us in rather high regard. All we need now is that big hockey win and everyone will go away happy. Like your blog … fun to read.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Constructive criticism is welcomed. But the Brits have taken it too far. I have heard that the US have enjoyed the Games thus far and are doing rather well themselves in these Winter Games. Excellent for them!!

      I agree – we have a wonderful team. Graceful and have embodied the spirit of the Olympics at every turn. I do get defensive as a VANOC employee, as have VANOC Organizers – because many of the complaints are downright offensive and wrong. We have done what we can with what we had… and I too believe that the majority have been very accommodating and complimentary of Vancouver and the Games, in spite of the challenges that face us.

      Thanks for coming by and commenting!!! Please feel free do come back – regularly!!!

  2. Buck says:

    “No question, not enough French.”

    I’ve always wanted to say that. 🙂

    • ~KC~ says:

      hehehe… well being bilingual and having lived 13 years in La Belle Province de Québec and yes, being fully bilingual – the politics behind Québec is what angers me the most… which is why I left in 1992. I loved that province – it is insanely beautiful and wonderful – but the political scene and atmosphere I could no longer stomach. Thus my harsh swear words in la langue Française against them.

      Although I doubt you are thinking the French Canadian version of FRENCH est très jolie et chouette – I suspect you are enamoured with the Parisian French… or does it matter to you after all??? LOL

      • Buck says:

        Yeah, it’s Parisian French for me. I lived in Paris for three years as a child (ages 8 – 11, and returned more than a few times as an adult) and was once bilingual, as well. But the ol’ saw about “using it or losing it” came true for me. Although there are times when the wine is flowing the language makes a miraculous return, mangled conjugations and all. 😉

      • ~KC~ says:

        hehehe… well the same could be said of me however, I have been insisting on speaking French with my bilingual coworkers so that I can practice it. When younger, I lived in a very Portuguese neighbourhood in Montreal… and I could speak it conversationally of course. But soon lost it when I moved away. Which is too bad because had I been able to keep it up – I might be a shoo-in for the Rio Games of 2016!!!

        Oh well… c’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

  3. Buck says:

    It’s 1840 hrs PST… The third period is OVER.

    Switzerland 2
    Canada 2

    Do you know where your hockey team is? 😉

    • ~KC~ says:

      pppssssttt Buck… Canada won the shoot out!!! That was a nail biter of a game to say the least!!! Woohoo to my London Knights boy Sydney Crosbie (that’s OHL talk just in case your not sure)!!!

      And OF COURSE I know where my hockey team is at!!! Silly silly question!!! hehehehe

  4. Buck says:

    BTW: USA 3, Switzerland 1 In case ya missed it.

  5. Andy says:


    I think I just choked on my poutine.

    • ~KC~ says:

      HA!! Blame the Canadian whiskey on that one Andy!!!
      That’s my story and stickin to it ;0)

    • Buck says:

      Heh. It’s a good thing KC got here before I did, coz I’d have posted the EXACT same sorta comment. And while I sorta buy the whiskey excuse I gotta say it’s weak. There are just some things that you never forget, even dead-drunk. 🙂

      • ~KC~ says:

        Sorry guys. I can’t even say I was dead drunk… because I wasn’t.
        Major faux-pas on my part.
        How un-Canadian of me.

        hehehe… still TEAM CANADA ROCKS… I’m still shocked that Slovakia beat Russia!!! Whoa! (trying to change the subject here… is it working??)

  6. Fay says:

    Question for KC. Why are there so may empty seats at the premium events, i.e. figure skating and hockey?

    Last night’s hockey game seemed almost full although there were empty seats peppered throughout GM Place. But the figure skating still seems to have whole sections of empty seats.

    And, if possible, please don’t regurgitate John Furlong’s answer.


    • ~KC~ says:

      Fay.. the only answer we have been told for that is there are sections at arenas dedicated strictly for sponsors and Olympic families etc… and unfortunately, many of those seats are not being used… which is probably what you see.

      I wish if they weren’t going to use them they would turn around and allow the public to use them, but alas – doesn’t seem to be what’s happening.

      I’m not sure what John Furlong said – so if it appears as though I regurgitated his response, I apologize. I can only reiterate the answer I got from my director because I have been asked that question many times already.

  7. Fay says:

    Thanks for your response KC. That is basically what Furlong said although he added that the seats may be empty at the beginning of the event but 99% of the time they are filled during the course of the event. This is clearly not true as evidenced by what we see on TV.

    Like you, I wish they could find a way to release those seats to the public or even better to some local charities.

    Are you going to the closing ceremonies?

    • ~KC~ says:

      Well I tend to agree with you Fay in that I don’t think the seats reserved for the non-public are being 99% used up. But who am I to refutiate what John Furlong says when I am but a Contract Administrator with VANOC. I will simply have to let his response stand but let the fact speak for themselves. I would think that John’s comments are perhaps more applicable to hockey being that it is a Canadian sport favorite … but again, we will let the facts speak for themselves.

      Luckily, I am going to the Closing Ceremonies next week. That is also the last day of my employment term with VANOC so it feels appropriate to end it all with the “Closing Ceremonies“. I have no details whatsoever what to expect for the Closing Ceremonies but I can expect that it will be a celebration that Vancouver has never seen – regardless of where our stats are on the podium!!

  8. Fay says:

    Have fun at the CC, I’m sure that it will be fun!

    • ~KC~ says:

      When this is all said and done, I will be posting pictures. Stay tuned. I will be blogging a bit more about it this coming week… so stay tuned for more!

  9. Old Iron says:

    Canada sucks.

    -ZING! Fired one across the bow.

  10. t i m says:

    As a Brit who loves Canadians, I’ll try to bite my tongue on this one. Well… we’re not so good at the minority sports, but when you look at the last summer games in Beijing, Great Britain were in the top 5 of the medals table, whereas as Canada were in the dizzy heights of 19th, just saying. 😉

    If hockey was truly an international game taken seriously by big nations like China, Australia, France, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, South Africa etc maybe we’d care too.
    As for now, the only Crosby I had heard of until reading this was Bing!

    Hey I got to defend my people to some extent. 😉

    • ~KC~ says:

      You may defend your people anytime Tim… just don’t be a sore looser and attack others for things that aren’t controllable. Not YOU personally but your media has bashed Canada and our Games mercilessly and without merit.

      Not impressed whatsoever with the motherland.

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