For Your Entertainment Only

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So I was going to talk about my weekend and the conundrum created from posting a new profile picture (dear gawd)… or the ridiculousness that is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (a stuck in the 70-80’s Christian Rock Opera hair band… SHOOT.ME.NOW.)… rather, I’m stepping up on my soap box…

Instead I want to rant about the 2009 AMAs (American Music Awards).

Not because it’s extremely boring or predictable.
Because the above is TRUE. YAWN.
But because of the so-called controversy that a particular overrated rock-opera wannabe called Adam Lambert (of the A.I. fame) created with his so-called ‘raunchy-too-hot-for-TV’ performance.

OK seriously?
Listen up you conservative chastity-belt-wearing prudes…

So what?
The guy kisses another guy on TV.
He simulates fellatio by grinding a guys face into his crotch.
He drags a chick by the leg across the floor.
Who cares?? Seriously!
Is this too controversial for your eyes?? Holy.
I bet the walls in your house are all beige.

I wished people would stop being hypocrites about this shit.

We listen and let our children listen to music about murder, violence, sexual promiscuity, drugs, abuse, with homophobic lyrical content.

We play and let our children play video games that are all about eluding authority, murders, killing sprees, robberies, raping women/children, war, crimes, sex etc…

No one thinks twice about that or the ramifications of over-exposure to THAT sort of content.

We watch and let our children watch prime time television where scantily clad teenagers flaunt their stuff and sexuality moreso than some porns I’ve seen (sorry dad – yes I’ve watched AND enjoyed porns – no need to be shocked – and I still love ya!!).  The content of such TV shows, airing at the same time as the AMAs, are filled with violence, controversial subjects that, again, parents and children alike think nothing less about watching.

Madonna masturbates on stage.
Prince simulated sex on stage.
Lil Kim is usually naked or practically naked on stage.
Brittney, Janet, Christina, MJ, Eminem, David Bowie, hell Aerosmith and countless hair band rockers… I mean seriously… the list goes on and on…

Yet – we let our kids idolize them and go to their concerts.  Think nothing about it.

Far less of a crime than letting them indulge in the violence that IS video games and used as the perpetual babysitter.

So seriously – shut the fuck up with the outrage!  Hypocrite!

This is NOTHING compared to what other stuff we allow on our airwaves that nobody says shit about.

And look – to play it ‘safe’ ABC gave you a warning … in fact several warnings about Lambert’s so-called outrageous musical display.  Don’t bitch if you’ve been warned and you watched nonetheless.  Just goes to show that 1) you don’t listen, 2) you’re a hypocrite or 3) both.

And this so-called ‘outrageous’ performance… LOL – flashy at best.

So what – a guy kissed another guy.  A girl kissed another girl.  Some guy thrust his crotch in a persons face.  Homophobe!

Lock the doors.  Elvis isn’t dead afterall!!!
Surely … such a performance will corrupt the youth of the world!!!

Honey – if you’ve never experienced anything other than missionary and think that’s as risqué you’ll ever get… then you shouldn’t be watching TV.  PERIOD.

Truly … the 2009 AMAs were boring at best.  And if this is the performance that creamed your panties and tied them up in a bunch … what a boring life you must lead.  Go back under that rock you live under.  I’m bored with you already.

Oh let him thank you for the increased album sales… you did the man justice.

*Steps off soapbox*

Oh one more thing… if you just so happen to be one of those people I describe above… don’t look at the video below.  You haven’t gotten out of the dark ages and your own sexuality frightens you.  I can’t help you.  But you need help.


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6 Responses to For Your Entertainment Only

  1. Old Iron says:

    You mean… the AMA’s actually still have an audience, still has some type of market share?

    Interesting. Oh, and until someone puts real music back on those shows there is no need to watch them. Shock and awe is all well and good, but if the music is shite them what is the point? Might as well watch a cabaret show.

    • ~KC~ says:

      True. But that’s all there was on TV last night. And even all of my trusted channels (Food Network, HGTV, Travel & Escape) didn’t have anything worth watching or all repeats. It’s a joke at best.

  2. This has been a hackneyed defense for a very long time. It goes back to the repeal of the Hays code in 1968, and probably all the way back to the introduction of that code in the 1930’s. The problem: Little darlings have been/are being exposed to sex. The defense: Forget about the sex! What about the violence, you hypocrite.

    We have forty years of hindsight from which we can benefit, and the hindsight says this: Worrying about kids being introduced to sex might be legitimate…if the kids are bored, and lack the moral code (to be developed and strengthened in the home) to deal with what it is they are seeing. Then the pregnancy/poverty skyrockets. Kids being exposed to violence does far less damage, in fact it’s the kids who have been shielded from it that have the problems. Men start acting emasculated. Coming of age, they start to form households in which the man is ritually and routinely disrespected. The hippy-dippy “we never hit our kids” households. Their children become bitches-in-training. The Folsom households; the ones in which wife-and-kids come home to inform the family patriarch that now-we-have-a-dog.

