Then Along Came The Finger…

It’s pretty simple.
There are haters.
Then there’s the rest of the world.

And then there are those who are the rest of the world that, without even trying, antagonize the shit out of the haters.  Like I said… it happens often even without trying.  Perhaps it’s the curse of the Sagittarius, I don’t know.

So this morning…
Got on the bus (because who the hell can afford a car, house/apt AND food in Vancouver???) to work.
I gots my tunes on, minding my own business, enjoying the mindlessness that is taking public transit to reach your destination… and much like the rest of the passengers, not giving a rats ass about the others.

I’m sporting some VANOC Olympic wear (a really nice oversized navy blue & white stripped fleece with CANADA across my chest and an itty bitty VANOC logo above it on the left breast) and my 2010 Olympic bag (with the logo so subtle and inconspicuous that you’d have to be looking pretty HARD to make it out).

Really – I WAS minding my own business – not even making eye contact with anyone on the bus.  I SWEAR!

So on comes this tall lanky unshaven guy, with a long beige overcoat.  Hair all messed up looking pretty much as miserable as the rest of us felt on this chilly, rainy, windy Wednesday in Vancouver.
And he chooses to sit across from me on the bus.

Again… I got my tunes on… headphones that pretty much muffle out all other sound.  I did a quick once over and went back to staring into space.

But you know that sensation you get when someone is just glaring at you… where eyes are just burning a hole into you… and you KNOW it’s not a happy, sexy, you-so-hot stare?
Yeah. You know the kind.
Well I was feeling that.  Burning right thru my left breast area and into my nice bag.

So I decide to stare back at him… to see what this guy’s problem was.  With me in particular.
He stood up.
Damn.  Did he have to do that???
And not that I’m afraid of confrontation (’cause I can stand my own), but I wasn’t too keen on the fact that he pretty much towering over me with the devil in his eyes. I’d had hoped he was just a miserable sonofabeeech but … apparently not.

So I moved my headphones away so I could hear… as he was mouthing something in my direction.

You work for Oh-limp-ick” he said as he walked passed me towards the bus doors, in a rather unique accent.  I still can’t quite place it.  Not quite European… I became ever so preoccupied figuring out what part of the world did he just immigrate from… so

I just nodded and smiled.  Kill ’em with kindness as I do, afterall, represent “The Brand” and because I sorta knew what was coming next.  The writing was on the wall afterall.  I could tell he wasn’t about to be asking for my autograph.  Nope.  He wasn’t.

The bus stops.
He turns to me… and within inches of my face…
Gives me the finger.
Full frontal FINGER.

My smile went to a full-blown ear-to-ear grin under 3.4 seconds… barely able to contain the laughter that was bubbling inside of me.
I watched him bang on the door, angrily trying to get them opened… mumbling something I never made out.
Still grinning. His hatred and anger amused all my senses.

Finally he got off… spurted out “FAAAAAH-k” and stomped off in whatever direction he was going.  I put my headphones back on, bobbing my head to the beat… still smiling, while those who saw the altercation… sat in shock and one lady in utter horror.

I couldn’t help but smile.
It was funny!
I totally and seriously – got hated on.
It had been a really long time that I was in a full blown-out, in-your-face… hate-on.

3 months away from my last day as a VANOC employee… and I got to have a fully rounded Olympic Organizer experience. My time here was not ill-spent afterall.

That felt good.


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

11 Responses to Then Along Came The Finger…

  1. Wow. Weird. What was his problem?

    I don’t live so close to the border anymore. Is there something controversial about being an Olympic Organizer up there? Why?

    • ~KC~ says:

      Oh for sure there is Morgan – but mostly with a select few disgruntled human beings. Some openly disagree with the Olympics period because of Hitler. Some don’t want them on what they call stolen land. Others are saying we are damaging the landscape and creating havoc on the environment or the displacement of the homeless or that the funds spent on putting this together should have gone to other social programs instead. Others are just professional protesters that go from event to event, as needed, and cause shit. While others are perhaps disgruntled at a lost competitve bid for services (I get that a lot since I work in Procurement) or because they weren’t selected as a volunteer or part of the ceremonies or maybe even an employee. Some protesters have gotten somewhat violent, storming podiums, threatening employee gatherings, disfiguring the Olympic Clock, or endangering the lives of our police men & women and horses etc…

      What this guys problem was… who the heck knows!!! I just thought it was funny! I mean I see the 2010 Protesters all the time – they set up booths at all these different fairs and events scattered about the city. But this was my first straight to MY face experience with it. I can’t imagine what he’d done if I had also worn my Olympic red mittens too (they just so happened to be in my bag he was burning a hole into)!!!

  2. Old Iron says:

    Just like I used to tell people when they had a problem with me working in Iraq on the LOGCAP contract:

    “Someone has to work for the Devil, because in the end the pay is GREAT.”

  3. Come to the Dark Side, Luke…it is your desssssstiny. Cool medical plan too.

  4. Andy says:

    She’s Canadian, Morgan, she don’t get them references. Stick with lines from “The Kids in the Hall,” we can educate her when she gets here.

    Taking shit for working for the Olympic Committee is spectacular. A shiny Loony (Loonie?) says that he doesn’t even know why he’s pissed, he just knows people who are pretty sure they’re supposed to be.

    • ~KC~ says:

      HEY HEY HEY… I’m standing right here Andy!!!! I get the whole Star Wars Darth Vaddar reference… LOL!!!! Sheesh… hehehe…

      Yeah – the guy was probably loony, not truly understanding his own anger towards it, as most don’t. I don’t get it… although I CAN sympathize with SOME of the arguements against it.

      Nice to see you practicing your Canadian Andy – mentally preparing yourself for the desolation that is Northern Saskatchewan??? (itsa Loonie & a Toonie btw… ) First with references to Kids in the Hall… what next? Anne Murray? Buffy St. Marie? KD Lang? Celine?? Mitsou? The Guess Who? Rush? Tragically Hip? Oh oh oh – Corey Hart!!! I KNEW IT!!! hehehe

      Speaking of Canadian comedies… have you seen Corner Gas or Little Mosque on the Prairie? FUUUNNY!

  5. Andy says:

    Ahhh, Corey Hart. My guilty pleasure.

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