… a week later… She Says…

OK.  So reality bites.
Oh I’m just being polite – reality just sucks ass
There – that’s more like it.
But I’ve been thinking – really, what is reality anyhow?
6 days in excellent company surrounded by humid, hot Floridian sun – was a pretty incredible reality… a somewhat life of leisure isn’t so bad.

Really – I am insanely jealous of Old Iron. Lemme clarify here: I am insanely jealous that he gets to live in Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico, near the Ocean, where palm trees grow like weeds and white sand beaches are rolled out like a red carpet for the warm bathwater-like salt water he frolics in whenever his heart contents (or at least when he is in the US on his rotations).  But the man works hard for his money and I know he deserves this time in Floridian paradise.  Still….

I live in Canada.
‘Nuff said.
Oh alright.  It’s not really THAT bad.
I do work for the Olympics afterall … how many of you suckas can say YOU work for the Olympics?? Yeah.  Didn’t think so. So.There.
But seriously, to leave the 33-36ºC clear blue skies of Florida for the wet, chilly rainy season of Vancouver where a balmy 10-14ºC hits you in the face like a tone o’ bricks… yeah.  Pisses me off royally.  And yet I am eternally grateful to my wonderful friend Old Iron for opening his home up to me for those few days and in true gracious fashion (what I always imagined Southern hospitality to be like), made me feel very at home (perhaps too much because I really didn’t want to leave), found a way to calm my shit right down.  He’s excellent perspective… even if I don’t necessarily always agree with it.

My liver is happy for the reprieve though, happy to be back in Canada.
Milk-Thistle is now a staple in my daily diet.
Oh dear… it’s been a very long time since I indulged in that way.  Gin isn’t always a girls’ best friend… LOL!  And lesson learned… After a night of heavy gin drinking, the morning after Bloody Mary followed shortly thereafter with a tall refreshing glass of chocolate milk – JUST DOESN’T MIX.  UGH.  Take my word for it… *barf*
So the fun thing was that there was a bit of a buffer – Old Iron’s friend M came to chill as well for a few days.  (Not that a buffer was needed but it was cool nonetheless)  And in true female Sagittarius form… I was completely worried/hesitant/suspicious about that whole scene.  I blame Old Iron for that though – he filled my head with the worst that could happen.  Happy to report that it didn’t take long to be put at ease and the quiet insanity ensued.  I call it quiet insanity because of the geographical limitations that come with staying in a place that caters to the blue haired geriatric generation.  But trust me, I’m sure if the opportunity presented itself for me to stand tall on a bar stool and dance (‘cuz afterall ♪♫ milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…♪♫) and kiss strange men – I would have taken it.  Gin does that to me.  And I don’t mind that.
No.  Instead it was more of a quiet insanity that comes from sitting back, reminiscing over good old times in the desert, drinking steadily all day long and looking at pictures the next day wondering… when did this picture get taken and why am I almost flashing you???  Although, I am happy to report that I have no recollection of flashing anyone on this trip.  Yes.  My standards are set THAT high.  Makes a parent proud, doesn’t it?

No… it was fun times.
Quiet but fun.
No real insanity ensued.
No regrets or ‘walk-o-shame’ morning after occured… phew!
LOL… I will leave it at that.

It was phenomenal to see Old Iron happy giddy.  I could see the proud little boy inside of him coming out to show his friends his prized possessions.  And he shares very well.  His parents taught him well… LOL.  It is easy being around him.  He’s comfortable – he does feel like ‘home’.  And now that I am back in Vancouver looking around at my so-called ‘reality’ … his presence is missed.  My father used to say about me… that my presence alone could fill up a room (especially when I am in my own element, in my zone)… I never understood that statement – that is until I met Old Iron.  And add in M to that mix… makes my quiet peaceful living feel dull and boring.  Feeling slightly void.

I’m back to whatever this reality is.
And I am fielding all the questions of …
What next?
Is he or isn’t he?
Did you or didn’t you?
Will you or won’t you?
You fill in the blanks.
It’s been ALL asked.
Which of course took me out of – simply enjoying the moment, going with the flow and not over-analyzing things to … being stuck in my head, rehashing everything said – looking for the hidden meaning behind everything that simply isn’t there.  I hate that.  I don’t want anyone to demean or fantasize anything.  It complicates shit, man!  Why do we women do that???  Good gawd… talk about creating chaos and potentially drama out of nothing… Apparently the concept of just adults enjoying each other’s company in the hot sunny land of Florida – IT MUST MEAN MORE than what it really is!!!!

It was freaken awesome.  All of it.  All that is not being said and all that has been said.
Even the drunken stupor spewing forth crapola… drunkenness reveals what sobriety conceals afterall… yes, even that was awesome.
All of it.

New friendships were forged.  And I would love to think that they are lasting ones.
And if they aren’t… well – I can say today with great certainty… Thank you for an AMAZING time and for irrevocably changing my life.  Because in between the partying and lazy-ing on the beach and driving around town in a convertible – I had a few eye-opening experiences and revelations that have changed me, although not advertised, even to Old Iron or M.  And if that is the only thing that came out of this experience… I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Old Iron for a great time.  For your insane generosity (still can’t get used to that… whoa).  For being you.  Even if you are a Republican.  And thank you for introducing me to M and parts of your life.  Thanks M for the laughter and dirt on Old Iron… a gem you are!

Next time though – I want a full blown showdown in the kitchen.
Make no mistakes about that.
And maybe add in a drunken dance on a barstool, so long as I don’t fall off this one.


About ~KC~
Strong but open minded, opinionated, sensitive, vivacious, outgoing, caring, compassionate, spiritual, habitual, mutable, at times controversial, sometimes superficial, perceived as egotistical and knowledgeable but mostly loveable... all things Sagittarius.

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