It’s All About the ‘stache

I’m a sucker for a good cause.

I’ve done a lot of charity work in the past.  My non-profit of choice has always been The Heart and Stroke Foundation for very valid reasons: my mother passed away at the tender age of 31 of heart disease, my father has hardening of the arteries and due to other health concerns of his, is irreparable.  Most of the men on my father’s side of the family have bad tickers.  So – I think it goes without saying – heart disease is important to me.  Knock on wood… my heart is still good and in fine fighting form… in more ways than one.

But over the years of doing charitable work, I have noticed a trend: although men are greatly impacted by various diseases/conditions – it’s the women of the world that get the most visibility when it comes to such things.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that – considering that the warning symptoms for women greatly differ from men and often go unnoticed or misdiagnosed.  But men… are equally as important.  I won’t devalue that.

So, much to my delight – the men at VANOC have taken an active lead in promoting a predominantly ‘male’ cause… prostate cancer.  Oh I know… it’s an ugly topic.  I mean who wants to talk about such things???

Well – we can’t turn a blind eye to it either.  I’ve lost two great co-workers to prostate cancer over the years and watched them suffer a great deal.  And had these two men not been soooo squeeemish about getting tested – they would still be alive with us today.   But if a rectal probe can potentially save your life… bend over baby!!!  You’ll live.

Why is it so vital for men to get checked?  Because most men will never feel the symptoms of the cancer until it is too late.  90% of the men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer are detected when the cancer is confined or has spread to the areas around the pelvis.  The prostate cancer develops in the prostate, which is a gland in the male reproductive system. The cancer occurs when cells of prostate mutate and start to multiply out of control. Sometimes the cells can spread from the prostate to other parts of the body like the bones or the lymph nodes.

Various symptoms of this type of cancer could be the pain in the pelvis area, difficulty in urinating, and an erectile dysfunction. This cancer is least common in Asia and most common among the black men. The prostate cancer usually develops when a man has passed 50 years old – but that’s not always the case.

So in a show of solidarity… the men of VANOC (or a nice majority) have joined forces to raise an awareness and funds for prostate cancer research.  And I applaud them.  Many have been sporting a ‘stache during the month of November.  And the ‘VANOC Mo-Hairs’ are asking for a little help or support – should you feel so inclined to do so.

Women get a lot of visibility with causes that are very important… but this is just as important. 

So, today I’m doing my part by spreading the message to the men of the world: we need you here… so please get tested.  And there are a few of you out there that I would really really really  like to have around a wee bit longer … I don’t want to see another unnecessary death to this disease… especially if it can be detected early and/or prevented.

So if you can – please donate here

186,000 men will be newly diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone, of which 42,000 will die


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2 Responses to It’s All About the ‘stache

  1. Old Iron says:

    Thus one of the best things about working out here: free yearly physicals. I know I may be a little young for that kind of thing, but hey, you can never be too careful.

    Just one word of advice. If you have been on a bender for a week and you top it off with a physical, let the doc know or they like to think that your high blood pressure is due to hypertension.

    Trust me on this.

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