…And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

You guys ever seen pictures of a rock show performed in Nigeria?

Well, now you have.


Cool points go to the first person that guesses which pic I am in. KC, you can’t play this game so don’t even try.


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

4 Responses to …And now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT

  1. ~KC~ says:

    OK won’t play … but I already have ’nuff coolness points as it is.. ;0)
    But that lead singer… oh hot damn!!!! yummy!!!

  2. alison says:

    who knows?! but anyway the drummer and the leader singer are both pretty damn hot

  3. ~KC~ says:

    … strange contest to be holding too considering that there are pictures of us posted on this blog, at several different places… doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one you are!

    … fishing for compliments perhaps Old Iron???

  4. Old Iron says:

    But of course. Nothing like a good ego massage to brighten the day.

    -And thanks for the compliment Alison. It was a hard show to arrange and the heat and humidity were killer but we had a blast playing songs that were older than us (the drummer and the singer) to a crowd that was twice your age. Meh, it breaks up the monotony.

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