Ever met a person so isecure? I HAVE!!!!

Fuck guys and gals, she was a handful tonight. I mean come on, to accuse ME of being a loser? I told her to look around her sleeping on the couch and tell me, other than the pets, what was hers.

-I got silence as a response.

She told me that this was something that she never saw ending well, and my response?

“How dare you LIE to me. Not fair asshole, you made a promise to me when we got married. Are you sure you want to go down this road?”

My soul shattered when she said “Yes”.


I’m just a little… Confused.

So being a person that has studied the human mind for some time, I am just confused. How can someone hate the feeling of an idea that expands their mind? We are only one brain, one husk, one set of experiences: you would think that new sensations and interpretations would be WELCOME, as they add to a place that you have never and will never know. How can a person not realize that when a specific train of thought is challenged, they don’t see it as either a way to re-affirm their pre-existing train of thought, or as a way of mental growth, something to augment their already awesome ideas?

-When did being challenged on anything, running the mental gauntlet….. Stop being flat out evidence of mental evolution?

-When did it HANDS DOWN become an attack, not matter the direction or subject matter?

-When did we stop listening?

Wow, the things you can do with texts.

So I was working on the old monster of a truck I own, attempting to change the oil filter… And I ended up at a work-stoppage, tools down. No, not a union thing (hah hah BRITS), just that I came to an impasse and have to wait until tomorrow until I have transportation to get said tools. In my downtime was when the lightening strike labelled “bullshit” struck.

Bright idea! Zing and zounds! Walk to the beer store in my down time (I do like beer) and restock the fridge! Much walking was done, much alternate paths were trod, and I was at an overflow of nature… And then the shop that had my damned beer. I push the door in to the “Hi and Buy”, bells sound, and the clerk makes slight banter as I hit the shelves. Oh look, Lagunitas has a new one! Lets taste that! Imagine that, instead of fucking PBR the Red Stripe is actually affordable in a twelve-er! Wifey likes Red Stripe, she should be happy upon arrival to the house!

Score one for them  Feres!

Long story short, I made it home while wifey was at work and proceeded to tell her that I did something for her, but warned her that if she even MENTIONED price to me I would flip my shit. Note: she tends to flip her shit over pretty much everything, but expenditures outside of a thrift shop makes it worse.

In fact, allow me to transcribe, verbatim:

Dan: Got you something, and if you even for a SECOND think that we cant afford it I’ll be annoyed.

Raechel: Please don’t upset me, we really can’t afford it

-And there you have it. I went on a HUGE tirade afterwards, and won’t go into the details, but to highlight that I no shit TOLD her to not do… What she did, what she literally couldn’t help but to say.

Tonight should be fun.

I’ve decided to hijack my old site.

From now on this is pretty much going to be about me trying to wrangle a decent relationship out of what, at the moment, is something that confuses me. I’ve gotten a bit older since my magma-hot days of politica and travel, and have since “settled down” to try to find a more formal path in life.

-I Always knew that was complete shite, but allow me to continue. Or not, whatever.

Let’s set the stage, shall we!

Dan: 38, currently unemployed, but work is on the horizon (following Monday, huzzah to me!), husband to a supposed hard-ass.

Raechel: 45 (or 46 if you ask), been here and there and seen the sights! Ex was a slug of a man, but then she met Dan and hoped all was well.

Just to give you a preview of what I am about to list, friends and unknowns: This is a really REALLY hard relationship, but I will never give up. I just need somewhere to vent, some form of type (blah blah blah PRose blah blah ARTISTIC balh blah FUCK A GOAT) to where I can just speak my mind.

So the story begins.

Please Stand By

Life has a funny way of changing everything you ever believed to be solid and true… sending situations and people onto different paths, in opposite directions and at times, separating two individuals who at one time, despite relationship dichotomies, appeared to be of similar mind, similar path with one end goal.

So while we attempt to navigate our differing paths and life directions, I feel it kind and prudent to let our dear readers that the life of this blog is in the hands of fate.

I know – the horror!!
How shocking!

