-Never knew that riots could be so annoying.

So I have been trolling the international news sites trying to see if they are reporting the recent “activity” that has occurred on my work site, AAAAAAAAAAAND of course there is nothing.



You would think that an international work site that had a couple of deaths and subsequent rioting that had a damage price tag (estimated, of course) of around 3 million dollars would have at least hit SOMEWHERE outside of Nigeria, but no…. that would be news!!! That would be something that someone could report that has nothing to do with the tanked global economy, the fact that Obama’s halo is loosing it’s shine, and that the price of tea in China is steadily rising!!! This would be something that was outside of anthro-pathetic global warming that has apparently caused a mini ice age, or was on the flip side of whatever pathetic attempts that the states are pushing forward to zap health care with a governmental ray gun!

-Nope. Still nothing.

Might as well tell my interpretation of the events then, seeing as how I am apparently the only one that knows that this event occurred and have the power of Grayskull on my side.

Let’s start from the beginning for the uninitiated.

I work in the oil and gas industry out here in a quaint place called Escravos (Portuguese for “slavery”, look it up!) on a project called EGTL1. Lovely little high-dollar construction project that we have out here, with our composite expat/local work force that is sitting at about 8% expats and about a BAZILLION percent locals. Our project butts up against another project called EGP3 that is currently attempting to demobilize (i.e. FIRE) a signifigant amount of their labor force because let’s just face it, the amazing thing about construction is that when you have actually finished the project, there is no job left to do! Imagine that! Wonders of wonders, construction doesn’t even remotely resemble production! -I mean it does SOUND a little like it, but honestly folks, not the same thing.

These very people that work on the other project just so happen to have lodging in the same area that our junior staff do, thus they work at the other project but live on ours.

-Powder keg?


Apparently some time this past Monday a busload of the workers were attempting to get through a gate to get to their lodging area and for some reason the driver refused to show his identification, thus annoying the guards to the point that they followed protocol and actually decided to do the “none shall pass” thing. Good for them if you ask me, but the vehicle behind the bus, a military commander’s vehicle, attempted to circumvent the belligerent bus and get through the gate with badge in hand. This just INFLAMED the local workers so greatly, potentially due to the fact that protocol was being attempted to be followed, that a scuffle ensued.

-Sorry, but let’s take a moment here to discuss the rationale of an unarmed scuffle with people that are carrying automatic weapons. O.k., useless exercise here as THERE IS NO RATIONALE.

Oops! There I go again, digressing!

Let’s just say that there was some weapon-grabbing from which I hear is never really a good idea, some weapons were discharged into a few apparently unsuspecting persons, and there were casualties.

To say that after this all hell broke loose is to severely underestimate the ability of man to make hell look like a children’s playground in comparison to what mankind can invoke.

-All hell broke loose.

The information on the sizes of the mob are varied, but it was anywhere from eight hundred to three thousand locals that decided that it was there time to tear some shit up.

Windshields on site vehicles were destroyed.

The clinic was decimated… but strangely enough no drugs were taken. FIRST SIGN THAT I DID NOT PARTICIPATE.

A gate was literally removed from it’s fucking hinges to allow ease of access.

Various indian expats that were in their rooms were beat to shit and robbed blind.

They burned down an entire fucking building.

NO ALARMS WERE SOUNDED. The other expats had literally NO CLUE as to what happened until the next morning, and one guy told me that he supposed the random gunfire that was kicking off was part of the video game that he was playing.




Well, at least I now know what these monsters are capable of.

Fuck this place.


About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

6 Responses to -Never knew that riots could be so annoying.

  1. Old Iron says:

    Oh, forgot to say.

    Good to be back.

  2. andy says:

    Holy shit. I’m glad your safe and sound out there. Take care of yourself, and welcome back.

  3. Old Iron says:

    Thanks for the touch base Andy. I would like to go on record to say that this place is just ALL kinds of twisted, but because there are really no other options other than to deal with it…. you deal.

  4. Qwatcher2 says:

    If this is “No reason to worry” then I hate to think what you’re perception of “should worry” is. Umm..nuclear blast? No Wait! Having to fly coach 2 & from there. 🙂

    • ~KC~ says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!!!
      “No big deal really – its just annoying”
      … perception is slightly skewed I think on some levels!!!

  5. Old Iron says:

    -Yeah, coach WOULD suck.

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