Few Loose Marbles…

I’m all for protest. Truly. But if you’re asked what you’re protesting (against or for) and your response is “no comment”, then you’re a moron. And if you aren’t even being threatened and you throw marbles under police horses’ feet thereby risking their life and limb, I would like to punch you right in the throat” ~ a friend’s Facebook status.

Friday, October 30, 2009, the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Torch Relay kicked off.  The Flame arrived in Victoria, BC to kick off 106 day tour across Canada to make its way back to Victoria for the start of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Now – as with every momentous event – you will find protesters.  Some are educated protesters and for the most part, have a semblance of accurate facts.  Others are idiots who are just looking to smoke laced pot and be rebels without an intelligent or original cause and host Zombie marches.

Much like my FB friend – I am all for protest.  Intelligent causes.  Smart causes.  Smart protests.  Because there is a difference between a “protest” and “rioting” – so I am not talking about riots.

No.  We live in Canada.  And as a country, we are far from perfect.  FAR FROM IT!!! We have social economical issues that really do need to be addressed… We have a seal hunt that is highly controversial… We have a weak ass Conservative government with no backbone – and electoral system that is far from – honest. Yes. We have many flaws.  We most certainly do.

But … none of these issues warrant any form of violence or even putting the lives of our men and women in blue in danger over a protest that many couldn’t tell you what they were protesting… pisses me off.  These idiots figure if they disrupt the Olympic Torch Relay, force a re-route – taking away from several Torch runners and supporters the opportunity to either run or participate in this once in a life time opportunity for many of us – participating in a non-violent cause, community building,  promoting Canada on an international level – sportsmanship, team work, community spirit etc…  So I take great issue with the jerks who, rather than finding a non-evasive but absolutely effective means of protest & getting their message across – encourage the blowing up of power lines along the Torch route or throwing marbles under the hooves of police horses (but accusing the police of doing it)…

Much like my Facebook friend – I too want to punch them in the throat…  Especially considering they don’t really use it effectively anyhow.  Regardless of how the Torch Relay started (read here and here), what is important is what it has come to represent today.  And below is a moving video created by Vancouver 2010 that showcases the importance of the event… and how moving it is.

We live in a democracy and raising our voices is our democratic right.  But when you do it without a just cause while putting the lives and safety of our officers in danger – you loose me.  And … you deserve the backlash that comes with it., including a karate chop to the throat.

Enjoy the video!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

(The above posting does not represent the expressed opinions of VANOC, rather they are my own personal opinions)


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3 Responses to Few Loose Marbles…

  1. Yep. Couldn’t agree more.

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