As you can tell by our extremely intermittent posting, it is being neglected and ignored by the creators. It might simply be time to let her go dormant.

I cannot say for certain if it will be reprised or return in its existing format or if we will let it fall into the archives of blogosphere as a ‘it was once a good idea’ …

Thank you to all who’ve come by and commented … your blogship was greatly appreciated and welcomed.


I really was minding my own business.
Content with writing heart wrenching, poignant and emotional posts about unrequited, lost love(s) and various life interests… truly covering a gamete of topics.
I had a steady stream of bloggers and commentators coming by, leaving their mark and remarks. I knew most of them with not to many new commentators. The passer-bys would leave their two cents and move along.
And then along came this… (see image below)


Not sure why but I was honestly creeped out by this Old Iron.
So I ignored him – figuring he was some old creep looking to hit on me, a one time commentor, a creepy passer-by.
Boy was I ever wrong.
So I continued to ignore this Old Iron person who suddenly appeared to comment on all my postings.
At least this time it was more than just one word sentences.
His comments appeared to be somewhat, well, coherent and at times, well – intelligent.
He appeared to have something to say and left insightful and funny comments.
Still, I figured he was an old disgusting creep.
A persistent one at that.
Eventually, wearing down my guard and suspicious nature…
Replacing my “Who the hell is he & what does he want?” with “Where the hell is he and why hasn’t he commented yet?!

That was how Old Iron & I met.
He initially creeped me out.
Eventually, I learned he was just this young dude who worked overseas, newer to the blogging community, looking for something different than his own… and he had found that with my blog… and then, me.
Eventually he gave me a link back to his co-owned blog that it not only horrified me at first, as much as it knocked every politically correct sense that existed within me into a wild, chaotic frenzy.
But it didn’t take me long to realize what that blog was all about (getting a rise out of people, done very well) and even I eventually started to actually, comment on his posts.
Still – I stood out like a sore thumb in the midst of his Bar Slaves.
But that didn’t matter to him… and eventually to me.
Not exactly sure where or at what point did we start to communicate outside the blogs, but we did.
A natural progression I suppose.
The rest is history, a dusty reflection in the rear view mirror of life.
In a very short time, Old Iron and I became best friends.
We’ve lived/survived a few lifetimes during the short time we’ve been friends.
My life isn’t complete without him in it in some important capacity or another.
Which of course doesn’t sit well with any potential suitors meandering my way…
Most don’t get our hybrid relationship/friendship.
Many don’t approve but meh, what do they know?
And while at times it’s annoying to have to justify its existence or importance – we actually like it that way.
What we have fits like a glove.
His idiosyncrasies complement mine, while grounding the other into whatever reality we’ve built around us.
We’ll be creepy old life long friends, sitting on some porch, in some beachy hot-weathered locale, rocking the rocking chairs in our twilight years, cackling at each other saying “do you remember when…” And we’ll both chuckle at our foolishness, with nothing except pure contentment that happenstance found it important enough to bring us together.

Hooo-dda thunk that this creepy commentator would come to play such a pivotal role in my life?
Oh hellz, not me!
And at the end of the day, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
For I was blessed on that fateful day with such an amazing and the bestest friend any human being could ask for, even when he annoys the living shit out of me and vice versa.

I’m not sure what to call it… but is happy anniversary appropriate?
Who knows… who cares honestly…
What I can tell you is that the last 3 years have been the best 3 years of my life, and it all started with a single word…
Thank you Old Iron.
You rock the Kasbah like no one else ever can, could, will or would.
May the next xxx amount of years be just as eventful as the last 3 have, and then some.

Lubya muchly.


Sovereign Neighbours

A video created last year during the Olympics explaining Canada to the Americans.

I am… nervous.

