Rules of Engagement

After reading the most passive-aggressive battle royal between two female bloggers about who hurt whom first with comments over another persons blog posting because one agreed with another over a topic that the other disagreed with… (confused yet?? I am – geez – they made my hormones hurt with the whole YOU SAID… NO YOU SAID… YOU STUPID … WELL YOU STUPIDER… I HATE YOU… WELL YOU UGLY… I’M SORRY… ME TOO… LET’S GO SHOE SHOPPING NOW … OOH I LIKE YOUR MAKE-UP… YOU PREGNANT OH CONGRATS crap) … I found this from here who got it from here and it couldn’t have been any more apropos.  Learn how to fight ladies!!!!

Look people – if you are gonna fight online or in blogosphere… wear your big girl panties and fight like a true Princess Warrior!  Ugh.  Seriously now.   Play by the rules or put the barbie dolls away (and no, not talking about that stupid book “The Rules).  No white flag waving with each kick in the nonads… don’t fight like a pussy.

Because you’ll end up being the butt end of a joke… like this one – and deservedly so…

Internet Arguing Techniques


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