….And with that, Logic and Reason have left the building

Close to the shopI’m sitting here at the mouth of a malaria-infested river here on the western coast of Africa, wondering when the damned rain will stop, eyes a bit red because the rolling blackouts last night kept killing my room’s air conditioner which of course turned a once mildly uncomfortable room into a blazing furnace with a bazillion percent humidity in a matter of minutes, and I decided to get a much-needed dose of Americana. Of course the news was first, so on to Drudge….

…And I see this.

My jaw almost literally hit the ground.

I… I …. I just don’t know what to say. I seriously don’t. I mean I could mention the word “recession”, but apparently people who are in positions to modify and draft legislation just can’t be bothered with the fact that there just isn’t as much employment out there as there was before, and that homes are getting foreclosed on faster than ten bucks can be spent on two dollar blowjob night at the local brothel. I also could mention things like “capitalism”, but apparently that word is about to be reviled out of the English language ad placed in the same category as a certain slur that I know that definitely isn’t the word “can’t”. I could also…

Nope. I can’t.

I am actually in shock. Is it just that American legislators are just too close to the process that the fact that maybe only MILD reform legislation needs to be addressed, not a complete revamp of the system? Is it that they are just so busy looking to put their name on another useless process that the government insists is just too much for us lowly consumers and businessmen to regulate that they just have to step in and have a say? I don’t know about you but I don’t want a fucking lawyer telling me how to run a burger joint, how to design a car that has options and functions that I want, and DEFINITELY not be in charge of the difference between having insurance and not. I mean seriously, why? Why did this have to pass? I, applying my (albeit twisted and GROSSLY odd) versions of logic and reason have attempted to find justification for this, have also attempted to locate just a basic outcry that could serve as the purpose to this new legislation.

I just. can’t. do it. There is nothing there.

Maybe its just the fact that I work overseas and am not actually there that I couldn’t bring myself to hop on the band wagon of this supposed health care “crisis”. Maybe my head has just grown so far from what the apparent new ideal of the American mind is to date that I can’t even conceptualize this incessant need to overhaul the health insurance industry and tax the living shit out of the wealthy until they go blind and cry tears of blood.

Huh. That’s all I can come up with. Oh well, there goes my hopes of eventually working back in the states. Not only could a stateside job not afford me, but seriously, it’s sounding more and more the longer that I stay out here… I can’t afford you.

At least sitting here in this pretty vile armpit of the planet I can have an objective viewpoint.



About Old Iron
I'm just a guy that works overseas alot and likes to play just as hard as I work. Been to a FEW countries, know a shitload of people all over, and generally have a good time wherever I go. -Oh, and I am currently in between girlfriends, and strangely enough and perfectly happy with that status. In the long run hookers are cheaper. Take my word on that.

24 Responses to ….And with that, Logic and Reason have left the building

  1. ~KC~ says:

    “The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much. It is whether we provide enough to those who have little.” ~Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    I think this says it all. Sorry Old Iron.

  2. Old Iron says:

    -And you quote someone who basically was the author of government expansion in the States and expect me to think that such a quote is an effective rebuttal to what I have stated.



    • ~KC~ says:

      Juvenile Republican.

      It is a fundamental right for every individual under this planet to have access to health care. Except for the in US. Which is extremely contradictory to everything that you Americans stand for… individual rights, equality, freedom etc… to deny someone health care because they just can’t afford it! Doesn’t make sense to me. How does denying someone health care infringe on your personal freedom, which is the main focus of many a Republican/Conservative?

      The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is medical debt which is almost unknown in other countries in the developed world. A VERY large number of uninsured Americans create direct and hidden costs shared by all, and by extending coverage to all will lower costs and improve quality of life for ALL Americans, not just the wealthy.

      And, I think that my quote is very apropos jerk… considering it was a Roosevelt that started this whole process back in 1912… one cannot help but think of him after 97 freaking years of trying to bring health care equality to all!

  3. Old Iron says:

    -Personal experience alert!

    Myself, having only spent a smattering of times in a doctor’s office and that being mandatory due to work related physicals, just can’t seem to identify with this whole “equality” requirement that seems to be bantered around like a shrunken head at a pygmy volleyball competition. I don’t get sick but because other do apparently I have to spread my tax dollars around to not only those without homes (subsidized housing), those that cannot afford food (food stamps), those that cannot work (welfare and ALL of the fringe benefits that come with that) et cetera et cetera.

