Yes, this is going to be one in a huge pool of posts that address the insanity that occurred on Ft. Hood a couple of days ago, something that even the simplest of minds can probably figure out on their own without myself or my partner in crime trying to interpret it for you. In fact, if you need the true skinny on it, you might want to go see Andy over at Dipso Chronicles, as he has crafted a piece that hits the nail on the head with the accuracy of a tomahawk missile. I, on the other hand, have asked KC if she would like to participate in a little exercise with me on this topic. We have already stated our individual stances as being slightly eschew of each other, which is perfect seeing as how the title of this blog is “Compare / Contrast”, so the exercise that I came up with was a simple one that feeds off of this quality; take opposite sides of this ongoing debate as to the motives of this murderer and try to put your head into the space of the argument that was the OPPOSITE of what you believed. I know for me the reason I am doing this is that I would like to know how someone can possibly transpose a filter over evil that allows it to somehow be digested easier; how a specific spin could possibly be used to cover up something that, to the supposed “uneducated masses”, is seen with such horror and revulsion, but for KC I think (hope!) that she plays along because it could be kinda interesting.

So here goes.


Old Iron in his tree hugger Birkenstocks

No one can truly map the reasoning behind this one troubled man’s actions, as he has to date not admitted them, but a man that has dedicated his life to the psychological health of his fellow men, his fellow warriors, has to have at least some internally-justifiable reasoning to define what he did. This is a man that has vocally protested going to a war zone in which he could potentially be killing those of like religion, a faith that he believed so strongly that in the end it appeared to have overwhelmed his logic and caused him to rampage against the very people that he came from, the very SYSTEM that in his eyes was the enemy. Yes there was collateral damage from his the supposed collapse of his sanity, but his was a hand that was not guided by the same logic that allowed for a college degree nor the discipline that was instilled in him through his years of service to the American Military, but those of a man that lives and breathes in a society that is suspicious of anyone that isn’t named “Joe” or “Mary” or doesn’t like bacon. His actions were, in essence, an eventuality; the end product of the very society that he himself had previously trumpeted to the point that he had committed to defend it with his life. What needs to be analyzed is not the actions of the man, not the person himself, but the “how” of the whole thing.

HOW was this man allowed to get to the point that he was at psychologically?

HOW was his mental state not seen as compromised prior to the event, and the tragedy that was the product of this shattered man potentially averted?

HOW could no one know that this man was crying out for help?

This man, sad enough to say, is just a social barometer unless the process that created this man does not change and change drastically.

Oh God I feel sick. That was fucking HORRIBLE to have to put myself in that position. To think that people actually allow themselves to glaze evil over like that….  it is enough to make me want to snap a hippie’s neck and eat his steaming entrails.

Alright KC, your turn. You get to be the Conservative.

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ •~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

Humour me a bit here… let me pull from my own experiences, so that I can get into the right frame of mind for this exercise.  Let it be known, I will never, ever be… a Conservative.  God forbid.  And I will NEVER ever condone this man’s actions.  And some of this made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.  But to humour my dear friend… here we go.

Now for KC’s heartless, gun toting, “all people who are NOT Conservative are idiots” take on this…

I grew up in a rather controversial faith and faced harassment on a daily basis.  In fact, it was more than harassment.    You could call it ‘religious persecution.’  I was once shot at for being on someone’s property.  I was almost raped and would have been had it not been for my partner hitting him several times with her briefcase to get him off me.  I was attacked with rotten tomatoes and potatoes walking along the rural streets of Québec.  I was beaten by a teacher in grade school for refusing to recite a Christmas poem.  I was often mocked by my various high school teachers for my beliefs.  I faced ridicule on a daily basis by classmates, often getting physical on their parts.  Those are just SOME of my experiences as a Jehovah’s Witness – a faith that although no illegal, still garners a lot of controversy and much public humiliation.

The daily and constant harassment could have cracked me.  I could have retaliated and gone insane and do what this man did.  I could have, and with reason.  But I didn’t.  I KNEW, even as a child/teenager experiencing such hatred and negativity was born out of ignorance, fear and to retaliate would not be a true reflection of what I then believed.  And the beliefs of JW’s are NOT radical, like those of Major Hasan.  Which makes him even more deserving of what is coming to his radical ass.

