Bitch Fest 2010

No This Isn't Me But Might As Well Be

The hardest part about HAVING to play nicely with the others asses in the sandbox is that – you don’t have an outlet for your frustrations. None.

By the time I’ve been told how incompetent I am because ‘YOU’ forgot the processes and how ‘YOUR’ own function works and most importantly how to do ‘YOUR’ own fucken job (you know, the one that pays you WAY more than you’re worth and more than what I take home but apparently I’ve been doing it better than you??) – I am drained, exhausted and on my very last frayed nerve. But I still have to bare it and smile, like I am made of stone… be like a duck. I need to vent before I not only implode but also explode. Now what a sight that would be.

By the time I get home, I am completely and utterly exhausted.
I already suffer from a lowered immune system… and as it is, I am taking a beating.
I keep reminding myself… the end justifies the means.
This isn’t about me. It’s about Canada. It’s about the athletes. It’s about the world to see. It’s not about me.
Or is it?
I’m not sure anymore. I’m confused. And I’m tired.

Working for the OCOG isn’t any different than working for any other steady state business. It’s just that my full-time permanent, high-pressure, performance driven job… comes to an end. That’s it. Once the Olympics are over… it’s over. Done. Finis. Nada. Ziltch.
That should give me the strength to carry on when faced with some of the few asswipes that I have the misfortune of having to work with day in, day out. You’d think.

No one else wants to work with this person.
Nope. But I’ve been the one who’s had the most success at getting something out of this person. Mostly because I’ve had to tell this person how to do their job and did quite a bit already for them, mostly in the spirit of simply… getting the job done. I’m now banging my head into a bloody pulp, against a brick wall – figuratively speaking. And I’m frustrated. I’m exhausted. I’m hanging on by a thread. And that thread is frayed.

It’s been very eventful at work, needless to say.
Asshole aside, its full engines ahead… fast!
Olympic venues are completed and we are getting ready to welcome NOCs, NPCs, IOC, IPCs, the world media and VIPs to our city. Starting Monday.
Vancouver is s-l-o-w-l-y coming alive with the Olympic spirit but not nearly as excited as the rest of Canada is about it coming to town. Only 57% of British Columbians are excited about it… while 73% of Canadians think it’s a positive thing. BC is rather ambivalent to the Games… mostly due to the fact that they don’t like to be disturbed for two or threes weeks out of their hippy lives. Most are upset at road closures forcing many to park their cars elsewhere or onto public transit… which is below them. Most are cautiously awaiting the Games to see what the long-term economic affects the Games will have on Vancouver… pushing them outside their nice little bubbled comfort zone, into having to think outside the box. The fact of the matter is: BC’s political culture is a cranky one to say the least. But I am trying to be the optimist here and say, just like what happened in Salt Lake City: once the Games arrive in town, the enthusiasm will pick up and BC’ians will get into the spirit of the Games… making all the stress, battered immune system, frustrations, jadedness … a distant memory. I will slip comfortably into selective memory and like birthing a baby after an impossibly long and painful labour… it will be worth-while.

OK. So I’m having ONE OF THOSE DAYS.
I admit it. I am being bitchy because I’ve had enough. The wrong buttons were pushed by the wrong dude. AND – it’s a Saturday and I am the only one at work.
I have a ringing in my right ear that rivals the bells of Tom’s Tower, a sore throat and aching joints.
I’m pissed off at how ignorant one of my fellow compatriot is while no one else in my function wants to deal with him… on the verge of tears while tasting blood as I bite my tongue trying to remain professional.
Welcome to the stresses of putting on a LARGE event called – the Olympics.
I know I’m not the only one. We are all there at any given time… on any given day.
Today (and yesterday) is my day.

So the Bright Side:
The cool thing though about this is that Cultural Olympiad 2010 kicked off last night! I love this aspect of the Games.

Inukshuk at Whistler Olympic Nordic Center

I volunteered for CO 2009 last year at the Biltmore and I had a blast! I am not allowed to volunteer this year as I am sanctioned elsewhere Games time, but I will do my best to get to as many concerts, shows, events my schedule and health allow me to. For anyone living on the Wet Coast or within driving distance – check it out… it’s worth the drive/flight!! I won free tickets to tomorrow’s STREB performance, and should my health allow me, I’d love to see such a unique event. I also have tickets to various events around town… yet finding it rather difficult to find someone to come with me. The perils of the single life and the snobiness that is Vancouver. Like pulling teeth to find someone to join the adventure… on free tickets!!! INSANE. So far I have tickets to the following events:

(2) tickets to the Opening Ceremonies Dress Rehearsal (Feb 10)
(4) tickets to Victory Ceremonies to see the Stereophonics (Feb 24)
(2) tickets to the Closing Ceremonies (Feb 28)
(2) tickets to the Opening Ceremonies for Paralympics (Mar 12)

Those are just the ones I got for being an employee. I am working all angles to get others. And I want to see other performances. I won’t be able to see many of the sport events because of work – but I want to participate in the other stuff… the FUN stuff!!! There will be plenty of parties and free events around town put on by many of the world team & sponsors (like Heineken House… woohoo!).

In the meantime, El Nino has impacted the Winter Games in a most peculiar way. Lack of snow on the Wet Coast. We’ve had an insanely mild winter, with about 5 months of rain and grey skies, but never dipping really below freezing. A nd while early in December, the mountains got hit with plenty of snow… January saw lots of it melting away. And while we are trucking snow from the higher mountain areas… there is a risk of it melting before 12Feb10. EECK. Back up plans are in place but Mother Nature been smoking a bit too much crack lately impacting most of Canada. You know, the place where most people think we live in igloos, because its, too cold???? Yeah. Not so much. Environment Canada is predicting a mild rest of the winter, while cautioning Canadians that we could potentially get hit hard at the end of the Winter season… so things could get interesting!

While creditors barrel down on one of the many bankrupted IntraWest properties (10 in total, 3 in Canada 7 in the US), more specifically in Whistler-Blackcomb as it faces the auction block right in the heart of the Olympic Games, it is still ‘Games as usual.’ While most of the world whispers ‘oh my,’ VANOC feels very comfortable being able to put the Games on in Whistler, in tact. Like Dan Doyle said (VANOC’s executive vice president of construction),

We feel very comfortable that we’re going to be able to put the Games on with those venues intact. I don’t know why you would rush an auction when you would want to go around the world to find all the potential buyers and provide them with full due diligence and information to make the potentially highest bid. You’re going to have the best exposure for Whistler that it has ever had in its history.”

It’s business as usual. All contracts and agreements set in place with IntraWest will be honoured during Games time, bankruptcy or not.

So as we welcomed the Torch back into British Columbia, hear people bitch about the relay, changed times of events, schedules, parking, lack of snow and whatever else ailes them… It’s full steam ahead.  We simply can’t please everyone… and everyone needs something to bitch about.

Even I need to vent. About asshole coworkers. Because working here doesn’t make me immune to dealing with stupidity. It’s just makes it more apparent than any other time. But I keep telling myself: the end justifies the means. And who else can say they they got to work for the Olympics?

Please: every so often… remind me to breathe.
And have a shot of Gin.
One more month of the insanity… good and bad.
Once it’s done, I will probably be wishing, it wasn’t.
Today… I just needed to vent.


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

4 Responses to Bitch Fest 2010

  1. Gordon says:

    Well, I hope you’re happy. You’ve single-handedly destroyed Canada’s reputation for niceness.

    They’ll probably deport you for this.

  2. Old Iron says:

    Canadians are mean.

    -There. I said it.

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