    You know, to be honest, I just miss being an individual and am tired of, through taxes and various other programs, being forced to be a part of the collective.

    I miss the word “voluntary”.

  4. ~KC~ says:

    Where are you living? On a Borg space ship??? Please… resistance is futile … This isn’t Star Trek and you aren’t being assimilated into The Collective here. sheesh (I know I just showed off my nerdiness… live long and prosper dammit)

    Americans are now under a Socialist Democracy. Which ultimately means that you will “reform capitalism democratically through state regulation and the creation of programs that work to counteract or remove the social injustice and inefficiencies they see as inherent in capitalism. It affirms the following principles: first, freedom—not only individual liberties, but also freedom from discrimination and freedom from dependence on either the owners of the means of production or the holders of abusive political power; second, equality and social justice—not only before the law but also economic and socio-cultural equality as well, and equal opportunities for all including those with physical, mental, or social disabilities; and, third, solidarity—unity and a sense of compassion for the victims of injustice and inequality.” ~ Socialist International

    You ARE the United States of America… but do not stand united on the “taking-care-of-your-own” front, especially if it means you will be out a couple of dollars. You will go to battle/war to fight for democracy in the world, to ensure freedom and equality for everyone, just not your own. Dare I say… HYPOCRITES?

    I dunno. Its sad really.
    Your health care system wasn’t working before. It needed more than a few itty bitty tweaks.
    I’m NOT saying to model it after Canada’s… just saying that it needed a complete new facelift, tummy tuck, lipsuction and the mandatory boob job.

  5. I remember many years ago we would form a consensus about what the problems were, and then we’d form a consensus about what we needed more of. Wasn’t so hard; it was pretty obvious. Then our leaders would do something to motivate people to put out what we needed more of…or at least, try to look like that’s what they were doing.

    Nowadays it’s different. The people in charge have, again, formed a consensus about what we need more of…and I agree with it all. Better access to health care. Balanced budgets, or at least budgets that aren’t so far in the red. Less harm to the environment. Greater accountability between corporations, and their shareholders & customers. American cars that represent a better investment by the people who purchase them.

    Except nowadays, it seems the great drive is to make sure NOBODY can make a profit delivering on such things. That is the biggest mistake of this health care bill, I think. Everyone agrees on what we need more of. But the folks in charge are so smart, they’ve figured out a way for us to get more of it, while providing it has been made (by them) decidedly unprofitable.

    I wonder if they could explain to me how that’s supposed to work.

    There must be an explanation somewhere. It seems to be the guiding principle behind every little thing they’re doing lately.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Welcome to Socialism Morgan. Lemme roll out the “Welcome” mat. No matter how they cover it up erhh paint it with pretty colours, it’s socialism… but we’ll make it palatable by calling it Socialist “DEMOCRACRY.” For a brief moment there, you’re almost as Canadian as we are!!! Woohoo… soon we will be one BIG happy country, no borders, one currency, one government!!!! Ugh.

      One thing I know about Americans is you always find a way to make a buck or two when it seems impossible. True capitalist. Loop holes will be poked all thru out this bill enough for one or two companies to make insane profits. Much like Canada. Oh and hey – maybe now, just maybe, some of the doctors we lost to the US will start coming back to us. We don’t mind. We have a shortage up here.

  6. Seems to me both systems allow for a potential of the elites to get away with nearly all of the loot.

    With capitalism, though, you have to put out a product or service that consumers say is worth buying.

    With socialism you have to be born into or marry into the right family.

    I can certainly see how, if you start out with the premise that there’s something abhorrent about providing a product or service that’s worth something to someone who needs it and making a profit off of it — it might be a real toss-up as to which one is worse. Me, I just don’t see how people come up with that premise. And I’m pretty sick of the kind of people who get all the breaks under quasi- and total-socialism. The Obamas, the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Castros, the Chavez’s. They’re all just oh so “charismatic”-or-whatever, their names are on all the right party invitations, and they’ve all got a destructive streak in ’em a mile wide that puts every captain-of-industry history has ever known, to complete shame.