So – here we have a MAJOR in the army, a very educated man who happens to be Muslim.  Yes.  His faith has come under attack by the world because of an ever growing number of radicals… which many will say took us to war.  He was conflicted about going to war, in a predominantly Muslim country, and has claimed to have been harassed because he was Muslim.  He also started spewing forth his more radical ideas.  And so he supposedly ‘cracked’ under pressure and goes on a rampage, killing innocent service men & women… claiming ‘mental issues.’  We are just being polite here.  He was fucked in the head.

Now let me poke holes into the lead up to his actions and why he deserves to be hunted like a rabid animal and then hung by the balls, to drip dry to death.

While he might be Muslim and perhaps faced various ignorant forms of harassment (irrelevant if he brought it upon himself), he was a MAJOR in the army.  The Army has processes in place that protect soldiers against such unnecessary harassment.  The chain of command is that if you’re being harassed, you can pull rank and have it addressed.  You can report someone for harassment.  You CAN do something about that does NOT involved senseless acts of unnecessary violence.

He is an educated man.  He studied psychology of all things.  He was an ARMY PSYCHOLOGIST.  He knows and understands the human psyche.  Going as far as TREATING people with the same psychological issues that he is now claiming to have that drove him to act violently.  He had access to the various forms of treatments that are available to many service men & women to help them cope with the realities and internal conflicts of war.  He KNOWS the difference between right and wrong AND studied, counseled, treated and dealt with such emotional issues.

He joined the Army.  He was a US soldier.  The war in Afghanistan has been going on since October 7, 2001.  8 full years and then some.  Being a soldier in the US Army – there is a very large probability that one would be deployed to Afghanistan.  And if there is a conflict of interest, be it personal or professional – it is your responsibility to speak up and take decisive action before you are about to be deployed.  He HAD options, in spite of requests for military discharge.  He could have faced a court martial, jail time or be dishonourably discharged.  No.  He preferred killing.  That was his option.

For anyone who has ever had a strong belief against the war, knows that they will take jail time before taking the life of anyone – especially those of your own faith.  Devout Muslims are against violence of any kind.  And he calls himself, a devout Muslim?  Pathetic is what I call him.

I have stated this before, and I will state it again – Mr. Hasan – you VOLUNTEERED to be in the Army.  You, and you alone, joined and understood that ramifications of joining, such as going to war and perhaps being asked to do things that you would not normally be comfortable doing.  As such, if you aren’t willing to do what it takes to be a soldier for your country – don’t fucken join.  Now you claimed that Muslims should not be in the US Military – what a fucken hypocrite!  No wonder you were fucked up inside!  How could you live with yourself?

Some have suggested that this is could have been in essence a form of suicide, rather than an act of terrorism against your country.  However, as cowardly as suicide is – most don’t violently massacre 13 people and injuring over 30 others in the process.  This was a personal Jihad.  You attacked unsuspecting solders, unarmed & unprepared for such an attack while spurting some religious saying ‘Allahu akbar!’  That IS an act of terrorism AND you now made it about religion.  You just became a terrorist – the same ones that you vowed to protect the world against when you became part of the US Army.  Thanks for keeping the stereotype alive.

Many of us face harassment for our beliefs and faith – be them religious or political.  But on this side of the continent – people don’t go around shooting innocent people because they don’t share your radical views.  And if that is what he truly wanted to do, live a radical Islamic life – then he should have gone to Afghanistan and defected.  That way – he could have been hunted down like the pig he is – and gotten what he truly deserves.

Personally, he deserves the death penalty.  And he brought this upon himself.   And whatever his radical reasons were for his actions – he must now face the choices of the country for his fate.  And may your god Allah save your wretched soul.



That was interesting.


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4 Responses to Dichotomy

  1. ~KC~ says:

    More on this conversation … read here

  2. Andy says:

    Nice work. Funny, though, I could tell you were both faking it. Iron wasn’t heartsickeningly apologetic enough, and KC wasn’t spastically hateful enough. I look forward to more of these, though.

    Eureka rules! My wife hates it, though.

  3. ~KC~ says:

    This exercise Andy was good in that it allowed me to step into someone’s elses shoes for a bit. I am still left with some questions that perhaps will never be answered as anything other than human error, and the ‘exception to the rule.’ It was a learning experience. I also find myself somewhat agreeing with what I wrote more and more (with some exceptions too… LOL) – mostly from a morale standpoint and not from a political.

    I still don’t know what Eureka is… must google!

  4. Old Iron says:

    You are missing out. Eureka is awesome. Oh, and Andy; much kudos for reading the following conversation to the exercise. We tried to put ourselves in the other side’s shoes, and… well… you can only go so far against the grain until your mind just has to right itself.

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