    But the real damage comes from the quantity of entertainment. When kids are raised from babyhood to insist that every little thing they watch, has to provide them with gratification within five seconds or else the young head should swivel around and go look at something else — you can’t tell them a goddamn thing anymore. This is neither sex nor violence, it’s the attention span of an insect and that’s where our society is really falling apart now. The President that wins an election can have nonsensical or nonexistent policies, but if the guy’s fun to watch then that MUST be the right fellow for the job. Kids know little to nothing about…well, just about anything that’s essential, deals with history, or both. Readin’-ritin’-rithmetic. Name three American Presidents who are dead now, and whose faces are not on Mount Rushmore. What year was the Spanish Armada? It used to be these were mildly challenging Trivial Pursuit questions. Now, it seems ludicrous to demand even the teacher should be able to answer them. Or the principal. That’s a dumbing-down, and we’re less likely to recover from that than even our suffocating public debt.

    To the extent this damage is intertwined with the violence…and it is, occasionally…I agree with you, KC.

    • ~KC~ says:

      While this is an excuse that has been used for years and years… it still rings true and I will continue to cry HYPOCRITE because it is exactly that. Hypocrisy. Selectively saying anything that is THIS way is OK but another isn’t. Based on what? To say ‘sex is bad but the violence in all other forms of media is OK’ just doesn’t sit right with me. Its up to each parent to monitor and pay attention to the very best they can what their children are being introduced to. And guess what – its done in a piss poor way. Piss-poor parenting.

      Art is NOT B&W, nor will it ever be. And people need to take a much closer look at what they allow into their households via all means of media – before bitching and being all up in arms. Its just a bunch of hypocrite homophobes – no one cried FOUL when Madonna & Britany & Christina kissed… not to this extent. Selective discrimination.

      We live in a world of instant gratification – all of which is what WE did. We want. We get. Now. Instant gratification. I never grew up that way. I had to earn certain rights… while others were denied to me until I could make that decision on my own. Should I ever choose to have a child in this lifetime… that is exactly how they will be raised. You want? You work for it.

  3. Old Iron says:

    I personally believe that metered doses of exposure to sex and violence are the key to a healthy child. I’m not saying that you need to put “Debbie Does Dallas and Half of the Eastern Seaboard 12” on while skeet shooting, but a slingshot and telling your kid that Lady X is pretty should get the ball rolling, so that your kid doesn’t turn out to be one of those spineless metrosexual fops. Me personally I think that the Israelis have it right; mandatory military service at the age of 18 tends to wake some kids up, even if the parents of said spawn, through a complete lack of physical verification of the parental hierarchy, created a whiny little shit.

    At the end of the day this post is based off of one such dandy doing something stupid on stage to create, in essence, a homosexual version of the “shock and awe” attack on the viewing masses.


    My response?


  4. Agree, with both.

    The H-word kinda sticks in my craw a little bit. For “hypocrite” to stick, the person observing a differential has to be completely and utterly responsible for manufacturing that differential in his own mind…to the point of engaging in delusion. Therefore the situations absolutely have to be identical. Not just a little bit, but completely.

    This is not the case with sex and violence. I see Mickey Rourke lop off Elijah Wood’s limbs in Sin City and then let a wolf-dog slowly devour him, it is intuitively obvious that is depraved and wrong. Even when with the back-story involved it might be considered justifiable. The fact that the central character considers it justifiable, is a testament to the loss of his grip on reality. This is all just self-evident. Even if I’m a little kid. If I think this movie somehow legitimizes mutilation and murder, there is already so much wrong with me before I ever saw the movie, that I shouldn’t be allowed to walk around free. The movie has no responsibility for creating barbarism that wasn’t there before.

    That is not the case with sex. In “Same Time Next Year” Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda carry on an affair for three decades even though both are “happily” married. Now, apply just a little bit of common sense to this from the point-of-view of a wronged spouse discovering this toward the end. Imagine how devastating that would be. And yet, if you are young and naive watching this for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking this is acceptable behavior, or even that nobody’s harmed by it and there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

    There are exceptions to everything. In “Once Upon a Time in America” the main character rapes a girl in the back of the car and it’s completely obvious this is wrong, even though he’s the star of the movie. But that’s in direct service of a plot point that relies directly on this. For a more realistic example, there is sex that is wrong in Godfather, and violence that is wrong in Godfather. To an impressionable mind, it seems “kind of right” that Sonny is bopping his mistress while his wife is downstairs at Connie’s wedding reception. But it does NOT seem kind-of-right that Michael, a far more sympathetic character, is shooting the chief of police in the head in an Italian restaurant…even though a great deal of dialogue is spent on why exactly this is supposed to be an okay thing to do.

    Sex & violence simply don’t have the same influence on people.

    But I agree with pretty much everything else you said. Especially about making kids earn things.

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