    I’d be happy taking your attitude about Iraq, toward America’s “uninsured” problem. Say all the right stuff about how it’s a bad thing, but don’t do anything about it, instead sermonize on the moral obligation we have to just put up with it — anybody who wants to mobilize a government program to get rid of it, call ’em evil and a moron. In this situation, it would work and it would fit.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Morgan – please be sure to read a lot of the above with a HUGE dash of sarcasm. I do however take issue with hypocrisy, especially on such a grand scale (even within my own government and soon I will blog about that as well). But I don’t disagree with some of Old Iron’s issues on this whole Health Care reform. This Bill appears to be rather superficial at first glances – but on the other hand, one must start somewhere. I doubt there will ever be a ‘right’ time to introduce it. No one likes change – no one embraces it whole-heartedly right out the gate – especially when its not a proven program… leaving one with more questions than answers. But the US needs to start somewhere. Its just insane that there isn’t a form of Health Care for everyone. Incomprehensible to me. Perhaps because I have always had it available to me, no questions asked (even if it is a greatly flawed system). It just saddens me that the objections really just boil down to PROFIT or the sudden lack thereof.

      Now if you’ll excuse… I need to get back to the Lions/Seahawk’s game. It’s a close game.
      My priorities are… exactly that. HA!

  7. I notice something about you KC. The issues of which you are most fond, seem capture your attention because they pack such a whallopin’ (for good or ill) for the future generations…perhaps countless future generations. The consistent theme seems to be that we have a “do” or a “don’t” choice, and both are irreversible. Either one will impact people you and I will never meet, by the millions, in all kinds of profound ways.

    And yet your tactic for arguing them always seems to revert to type. “Time for me to get back to something else.” Kind of reminds me of the John Stewart routine about CNN…”leaving it there.” Leaving the question, WHY?? Why would you leave it there??

    Anyway. Ten months ago my senators were in the well of the Senate making exactly this argument about the stimulus. Doing nothing was OUT of the question! The justification began, and ended, there. How’d that work? Boondoggle with a capital-B. Lesson: “Doing nothing is out of the question” isn’t a good enough argument. Let’s remember that! And yet here it is, less than a year later, it’s being used to make our health care system look like yours.

    Merciful heavens, where you are folks north of the 49th going to send your sick people? I’ll bet you’ll end up wishing we’d done nothing. At least, your sick will.

    • ~KC~ says:

      hehehe Morgan… who says I am done with this topic? I just decided at that time to redirect my attention to something that was far more captivating than Health Care Reform. And I didn’t have all day to debate something that is fundamentally needed in the US.

      I am an optimist, even if you can’t see that right now about me… and I believe in a better tomorrow, be it for me, or for others after me. Life isn’t all about me… and it would be damn boring if it was all about me – which is why I like to focus my attention on the betterment of tomorrow… since today is already here. Naive? Meh. Not really. I spent countless hours volunteering for causes and organizations that benefit others… because I get trumendous joy out of it. It fulfills a part of that is terribly lacking in this world. So yeah… I am captivated by change and the possibility of change.

  8. Old Iron says:

    Mr. Freeberg, I never thought that I would be able to actually use this next word in a functional sentence, but you have refined the ability to goad KC down to an almost brilliant art form.

    Tip of the hat for you, sir.

  9. Well I’m glad to have you on board KC, because I have a long list of assholes for us to take care of now that Saddam Hussein’s gone.

    The way I figure it, actually removing the regime was relatively cheap, it was the occupation and nation-building that sucked away the blood and treasure. I think if we could outsource that part to someone else who needs a place for a nation they want built. Start the bidding at half a billion barrels of crude. Then stick to just the muscle work. Make Saddam the first of many. Like mowing a lawn.

    Change. Hope. For a better world. Like I said: Glad to have you on board.

    Seriously: How come it is we look at some of these things and say “gotta be done, no matter the consequences”…and others of these things there’s always an excuse? After the rhetoric has all been delivered, it seems to me the litmus test is “Would this plan diminish the human sense of self-sufficiency and independence?” I could be wrong, but perhaps that’s why building up socialism has so much appeal for people, whereas taking care of jerks does not.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Aha but you see Mr. Morgan – I have NEVER said gotta be done, no matter the consequences… – in fact I have often posed the question: is there not another way? I honestly cannot tell you if this Health Care Reform plan the Obamanation is proposing/implementing is a good one. From what I have been reading – I’m honestly, not sure it is. Is it the right time to implement it? Well probably not, but then again, when will it ever be a good time? There are no answers. Just a lot of unanswered questions. And THAT is a very bad indication of what is to come. But it still doesn’t negate the fact that Health Care is needed in the US, for everyone. No exceptions.

