Causes and the Protestors that Champion Them (An evaluation based on personal interpretation with a SMALL dose of supporting evidence) Part 1

When does anyone think that performing actions such as these absolute winners:


-Presents rational discourse between adults with opposing ideas and ideals? When was this type of communication EVER seen as something that would present itself as a logical approach to voice dissatisfaction of a person or group’s product or actions?

Baseline: when was this ever assumed to do anything other than to make the persons participating in such an event look like complete fools?

The article written on this “protesters” is classic in that it paints, in no uncertain terms, the day-to-day lives of a specific group of persons attempting to have their voices be heard, and does so in no other way than to just list what happened, step by step. The best part of this article was the persons responsible for writing this piece started it off by noting the founder of the protest actually didn’t attend but sent forth the troops with hugs and kisses of gratitude, to be immediately followed by the kick of off the protest starting… at the wrong place.


-This kind of leads into something that I have been kicking around in the ole brain pan for some time; what is the actual effectiveness of the “protest” and the different methods that are used to get their individual movement’s point across to their targets. Their purposes are plethora, their methods SEEM to be many and highly varied, but the end item is always to try to manipulate you into absorbing their selective view on whatever the hell they are representing and gettnig you to action on it.

Let me see if I can break this down into small digestible pieces through my version of a protest profile. I am going to basically rip a bunch of crap off of google search when I need supporting information, and I will also be listing, hopefully in order of my personal interpretation of rediculousness, a few of the THOUSANDS of things that apparently get people riled up enough to gather plackards and march forth.



Tea Party Protesters

Political Affiliation (if any): Varied, but trend towards conservative

Average Age: 350-50 year age groups, but some younger have been spotted, and MAN Y are much older.

Demographic: Well, looking from the picture below…


…They look pretty damned normal to me. No showgirl costumes, no piercings or tattoos showing; hell, these people look like the American standard for flyover country neighbors. You know. REAL PEOPLE.

Published Goal: “…(Protest) President Obama, the federal budget and, more specifically, the stimulous package, which the protesters perceive as examples of wasteful government spending and unnecessary government growth. They oppose the increase in the national debt as well. The protesters also objected to possible future tax increases.” (as per Wiki)

Apparent Tactics: Well, from the pictures that AP and other news wires have shown, they are hand-printed plackards and basically dressing like human beings and not spacemen wearing hats with dildoes stapled to them. Oh, and you can’t forget having plausable arguements against what they are protesting, and having some of the most intillectual discourse of any of these groups.

Old Iron’s take on these people: Seem like they have a valid arguement here. I mean, if you, as a registered voter, are having a problem with what your representative is voting on and you are not being heard through the normal channels, nor can you wait to vote the rep out of office until 2010 for you to be recognized, you let them know with rallies and protests that allow for you to have the most face time that you can get. The thing that throws these guys to the top of the list is that, looking at the participants of such rallies… they could be you or me, your unkle, your grandmother, your doctor. They are NORMAL PEOPLE, and actually appear to be genuine. I also respect that they have not allowed their movement to be hijacked by the current Republican party, as they have booed off stage both parties that attempted to push a personal agenda other than the prime one of the movement.

Level of COMPLETE IDIOCITY: 1, for passionate, rational discourse, hand made signs, and the appearance of normalicy.


-And now for our next group, I think that I am going to let KC do this one. I present….

… The Olympic Games Protestors!!!

(KC, there is a shitload of stuff on it over HERE.)


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