Yeah, it is almost five ion the morning here in (eventually) sunny Florida… And I am nervous. I go to the home base today in a couple of hours, with carry on ONLY luggage in tow and a bit of apprehension in the ole ticker. I may yet be a young lad in the minds of my peers, but no matter what going home with not the impending issue being one of wine, women or song, of which I have had a reference of all of the above, but one of UNEMPLOYMENT being the topic of conversation… I tend to be a bit gun shy when facing the family with such, and the family is the firs that I am to see when I arrive. A short taxi ride up to the parent’s house and I am in the door to house sit as well as dog watch for the next ten days, with full familiar support in tow, seeing as how I was recently let known that the friggin CHECH grandparents will be in the area.

Ugh, if life was not a spot of trouble enough.

I have, according to the calendar, been out of work now for the past three weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I am financially sound, but still the worry of having to look the fam in the face and let them know that yes indeed-dy I plan on not working until something says “HI!! WE NEED YOU!!!!” arrives is a bit daunting.

Wish me luck mates.

This next period of time should be pretty trying.

Canadian Elections Explained à la Rick Mercer Style


Green Party:


NDP/Bloc Québecois:

… No Missiles Required

Damn civilized societies.

The Canadian minority Conservative gubberment was defeated last Tuesday forcing the country back to the polls for another round of bullshit promises and lies.
And it hardly made international news, if it even made front cover news in our own country.
And I believe the reason being is: we didn’t blow up Parliament.
No cruise missiles were required to defeat a party who has been found in contempt of Parliament.
The first time in Canadian political history has a government been found in contempt of Parliament forcing a non-confidence motion to be passed and now a Spring election.

No cruise missiles were required.
No uprisings.
No pillaging or raping of the masses.
No threats (well that is if you ignore the Harper’s Conservative government for the last year or so – pretend you didn’t hear anything they said and you’ll believe they’re been no threats)

Damn us for being all ‘civilized,’ ‘proper’ and shit.
Perhaps we just don’t give a rats ass?
Seriously – only a very small percentage of Canadians voted in the last federal election.
If memory serves me correctly, it was only about 30 or 40% of Canadians voted.
We take it seriously alright.
Just as seriously as our politicians give back to us.
Why give a rats ass when our politicians don’t give a rats ass about its constituents?

Could be a bit of both honestly.
We are too civilized and proper to give a rats ass.
I mean all I did was shrug, book a massage and a hair appointment.
Oh and I did my nails too.
Talking to a few others, I get blank stares and a request for directions to the Beer Store.
It is afterall premo-hockey season and you don’t want to come between a Canadian and his/her beer on hockey night in Canada.

I don’t know about the rest of Canada but I can say this much for myself:
There isn’t a single party out there that actually stands behind their promises, campaign beliefs without changing on a dime once they get into offices.

Left Over Turkey

It’s all about bashing one another in television ads with millions of tax payers dollars.
It’s about blaming the other parties for their lies and inefficiencies.

I mean honestly this is what we have…
Conservative Party: Stephen Harper
Liberal Party: Michael Ignatieff
Bloc Québecois: Gilles Duceppe
NDP, aka Socialist, Party: Jack Layton
Green Party: Elizabeth May

There are more parties but really, they are irrelevant.
Well… I suppose they all are irrelevant at the end of the day.
It is politics afterall – all broken promises they have no intention of keeping.
So why bother?
I mean we will continue to be taxed out of our ying yangs.
They will continue to bullshit about health care reform.
I mean this whole HST fiasco will never go away, in spite of it being a rather important platform issue. It will go away the same way the GST was supposed to go away, oh how many years ago? Yeah. ‘Nuff said.
The proposed budget is a farce that doesn’t do much for us little guys who hemorrhage our hard earned money just to say we live in this beautiful country that is falling flat on its promises-and-spending face.

It’s all a big ass joke.
And honestly the only thing one can do in the face of such farcery is to book a massage and git ‘yer hair all did up nicely.
And then… sit back with your favorite hockey jersey, beer in hand, and tune out the idiocy that is our politics for a great game of physical hockey.
Because at this point in the political game, for our big beautiful country, hockey is the only thing that makes any real sense, washed down with a good brew, while cheering on for something that is worth cheering on for.
The Stanley Cup.