      Personally – I believe there is a much better way to establish self-sufficiency and independence than implementing a socialist regime. Trust me – Canada has seen what the NDP has done to this country in the name of “Social Democracy” and it was TERRIBLE! Virtually bankrupted entire provinces… and that is no lie. And yet, it still has a strong voice. One I choose to ignore because the output of socialism is contrary to what it promised going in. So I fear for the US under the Messiah. Salvation cannot be found in a man. And so far, his pretty perfumed words are making my eyes water. Damn allergies some may say.

      I don’t have a solution – I just keep my eyes and ears open for a potential solution. I just know that I balance my discontent with things that make me happy happy joy joyful inside. Taking care of the jerks… well – at times I think we should lock them all up in a dark room and the last man standing – wins.

  10. Well, I’ve suspected this often, but again I think you and I agree on more than we disagree. Paternalistic government has a way of making the head grow soft in the citizenry in a very subtle, seductive way. One of the first symptoms of the head-softening is a program like this winds its way through Congress, and all sorts of my countrymen are all ready to “debate” it — only in terms of what we (they) are gonna GET out of it. The signs are all there that records are about to be set in the amount of debt incurred to make it go…not to make it work, but just to pull the trigger on it. This time, yes it’s been said before many times, but I think this time it is accurate: Future generations will have absolutely no hope of ever recovering.

    There’s no other way to put it. This is just plain pussified thinking. “Whatever it costs, whoever’s future it ruins, just take caaaaaaare of meeeeeeee.” They want all the risk to be removed. Just the substantial risk at first. Next thing you know, if they have to wait ten minutes for a bus instead of five, it’s a human-rights abuse on par with slavery. Every little bump in the road, no matter how tiny, has to be ground down. That’s the mindset.

    The trouble is, living through risk is an inextricable part of living life. Eradicate the risk, and you eradicate the life. So the question that comes up here is, is this really all about providing health insurance to people? Or is it about making the government more paternalistic and the citizens more docile and compliant? Well if it’s about simply providing the health care, then why threaten to throw people in jail for up to five years for not buying it? And how come it’s been so long since I’ve heard an ObamaCare proponent spout off a number of “uninsured” — they used to be so much into it. Forty million, then 43 million, then 35 million, then 47 million, last to be President gave a speech it was thirty million. Then it’s back up to 43 again. And then…a few more weeks, and I don’t even hear a number. It’s all about controlling us, and it seems they’ve temporarily given up on trying to sell the idea it’s about anything else. Of course, people are much easier to control when they believe they have a “right” to see every single little pothole filled in the road of life, and every little speed bump removed. People who accept, adult-style, that life inherently has risk…they’re the ones who are tough to control. You have to get people hooked on their Soma first.

    Thing I Know #287. To live a life devoid of recklessness, is the most reckless thing any thinking human can do.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Fear breeds contempt followed shortly thereafter by idiocy. And I hate to say this, especially to you, but previous administrations have beautifully fed into the fears of the people, and often unfounded fears at that. The domino affect… so on so forth. That is my biggest issue with the Church and Religion as a whole – same same but different (I like sayign that) but that is a different subject for a different time. There is no 12-Step program for idiocy. We’ve become a nation of co-depedents, fear “crack” addicts with no rehabilitation program. And guess who is capitlising on it? It works!

      You can’t eliminate risk. HA… even trying to do so comes with a great deal of risk! Its absurd to even try. But there is such a thing as risk management. I know, I’ve worked in it. But without risk – there is no progress – there no growth… and one becomes stagnate for 97 years. Perhaps we ought to stop trying to control everyone and learn to control ourselves first and foremost.

  11. So your point is…Canada has become a nation of crack addicts, the US is about to follow suit by making our health care system like yours — but Don’t Worry Be Happy?

    Am I reading that right?

    • ~KC~ says:

      HAHAHA… interpretation is 10th of the law… but no.
      That’s not what I meant – I would say switch it around to – US=fear crack addicts. Canada, depending on which parts of the country you live in, already live by the pipe to the tune of Bobby McFarlane’s Don’t Worry. And for the most part, Canada is much more ‘laissez-faire’ than the US, with liberal dashes of a ‘live and let live’ mentality. I much prefer it that way too. It’s not perfect… but it works. For me.

      No… it would be safer to say that it is the other way around. US is very much a country sustained by fear… more so than Canada… but I don’t think that we are that far behind you… you are still winning that race!

      (Now I can already feel/hear/sense/taste the can of whoopass that’s gonna come my way… )

      I saw this and it reminded me of what you said above… he does make a good point tho!

  12. Whoopass? No, you don’t deserve whoopass…I don’t think.

    You just have a different definition of fear-crack-addicts and Don’t-Worry-Be-Happy than I do. That doesn’t deserve a can of whoop.

    See, I’ve been listening to people fight & argue & scream & yell about how the U.S. needs to become Canada healthcare-wise…pretty much ocntinually, since…right after Bill Clinton’s Gennifer-with-a-G scandal. Just dang, that’s eighteen years.

    You know what I’ve seen in all that time? The “my healthcare is free” people, who you call laid-back and don’t-worry-be-happy…desperately…condescendingly…and often angrily…want others to make the same choices as them. Nanny state, womb-to-tomb coverage, luxury income taxes, “free” health care programs that bankrupt the country. They don’t say “Hey all you uninsured people come to our country.” This is due to the natural inclination socialism has to creep. It’s a creeping fungus, because of human nature. People who choose security over opportunity, want everyone else to be like them.

    Throughout it all — never ONCE have I heard anyone opposed to this nanny-state health plans say “Those damn cheeseheads need to be more like us!” Never once. Again: Opportunity, and security. People who choose opportunity, who recognize life has risk, who insist on choosing their own charities — they want to be left alone. They do NOT want everyone else on the planet to do things the way they do. They don’t care. They aren’t control freaks.

    You say “Its just insane that there isn’t a form of Health Care for everyone [in the USA]. Incomprehensible to me. Perhaps because I have always had it available to me, no questions asked.” Why yes, m’dear, that’s exactly what I’m trying to explain to you. That’s how it works. That is how excessive maintenance by your aristocracy — kind of tough to call it a mere “government” after awhile — changes the way you think. It would be impolite if I were to say something about your mind getting softer, and it wouldn’t be accurate because very bright people fall for this, and they stay “bright” in some ways. It would be more precise to say it is your skin getting thinner.

    We need food just like we need medical care. So is that a human right too? Shouldn’t all governments of civilized nations be putting themselves in the business of providing that, “no questions asked”? Perfectly reasonable parallel is it not? If not, where is the line, and how does one draw it? If no answers can be forthcoming, then the “people should be able to get it because they need it” argument goes flying headlong out the window.

    • ~KC~ says:

      Wow. And not in the nice way either.

      All I’m gonna say now is this… and leave it at that because this can get really ugly, fast. Call it what you want Morgan but I am drawing the line here.

      If there is dissatisfaction with the status quo, good. If there is ferment, so much the better. If there is restlessness, I am pleased. Then let there be ideas, and hard thought, and hard work. If man feels small, let man make himself bigger.” ~ Hubert H. Humphrey – American 38th US Vice President

  13. And here we are again. You’re gonna “leave it there.”

    It’s not getting ugly at all — certainly no uglier than saying whoever is opposed to the health plan, must WANT indigent people to go without medical attention. I’m just pointing out a basic truth: People who want it to be easier to survive, but tougher to prosper, want everyone else to prioritize things the way they do. The same is not true of their counterparts who happen to value the opportunity to prosper, over security.

    That’s the “ugly” truth that must never be pointed out. So yes, of course it is time to change the subject. Let’s sum this up as a bumper sticker:

    “Let’s try to keep things civil. Just do it my way.”

    • ~KC~ says:

      How about this Morgan:
      You don’t like it. Don’t get it.
      Hey – you know the risks! Your all about RISK taking afterall… so why keep bitching about how TERRIBLE health care is FOR EVERYONE and do something about it? I mean – words mean jack shit – its all about the action man!!! Stop talking about how you are being unjustly served and do something about it! Boycott it. Take that risk. I am just tired of hearing the same arguement… how victimized y’all feel by being FORCED to do something that YOU don’t want to do. So – I say. Stop bitching. Stop being victimized and telling people they are soft in the brain because they happen to actually believe that health care is important – and do something other than bitch! This arguement BORES me to death. Come up with something more original than the same arguement that is used for EVERYTHING and maybe I won’t ‘leave it there’.

  14. Fantastic idea. How about let’s go one better.

    If you want socialized medicine, go to a country that already has it.

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